If Head Shaking Was An Olympic Sport….


If head shaking was an Olympic Sport, this week I would win the Gold Medal in “Head Shaking”.  It seems I have picked up a nasty old women kind of habit.  I have turned into one hell of a head shaker.  It used to take a lot before I would get my “head shaking on”, but this past week, pft, every little thing set me waggling.

* The 14 year old boy smoking on the corner.  I shook my head.

*The dude texting while driving.  I shook my head and thought about shaking my old lady fist at him!

*At an unknown person who had picked up chicken at the Grocery Store and then apparently decided they didn’t want said chicken, so deposited it squarely in the cracker aisle.  Rude.  Head shakingly rude. 

*Still at the Grocery Store, the lady in front of me at the Express Check out.  Where the sign clearly states “8 items or less”, unloading her 14 items and whipping out her fistful of coupons.  Good grief I am that lucky.  (only a little head shake because she could see me and I am partially made up of aforementioned chicken)

*Fruit Flies. Yup, I totally shook my head at fruit fly’s, you know, because that will fix the fact that a banana seemingly went black overnight and spontaneous spawned 3000 bugs.  Gross. 

*The pool.  How does a  pool go so dirty overnight?   Worth a waggle.

*Chocolate on the carpet?  Shook my head at the kids who were not even in the room.

This is when I realized I may have a bit of a problem.  Life is not so bad; dumb teens, lazy people in the grocery store, fruit flies and messy kids are really not worth my time, my scorn or my head shake.  They are simply part of life in the Suburbs.  Going to breath deeper, laugh more and just let it go.  I know I can’t give up my head shaking cold turkey, but I think I will try and just “Silver” in this sport from now on.


  1. Haha! Yes, to all of these! I do that, too. 🙂

  2. I must admit that I’m a head shaker too. Like you though, I’m trying to be better about it. It makes me feel a bit old and judgy and I’m FAR too young to feel that way (of course “young” is a subjective term, lol).

  3. Eeeep! That is SO me! 😐

    I have taken to shaking my head at mornic drivers who do things like cut me off as I KNOW they will look back in the mirror and be able to see me shaking my head in a disappoving manner… Yup. I’ve stooped to THAT level! hah 😀

  4. I am so a head shaker and eye rolling dork-lol.

  5. Oh…this is so funny. I too am a head shaker. And hands up in the air questioning life person too.
    Fruit flies were sent here by terrorists; I’m sure of this.

    • Stephanie says:

      LOL “Fruit flies were sent here by terrorists” That would explain why they are so maddening and impossible to get rid of! I wonder if I could catch some and send them over to the mean girls houses 🙂

  6. I got up on my soap box last weekend while in the car with my husband. He was laughing at me. People on their cell phone is my pet peeve. I can’t take it anymore. I told him I want to make a sign that says “Hang up your f…ing phone or die.” I don’t understand why people don’t get it. I shake my head a lot too!

    • Stephanie says:

      LOL I would use one of those signs! Maybe get my cute little blonde daughter to hold it up in the back seat of our car. That might get people to stop and think! HA

  7. LOL! Kids and hubby get my head shaking on a daily basis.

  8. Got to love head shaking, good luck trying to break the habit!

  9. I think a lot of this head shaking it going on because we live in this world of “instant Gratification” and “my needs are more than anyone else’s”. When did this happen? When did the world go from we can try? I think you hit a hot button.

    • Stephanie says:

      I think I did hit a hot button!! I also think you are so right! Why is it so hard for people to just wait their turn, be polite and courteous, pick up after themselves? Ahhh I could go on and on. I am only responsible for myself and my family, unless you are texting and driving then I will shake my head at you! LOL

  10. This is amazingly good post. I thought I was going crazy and being on the negative side all the time, but then I realized it’s not me, there are careless and ignorant people around. Thank you Stephanie for reminding me to smile and appreciate every moment in life. (Well I’ll continue to shake my head and give nasty look to people talking or texting while driving).

    • Stephanie says:

      So glad you loved my post!! This week I was driving behind a HUGE truck who kept swerving off the road, I was starting to wonder if he was drunk. Then I realized, he was texting! I too will continue to shake my head at those who text while driving. It’s just so dumb.

  11. sarah sar says:

    Ok, here’s my story: I was driving and making a left turn (I had right of way) and this idiot in a jeep nearly ran a stop sign and stopped in the middle of the road. She saw me shaking my head as I drove past her and she has the gal to follow me!!! Road raging maniac!! I wish the cops had seen her…she really shouldn’t be on the road with a stinky attitude like that! The end.

    • Oh that’s really dangerous! I’ve had situation like that. I was forced to pull over to avoid an accident and got a finger from the idiot cutting me off. Glad that you are OK and nothing happened. We can be responsible for yourself and let God be the judge.

    • Stephanie says:

      Road rage is a truly scary thing!!! You had every reason to be shaking your head at that horrible driver who clearly needed to go home and have a nap 🙂

  12. 🙂

  13. Cheryl Grandy says:

    Sometimes the things people do are so headshakingly incomprehensible, you just have to laugh and go on with your life.

  14. I definitely hear you! I am an eye roller and find it has worsened over recent years. I do try to be conscious of it but sometimes, it is really hard to help yourself!

  15. Here’s the real head shaking question… do the grocery people find that thawed out chicken and put it back in the freezer section?!

    • Stephanie says:

      Ahhh! I actually asked that question! Anything that is refrigerated/frozen and left where it is not supposed to be is immediately considered a loss and thrown out. Good to know right?

  16. Anne Taylor says:

    If I see someone texting in a car beside me, I make such as ass out of myself that they have to notice that I know what they are doing lol My husband disowns me while I “get their attention” I do shake my head though, at many things…probably the most common thing that gets my head shaking is that it seems I’m the only one in my family with the talent to put new toilet paper rolls on the thingamijig when there’s no toilet paper left. :[)

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