Killer Boots and Fuzzy Feelings: Dr. Scholl’s

As much as I wish summer would stick around forever, the sad harsh reality is that old man winter is breathing his cold and frosty breath down our necks right now.  You can feel it in the air of the crisp fall mornings, and see hints of it as those leaves start to turn from green to shades of brilliant red.  I hate the cold weather of fall.  It’s one saving grace?  It means it’s time to welcome back the cozy sweater and your most fun and fabulous boots!  For me it means it’s time to go buy a new pair too!  Boots have always been more of a fashion before function for me.  I think it’s because I always feel better wearing a great pair of boots!! 


So when the weather took a turn for the worse last week I grabbed my skinny jeans, a great chunky sweater and that favourite pair of tall boots.  I jetted out the door intent to get 20 errands done in under an hour.  That’s how I roll.  The problem, by the time I made it half way through the grocery store I’d lost that warm and fuzzy feeling; in my feet!  My feet were killing me!  The dampness was leaching in, my right foot was rubbing on something and I was not happy.  Limping is so not cute.  I abandoned my list of errands, and hightailed it home because I had to change my boots!  So frustrating, there is no time for a busy Mama to make a wardrobe change half way through a  list of errands.

When I arrived back at the house, a brilliant thought; instead of giving up on my old favourites I would try my newest find from Dr. Scholl’s, The Cozy Cushion.  A quick trim of the fuzzy insoles and those cushions slid right into place.     

DrSOpening In a matter of moments I was back in my boots and back on the road.  Love.  Feet feeling better, boots so much more comfortable, day saved. 

HUGE insider tip, these little babies aren’t even on the market here in Canada until mid October, so watch for them!!  For only $16.99 you can elevate your shoe or boot to a kind of comfort you didn’t even know existed!  Here is coupon link to Dr. Scholl’s products!!   Find more information about this and other Dr. Scholl’s products both on the web and on Facebook!             


Disclosure: I am part of the Chatelaine Ambassador Program, and have received special perks in the form of products and monetary compensation. All opinions on this blog are my own.



  1. Okay seriously I love those boots and I am with you on heavy sweater weather!! Fall might be my favourite season. Now of course I’m wondering why I’ve never thought to put a little something in the bottom of my high heel boots to make them more comfy?

    • Oh thank you!! I’ve actually had those boots for a few years now and just had them “re soled” so the Dr Scholl’s were kind of a perfect save for me. I do recommend them not just for boots but all those high heels!

  2. The Cozy Cushion, what a perfect name for fall, right? I love the photo of you and totally agree that in fall nothing beats a chunky sweater, skinny jeans, and boots. But man alive, boots can be more uncomfortable than stilettos sometimes! Love having these products handy!

    Now, off to find a fabulous sweater like yours online….

    • Thank you Tenille!! Photo credits to my now 12 year old daughter. (gulp I’m getting old)
      Now about that sweater. Confession, it’s actually a poncho and seems to go with everything!

  3. okay, where did ya get the sweater??? #sweaterenvy

    • Ahh Jen I’m can you believe I’m actually getting e-mails about that sweater! LOL
      I picked it up at the end of last season in a little boutique in our downtown and it is actually a poncho! Let me know if you want me to run to my closet and find the make/name on the tag 🙂

  4. LOVE the boots – your sweater – gah, EVERYTHING!!!

    • If it has to be cooler at least we get to wear cute sweaters:) (and I’m so happy that I can once again love my boots.) I’m at the point now where shoes and boots have to be fashionable and comfortable, does this mean I’m old?

  5. I am so glad that boot season is back! Love your look and now I must find some inserts.

  6. nice…my wife has a pair of boots very similar…
    heck i have a pair of biker boots that could probably use some cushion…

    • Stephanie says:

      I hadn’t even thought of offering some Dr Scholl’s to my Hubby for his dress shoes for work! Brilliant idea!

  7. I have a pair of boots that pitch me so far forward my feet hurt in a matter of minutes. The problem is they are so pretty! So I just wear them when I know I will be sitting a lot! LOL

  8. These Scholl’s insoles sound like just what I need!! I came home from a day in the city shopping and my feet were “killing me”. ( I must admit I even slipped my shoes off in the store for a few minutes.) Off to the shops!!!! So glad to read about them! Thanks!!

  9. Suddenly feeling the urge to go out and buy some super tall boots! Awesome!

  10. Oh, boot season being back make my heart happy 🙂 I’ve never seen these insoles before, but I definitely have a couple pairs of boots that could use these. One pair I wore once and they’ve sat in my closet since because I prefer not torturing my feet. I’m going to give these a try!

    LOVE your sweater!!

  11. Judy C (Cowan) says:

    I definitely think I should be checking these insoles out. I have a few pairs of shoes that never get wore because they kill my feet! Nice boots by the way!

  12. Anne Taylor says:

    Over the years, boots have been some of my best friends! 😉 I love boots! This is a great tip and I’ll keep my eyes open for this product!


  13. Victoria Ess says:

    Those boots look so lush! And those insoles look like heaven!!

    I live in heels, so Dr. Scholls has been a lifesaver, but I haven’t tried these kinds yet!

  14. Cheryl (@loucheryl) says:

    I just love the look of your boots AND they are comfortable too! That’s crazy good!

  15. Awesome pair of boots, I should really put something like those in my boots to help with the aches and pains

  16. kathy downey says:

    Cute boots,i do love the poncho!


  1. […] Stephanie from How to Survive Life in the Suburbs couldn’t wait to break out her fall wardrobe this year and she threw on her favourite pair of tall black boots. She was happy but her feet weren’t so thrilled. But instead of switching to a comfier pair of shoes, she slipped Dr. Scholl’s For Her Cozy Cushion insoles in her boots. “In a matter of moments I was back in my boots and back on the road. Love. Feet feeling better, boots so much more comfortable, day saved. Read more from her blog here. […]

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