Party Animal

The memories are fuzzy, but I’m pretty sure I used to know how to party.  There are memories of “bar shirts’ and cheap draft beer.  Eating street meat, strutting it four inch heels, laughing until my sides hurt and staying up until the early morning hours with “my girls”.  Flirting with boys…well one boy mostly.  Dancing.  Pub crawls.  Learning about tequila, the hard way.  Loving almost  every second of it. 

Now, way over 4o and the married Mama of two of my own girls, my idea of a good party has changed.  I still love “my girls” but we have mellowed, and the partying is not quite what it used to be!  Err but I still love to rock the shoes! 


My group of girls has grown and changed too.  There are my girls from University, that I don’t see nearly often enough.  There are my couple of beloved High School girls who will forever be my rocks, and there are my new girls that I have been blessed to make and meet along the way.   I even have Blogging Girls, that make me feel so blessed!  (and I know I can post pictures of them without getting in trouble)  Here are just a few!!


Despite having all these incredible woman in my lives, we just don’t party like those young things did, and I’m okay with that.  A good party for me,might include any of those incredible women and any of these wild and crazy times;

Coffee at Starbucks and a good old fashioned chat.

A glass of wine with more than a few apps, laughter on the side.

Double date with Hubby’s.

A day on the dock, or around the pool with our kids and nothing to do but to soak up the sun. 

Pedicures.  Simple.

A night at the movies!  Popcorn a must.  Husbands optional.

An amazing evening at a friends house, potluck dinner, coolers full of drinks, hearts full of love and home by midnight?  Perfection.

Yup, my idea of the perfect way to party may have changed, but I’m more grateful than ever for my girls.  Life gets busy, time with the girls harder to carve out, and I miss all of you more then you know. 

Know that you are missed, and you are loved.  Let’s get wild and crazy soon!  xoxo


  1. Love those shoes!

    • Thank you! Not only are those some of my most fun shoes, but with a little bit of help (inserts) they are my most comfortable!

  2. ha. def the meaning of party has changed over the years and what was once fun could ruin a whole saturday now…lol

    • LOL So true! On “real” night of partying can knock me out for a week! I much prefer a movie of a really good dinner now!

  3. You know when I realized things had changed? I went to a bar and listened to a live band one Saturday night and enjoyed a few drinks. I was there for what felt like hours and then when I got home, climbed into bed and turned out the lamp, I noticed that it wasn’t even quite 10:30 pm. I was pretty appalled at myself. lol

    • Bwhaha Oh don’t be appalled. I just think the older we get the less time we have for nonsense, partying like a rockstar falls into that category. Now we can get all our partying done before 11pm 🙂

  4. There is something so special about a good group of girlfriends! It’s a huge blessing ♥

  5. I love the new ways you party! I enjoy those same things with my friends or hubby.

  6. Anne Taylor says:

    Love this post! lol I don’t even own a pair of high heel shoes anymore lol I do not, in any way miss the good/bad old days!

    • I am so glad to hear I’m not the only one who doesn’t miss the old days!! Actually on New Years Eve, as my Hubby and I often celebrate alone with a great home cooked meal and a movie, we often remark how HAPPY we are that we aren’t out in the snow and cold trying to catch a cab! Just don’t miss the bar scene! Umm the shoes, I’m hanging on to 🙂

  7. Judy C (Cowan) says:

    Those are quite the shoes! It is amazing how the definition of partying changes when you get older…lol

    • Thanks, I kind of have a thing for great shoes, probably because I shouldn’t wear them…they just kill my back! lol
      The definition of party has changed for me, and I’m okay with it 🙂

  8. Life does change when you get older. I certainly don’t party like I use to, and I am quite happy with that one. Fun for me now, is just being with good friends.

    • Life really does change as you get older, so do priorities right? Parties not so high on my list. Family and friends are way at the top. Carving out that time with good friends can be a challenge, but it is so worth it.

  9. I’m privileged to be among your blogging girls, thank you! I’d pick you to party with any day.

  10. You’ve made me miss my girls! 🙂

  11. Ah, sometimes my kind of partying involves filling a cup of coffee and calling you for a good gossip fest. Can’t wait to see you again!

  12. Fabulous! I moved away from my High School girls so it is so hard to carve out time, but It’s so much fun when we finally do get all home at the same time.

  13. Having good girl friends is a great thing! Our partying seems to have gotten more expensive over the years; better wine, better food and more traveling. 🙂

  14. lol I know what you mean, it took me two days to recover from TIFF and I didn’t even drink. 😛

  15. Oh I remember that trip like it was yesterday. I can’t wait to re-enact it, although this time not being pregnant. I am honored to be considered one of your party girls and am hoping we will have time to cut some rug and have a good 3am visit soon. Like in a couple of weeks? XOXOXO

  16. With four little ones, it is hard to carve out any “adult” time. But I do recognize its importance for my sanity! PS – love the shoes!

  17. Yes, my old ‘partying’ days are over, definitely don’t party the same way…but is so nice to get together with a group of friends whether it is over a cup of coffee or glass of wine or a wonderful potluck dinner or BBQ. 🙂

  18. PS and you do rock those heels!

  19. I don’t know what I’d do without my friends, too. How blessed we are to have them.

    Too bad my days of “strutting” shoes like yours are over… or maybe not. I’d probably injure myself. lol But you hold on to them as long as you can!

  20. Such fun memories!

    PS. I want your shoes!

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