Minecrafters Vs The Rice Krispies Treat

One day Minecrafters will take over the world.  What is Minecraft?  From what I have been able to learn from my daughter and her friends; it’s a virtual world where children are afforded the opportunity to build their own communities, worlds and lives.  They learn skills of negotiation, survival, planning and have an awful lot of fun in the process.  Sure there are a few zombies and some talk of death and icky stuff in the survival mode, but in the creative mode the parameter’s of this game are limitless and astounding.


Most recently my daughter and her BFF took the world of Minecraft outside of the computer. They grabbed a box of Rice Krispies and created some pretty awesome “Minecraft Creeper Cookies”.   The documented the entire baking process on video, and uploaded it. 

I was all kinds of proud. 

Want to make two young self proclaimed “geekly chic nerd girls” extremely happy.  Give this video a watch, and maybe even subscribe to their channel!  Then picture them jumping up and down every single time they get a new click, because they will.




  1. ha my boys are all about minecraft…and cooking ….so know i know what we are doing today…smiles.

    • It’s amazing to me how many little one’s are into Minecraft. Happy to hear you liked the video, I will pass on your comment to the girls!

  2. Oh my gosh this is the cutest idea ever!!! My DD will love it! Well done 🙂

  3. I’m going to make these for my boyfriend for his birthday, thanks for the great video girls!

  4. How creative!! Love that they actually made a video. Tell them good job!

  5. This is what happens when you don’t have kids, I’m totally out of the loop on the new games 🙂 Sounds like a good one.

  6. Fantastic video….easy instructions! How proud you must be! I look forward to reading/seeing more of these!

  7. Awesome!

  8. Awesomeness!!! Super impressive video. How fun! My child has just recently discovered the wonderful world of Mindcraft and would go crazy over these treats. She just spent part of her Saturday playing the game, acting it out in a friend’s backyard, and shopping for Mindcraft Ts (Justice has them for girls, FYI 🙂
    What a great idea, girls!!!

    • Ohh thank YOU for the tip! I had no idea you could find Minecraft T’s for girls at Justice. Must keep that in mind for Christmas.

  9. My girls love Minecraft too! Everything minecraft, this is a great idea.

  10. My sons loved this.

  11. LOVE it!! My oldest is just starting to get into that.
    I will have to make for his lunch 🙂

  12. That’s awesome! I feel like my best friend and I would have gotten up to things like that if things like video recorders were commonplace and youtube existed when we were growing up. Well done, ladies! That’s a fantastic how-to video!

    • To be honest my girls amaze me and make me feel a bit old! In just a few minutes they can effortlessly pull together footage for a video and make it work. Takes me forever. Hmm the first sign of age? I’m with you, back in the day, my BFF and I would have done exactly this kind of thing.

  13. Victoria Ess says:

    So so so amazing! Your girls are kind of brilliant!

  14. I have a friend who used MInecraft to keep herself busy in the hospital.

  15. Cheryl (@loucheryl) says:

    I love this idea! Thanks for sharing.

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