How To Survive The Last Weeks Of Summer In The Suburbs

I know all the “organized put together Mommy’s” are currently writing about back to school and prep for September.  I am not one of those girls.  My feet are still firmly planted here in August, in the summer, with my head and feet deep in the sand refusing to believe that school is starting in just a few more weeks.  With that in mind, a rant….or rather a bit of a reminder if you will for my dear family about some of the very basic rules of summer

Rules Of Summer


Dear Family,

I am not your chauffer.   I don’t mind driving you to your friends, the movies, the mall, where ever you may need to go.  What you can not expect me to do is drop everything I am doing at a moments notice.  Give this Mama just a little notice.  (I still like to pretend I have a life of my own to work around)  Nor will I be pleased if I get a phone call after I have dropped you off at said location asking me to bring you your iPod, bathing suit or cell phone because you forgot it.  I understand that sometimes we all forget things, but how about trying to be organized.  Thanks.

I am not  a short order cook.  Just because we are all home for the summer does not mean you are suddenly getting a made to order hot lunch every day.  I’m just not that good a Mom.

I am not a maid.  The good news, I don’t expect you to be one either.  I do however require you to pick up your crap.  For the love of all who adore you, put your dishes away, put your laundry in the laundry baskets, and in general don’t leave a path of destruction in your wake. 

I am not your activity director.  I adore you, love to spend time with you, and will absolutely help you figure out what to do this summer; but I beg of you remember that you are allowed to entertain yourselves! Also my lovelies I will remind you that these days boredom is a very rare gift.  Are you bored?  I say enjoy it.  It won’t last.

Go play outside.  Yes, I am the Mama who will holler at you to “Turn the TV off.”   “Get off that Laptop” and “Put away your phone” in order to force you to go out into the sunshine.  Summer is for swimming, long walks, biking, parks and adventures in the real world.  Up here in Canada our summer season is painfully short, get out there and enjoy it. 

Play hard and play nice with your sister.  You may not know it now, but that girl sleeping down the hall, the one you spend the most time hanging out with, who you have the most fun with and also drives you the craziest?  She will forever have your back and will be your lifelong best friend.  Play nice and go make some memories, even if some of those are laughing at your Mom.  These days are the one’s you will look back at with the biggest of grins and the fuzziest of feelings. 

If we all follow these little rules over the next few weeks I just know we can squeeze the last of the glorious sunshine out of my favourite season of the year. I refuse to do the countdown and tally up how many days until back to school, but I do intend to make every day, every hour and every minute count until that first bell of the new school year rings! 

Long live the lazy days of summer! 


  1. I LOVE your rules!!!!
    Now, go make me a grilled cheese sammich before you drive me to the movies.

  2. Great letter. So true, summers in Canada are short. This summer has been really weird, weatherwise. Enjoy what’s left.

  3. Great letter, hope they read it!

  4. Wonderful set of rules. Trail of destruction, definitely with you on that one!

  5. VERY GOOD Stephanie! I think I’ll print this. LOL
    I am fairly in control of my girls not taking me down, but every now and then it gets close to happening. I put on my big girl panties and fight back.

  6. Summer is FAR too short here! It’s so hard to believe it is already half over.. *sigh*

    Now isn’t this one of those times you would LOVE your fam to read the blog? hah 😀

    Enjoy these last lazy days!

  7. Wonderful rules! I hate that our summer is so short. Trying not to think about that though.

    Wishing you a lovely, sun-filled day.

  8. Love the letter & great picture!

  9. yes!!! I so agreee!!!!

  10. Awesome rules and very true!! Enjoy every minute of summer!!

  11. Awe, I love your rules!! (and I resent you calling me organized! Pffffffft!)

  12. Great rules! I will post them on our kitchen board for everybody to remember once and for all what summer is for and what is expected from us to do or not do for that matter. Thanks 🙂

  13. Awesome reminders. 🙂

    You’re a great momma.

  14. Victoria Ess says:

    Perfect rules Stephanie — how did the last two weeks go?

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