OrganizHer Squeezing The Last Out Of Summer: Giveaway!

People.  Summer is NOT over.  I refuse to start thinking, talking or dreaming about back to school for at least another two weeks!  Okay, maybe three.  My plan instead?  To squeeze every ounce of “sunshiney” goodness I can out of the next twenty eight glorious days.

Each summer my girls and I sit down at the end of June  and create our “Summer Bucket List.”  The list includes everything from our traditional Ice Cream For Dinner Night, to sleepovers with BFF’s.   Beach Days, to time at the cottage, Pool Time,Park time and Mani/Pedis to power shopping days.  As the girls get older the list doesn’t get longer, but it does seem that life gets busier? Maybe it’s just me.  All I know is that without out my lists, my calendars and the mighty pen and paper, our summer would fly by and that Summer Bucket List would not see any ticks or scratches.  Someone once said, you only get 18 summers with your kids and I’m feeling the pressure.  I want to make sure I squeeze as much fun into each and every summer as I possibly can.  I want to get those dream items listed, organized and then scratched off!!


With only  one month left of summer it’s time to review that bucket list, see how we are doing and make a solid plan for the rest of our summer!  Enter the fabulous OrganizHer products!  As someone who lives and dies by the calendar and list, I hate to tell you how much joy  these kind of products bring to me.  They are squee worthy!  Is there anything better then filling up a pretty new calendar with all your upcoming trips and outings? Is there a better way to make sure you stay organized and that all your summer dreams come true? 


Here are a few of my favourites: 

The Loyalty Card Organizher.  Why do I love this?  Simple, I am a purse-o holic. (is that a word?) Big purses, small purses and itty bitty purses.  The one thing these purses do not have in common, they don’t all have enough space to hold my giant wallet which includes my most important Loyalty Cards.  (for me Chapters, Shoppers and PC!)  Problem solved.  I slide them all in this bright little keeper along with a my debit card and a couple of business cards and I’m all set.  No more opportunities missed because my needed card is in my other purse! 


This one is The Password Keeper.  After having my Facebook account hacked.  Yes, you read that right, hacked.  Who does that?  Anyway, since the big hacking, I have since become quite diligent about changing my passwords on a regular basis.  The problem, I have also taken to forgetting my passwords on a regular basis.  This cute little book solves all! 


The Expense Tracker; not because I like to see where my money goes, but I like seeing what money I save!  Every penny saved in this house goes towards the next great vacation! OrganizHerExpenseTracker

These great products and so many more can be found on twitter HilroyCanada here and Organizher here, as well as on facebook.

Are you like me, an organizer at heart? Are you prepared to make the best out of the last month of summer and squeeze in all the fun you can into August?  Then this fabulous giveaway is for you! 

Let’s get you and your family organized for summer with this OrganizHer giveaway!OrganizHerGiveaway

Organizher Giveaway Time!

1 One month board – $9.49

1 Magnetic shopping list $7.99

1 Shopping companion – $9.49

1 Expense tracker – $9.99

1 Calorie tracker – $5.79

1 Loyalty card wheel – $6.97

1 Password keeper – $4.79

1 Magnetic to do notepad – $7.49

1 Magnetic letter/mail pockets – $10.49

Total Average Retail Cost more than $72.00!

All of these and so many more Mead and Hilroy products are available at your local Target!

Yes!  One lucky reader of How To Survive Life In The Suburbs is going to win this entire package!  If you are Canadian and ready to make the most of your last month of summer, please enter using the Rafflcopter form provided below.  Open to CANADA ONLY.  Closes August 16, 2013.

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  1. Only 18 summers I never thought of it that way and it is unfortunately true but when they are adults you can squeeze them in don’t worry they love the time with Mom as much as you do. B

  2. Sabrina T says:

    I love the one month board! I feel if the plan is in plain sight it will get accomplished as opposed to putting things off for tomorrow which becomes the next day etc.

  3. password keeper to they are in one place easy to find

  4. the one month board because it lays out the month in full view for everyone 🙂

  5. I’m torn between the Loyalty card wheel, and the password keeper, I really could use them. But they are all really great!

  6. Irene Eichler says:

    1 One month board as a mom of 4 kidss i NEED this so I can get them where they need to be when they need to be there

  7. I am OBSESSED with stationary/organization items! This is my kind of giveaway! I don’t know what I would like to try the most… they’re all awesome. The one month board might be cool – especially, ahem… when we start homeschool in September.

    However, I, like you, will be a glass is half-full person and instead of saying summer is almost over, I’ll jump in the pool and scream “ONE MORE MONTH OF SUMMER!”

    Wishing you an amazing weekend!

  8. Kelly Krol says:

    I like to be organized.

  9. I would love to try the expense keeper so maybe I can actually stay on budget and know how much I’ve saved.

  10. Password keeper what an awesome idea…I also like the expense keeper.

  11. Carol Mccreery says:

    love the Password Keeper..neat products

  12. hacked aCK!!! I just need to get my poop in gear!

  13. I love this post! I am addicted to all this organized and just checked out all the Organizher products. LOVE! Thank you too for putting it out there that Summer is NOT over.

  14. KERRY VYE says:

    the expense tracker would be fantastic, in helping to find that money that seems to disappear every month!!!

  15. Would love to try the password keeper, right now they are all over the place

  16. Felicia Seto says:

    Oh my! I would love to try the loyalty card wheel. My waller is falling apart with all the loyalty cards I try to carry.

  17. The expense tracker would be handy

  18. I would love to try the loyalty card wheel because I have loyalty cards coming out of my ears!

  19. I would like to try the One month board because I need to be a little more organized.

  20. Darlene Schuller says:

    I would love the password keeper!!

  21. I would love the expense tracker! We’ve been trying to catch those great sales and save up for a nice vacation when the kids are old enough- I would love to see our accomplishments toward that listed so clearly!

  22. Mélanie Chartier says:

    I would love to try the expense tracker!! It might help me with the family budget!

  23. I would like to try the sopping companion, saw it on website, looks great.

  24. The Loyalty card organizer, I take my bicycle everywhere and need things small and organized for quick access

  25. I love it all – anything and everything one could do to organize my life would be amazing!
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  26. I would love to try them all as they seem like great products. I would like to try the calendar the most as its reuseable and you can see the whole month at a glance

  27. I would try the Loyalty card wheel because I love the idea of a convenient solution to keeping my cards together.

  28. Bcteagirl says:

    I am moving, so I need a full overhaul of my organization. These all look good. I like the card wheel, the expense tracker, etc.

  29. sarah sar says:

    I love that Loyalty Card Organizher and need one!! I keep my cards loose in my handbag…it would be nice to keep them all together.

  30. Courtney says:

    Password keeper! I need that

  31. these are cute

  32. I love re-organizing my life each September 🙂 The password keeper is an AWESOME idea !

  33. I really need the loyalty card organizer! Am always losing rack of them! 🙁

  34. Ciao
    Complimenti sei un’ottima organizzatrice.

  35. Aileen Hamill says:

    Summer is never long enough. Love to get as much fun out of it!

  36. I can’t decide between the password keeper and the expense tracker!

  37. I would most like the one month organizer – I would actually use it to track my fitness goals!

  38. The loyalty card wheel because then we don’t risk one or the other of the adults leaving the house without the card/cards that are needed.

  39. ameirah t says:

    erasable calender,, or day planner,, all will help tho,, thnx

  40. Megan Bailey Barnecutt says:

    The Magnetic Shopping List would likely eliminate panicked frenzies running through the grocery store and trying to recall what I needed to pick up!

  41. KittyPride says:

    The large calendar, I always need more room for appointments and activities

  42. I love to try the Expense Tracker – maybe this would finally help make tax preparation easier!

  43. The one month board.

  44. I love them all but first pick would be that Loyalty Card Organizher. I have so many points/membership cards that my wallet is busting. I would be able to carry the most used in the purse pocket & leave the rest in my wallet.

  45. I LOVE the loyalty card organizher! I have so many cards and they don’t all fit into my wallet, so I’m always at the store without the right card! This cute little accessory would be perfect!

  46. Monique D'Alimonte says:

    I really like the password keeper, so many passwords, its not easy to keep track, especially when you need to change them. luv it!

  47. lori butler says:

    password keeper would be awesome

  48. SueSueper Sue says:

    I think I would like to try Magnetic letter/mail pockets to put on the fridge to keep mail that needs attention. (and should throw out all mail not needing attention to stay organized) 🙂

  49. Gotta try the loyalty card wheel!! Brilliant!

  50. Wendy hutton says:

    Magnetic to do notepad – as I often forget what I am supposed to do unless it get written down asap

  51. Cheryl Grandy says:

    I definitely need the Password Keeper – I waste so much time trying my various passwords until I get the right one for whatever it is I want to enter.

  52. I could really use the expense tracker- I need to budget our money better.

  53. Andrea Amy says:

    the magnetic shopping list, i am always losing my lists lol

  54. Password Keeper sounds great

  55. The password keeper sounds great!

  56. Cindy Bowling says:

    The Loyalty Card Organizer – because I need a way to keep them all together.

  57. You know this has my name all over it don’t you? I LOVE organizing things. I would love to do a review for them *wink

  58. Karen C. Hill says:

    Love everything but the Card Keeper is awsome!

  59. the extra large calendar would be great to have

  60. the magnetic shopping list always lose my list

  61. michelle tremblett says:

    I would love to try the one month board 🙂

  62. This is right up my alley! Would so love to win this!

  63. tisha antle says:

    I would love to win this

  64. sylvia mollison says:

    The one month board would be great for our family to have a quick at a glance look at our monthly activities for everyone, and then swipe it clean for the following month!

  65. Jennifer McLennan says:

    I would love the Expense tracker. Really need to get my budget more organize, and you can’t budget if you don’t know what you are spending.

  66. Bailey Dexter says:

    Working here all the time, It would have to be the password keeper!

  67. CYNTHIA M says:

    The Loyalty Card Organizher because I am always digging through my wallet to find the one I need.

  68. Suzie Gowers says:

    An awesome prize , Thank you for a chance to win this !

    • Suzie Gowers says:

      it is too hard to choose which one I would like the most , I really need to be better organized all around , and the password keeper A great help but the One month board could help me keep track for work better , the magnetic shopping list would save me tons too , the To Do note pad would be an asset for me as well , it is hard to choose ,
      They are all great ,

  69. Catharine says:

    Password keeper. They keep changing the number of digits that you must have. I get too confused.

  70. I think the magnetic to do list would be great! I need things to be visible for myself and my family. Too often lists get lost!

  71. I would love to try the Loyalty Card wheel!

  72. Darrah Bailey says:

    The Password keeper, as I NEED one 😉 lol

  73. Lisa Atfield says:

    The loyalty card wheel…or the password keeper!

  74. danielle t says:

    the expense tracker. I have a hard time keeping track of the comings and goings of our income. so this would be great for organizing me.

  75. I’d love to try the one month board.

  76. Susan Ovington says:

    I would love to win this prize. I especially need the expense tracker!

  77. I’d love to have any of these to organize myself but really need the Password Keeper!

  78. I love the One month board to help me stay organized

  79. Tara Gauthier says:

    The expense tracker looks great

  80. The one month board. I need help keeping track of what day we’re on, let alone what we have pre-planned!

  81. I would love to try the password keeper.

  82. I sorry to tell you but I believe we have maybe one weekend of summer left, fall is here, but you can still camp! I am super organized for the simple reason I am very forgetful, so everything is written down for me.

  83. The password keeper!

  84. password keeper to they are in one place easy to find

  85. Angela Mitchell says:

    Ok I also love the sound of the loyalty card wheel — I have so many that they don’t fit into my wallet anymore and I need a place to put them.

  86. Expense tracking /money saving book, I’m a freak when it comes to that stuff.

  87. I could use all of this!! I am so unorganised. :\

  88. Bill carneal says:

    My wife would love any of the above. She is a saint for somehow managing our three kids aged 6,4 and 2. This would surely help her!

  89. Shannon Carneal says:

    I would love that card keeper, the expense journal and the calendar! Such cute ideas. Thanks for the great blog!

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