A Canadian Soccer Superstar, Contacts and a Giveaway!

BAUSCH + LOMB - Soccer star Kaylyn Kyle talks performance

As a member of the Canadian Women’s National Team and Olympic and Pan American Games medalist, Kaylyn Kyle, knows the difference contact lenses can make in the life of an athlete. With the school year quickly approaching, extracurricular team try-outs are just around the corner and we are working hard to ensure that our teens or tweens have what they need to succeed.  Kaylyn offers tips to all the Moms out there about how they can help their kids excel in sports.  

Focus On Performance!


*Kaylyn knows that vision and awareness as a mid-fielder is so important and contact lenses allowed her to focus on the visual part of the game.  She loves the freedom contacts give her in her everyday life!

*Dr. Dana Blakolmer, optometrist , states your vision may be a little bit better with contact lenses because it creates’ more natural vision.  She also recommends contact lenses for teens because they are comfortable, easy to use, and healthy for the eye. 

Have you considered contacts for yourself or someone you love?

Thanks to the generosity of Bausch + Lomb I am now able to offer this fabulous giveaway!

B L Prizing


* Jersey signed by Kaylyn Kyle

* Soccer ball signed by Kaylyn Kyle

*$100 Mastercard gift card

*  $35 exam fee rebate

*$100 product rebate on SoftLens daily disposables contact lenses

A truly unique and exciting prize pack for you or someone in your life! 

Please enter using the Rafflecopter Form Below. 

Open to Canada only and ends Friday September 13th.

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  1. Anne Taylor says:

    My youngest daughter, who is 22, would love to try contacts! She’s a pretty busy girl involved in lots os sports and other activities!


  2. amanda faith says:

    I think I need to get some myself… I have been needing to get my eyes checked but for lack of time, money, benefits I haven’t really done so.

  3. My husband! He’s constantly breaking his glasses

  4. danielle t says:

    I tired contacts once and wore them for certain occasions but not daily. I’ve been thinking about trying daily contacts.

  5. Myself; I’d like to try ditching frames for something more convenient.

  6. I would love to win this for me. I have been wanting to try contacts but we never seem to have the extra money to try them out

  7. I would benefit from trying contacts. I wear glasses for seeing distances but do not wear them regularly. I’d love to try contacts!

  8. Me, used to use contacts all the time, but want to get back into using them. 🙂

  9. Olivia Rubin says:

    Oh the fine print….I’m not Canadian

  10. Karla Sceviour says:

    Yes,my husband would benefit from contacts! He has been wearing glasses all his life,but woudl be nice for him to try contacts

  11. Tammy Dalley says:

    My brother could benefit from contacts!

  12. Tammy Dalley says:
  13. I would benefit from wearing contacts as I have a little one on the way and will want something to wear so she’s not grabbing my glasses!

  14. I wear glasses & am always switching between my prescription sunglasses and “indoor” glasses. It would be nice to wear some non-prescription sunglasses!

  15. blessedta says:

    Thankfully, nobody in my family does.

  16. I would benifit from contacts! I wear glasses right now bc im near sighted and my kids are rough and always knocking them off my face. Thanks!

  17. Both my husband and myself 🙂

  18. I should really start wearing contacts since I seldomly wear my glasses

  19. lori butler says:

    i would benefit, i hate wearing glasses

  20. Jody Pass says:

    Both I and my daughter wear contacts. Well, I wear both glasses and contacts (NOT at the same time, of course!!). My daughter started wearing them at age 10 when she started getting serious about (and seriously good at) soccer

  21. My son could use contacts.

  22. Me!

  23. sweetkeet says:

    Great prize pack for anyone!

  24. Tammy Dalley says:
  25. Belinda McNabb says:

    I would be the one that would benefit from contacts

  26. I would!! This would be really great for me. Thank you so much

  27. I could 🙂

  28. Wendy hutton says:

    myself as I hate wearing glasses when its hot and icky out

  29. I would give the contacts to my sister, she would appreciate this awesome prize pack 🙂

  30. Rhonda W G. says:

    I actually was just thinking the other day that contacts could be an option for me.

  31. Leigh-Ann Murphy says:

    I would benefit greatly using them! =)

  32. My second oldest would love contacts.

  33. jasna malobabic says:

    My daughter.

  34. I would, I don’t like wearing glasses at all

  35. Cheryl Grandy says:

    My son would like to to try contacts. It would make it easier for him when he’s doing sports.

  36. Me! OMG would I ever love to try contacts. Especially before my wedding so I can ditch the glasses on the big day.

  37. Carrie Dodd says:

    Me! I need new ones

  38. My daughter loves her contacts – they really do make life easier for a teen! ! Best thing we ever did!

  39. Would beneicfc
    Seeing the world clearly.

  40. Amy Heffernan says:

    Definally. My teenage son. Thanks

  41. we all wear or have worn contacts and just love them

  42. I would love to get some dailies. Contacts make life so much easier but I don’t to wear them all the time. Dailies make that doable.

    The sign soccer ball would go directly to my daughter H. that is a competitive soccer and volleyball player. I love anything that will inspire her to be a better athlete!

  43. Darlene Schuller says:

    My husband would benefit from them.

  44. great contest

  45. Tammy Dalley says:
  46. This would be awesome, Im always procrastinating about trying contacts because of the cost!

  47. My Daughter she breaks her glasses all the time.

  48. My sister! She has worn glasses all her life and now that she’s pregnant, her vision has gotten cloudy.

  49. my sister would benefit from contacts

  50. my sister and my daughter

  51. Deloris Christian says:

    I have friend who has very thick lensed glasses and contacts would be easier to wear and more cosmetically appealing.

  52. I would benefit. 🙂

  53. Lori Bazan says:

    I am 45 and would love to try contacts!

  54. Victoria Ess says:

    My sister would — she’s 31!

  55. my sister

  56. honestly, i would

  57. Megan Cromes says:

    i would benefit trying contacts.ty;)

  58. Cheri Gallant says:

    Myself! I just recently lost 165 pounds and think this would help with my self esteem.

  59. my husband!

  60. my niece – loves soccer and is limited by worrying about wearing glasses while on the field. thanks

  61. My nephew wears glasses but also plays a lot of sports

  62. The only sport my 3 kids are involved in is soccer…….They love it!! thanks for this chance 😉

  63. lisa bolduc says:

    my dad, he finds it hard wearing glasses at work

  64. I would be the one to benefit from wearing contacts! I wear glasses full time, and would love to try contacts.

  65. michelle tremblett says:

    My mom could really use contacts, she is a creature of habit and has been reluctant to try them.

  66. charmaine t says:

    My niece!

  67. My son would benefit from contacts because he plays sports and runs track.

  68. Carolyn Flanagan says:

    i would love to win them for myself

  69. Bailey Dexter says:

    I would to try contacts, I just had to get glasses for the first time to where everyday.

  70. Thought about them at one point, I just don’t like the idea of poking myself in the eye every day.

  71. Barbie Squires says:

    My daughter and myself 🙂

  72. my daughter and I both!

  73. Beth Rosell says:

    My boyfriend would benefit from trying contacts

  74. craig pratt says:

    i would benefit from wearing contacts

  75. Adriyanna Zimmermann says:

    Both myself and my sister would benefit because we both wear glasses.

  76. My son who is 12. He is constantly bending his frames and cannot seem to keep the lenses clean. I can clean them and 1 hour later they are all smudged up again! That’s a boy for you. We are just waiting for him to grow up a little, before giving contacts a try. I think in the long run it will save us a lot of hassle and money.

  77. Liked your giveaway post on Facebook: Wendy Elliott Lindsey
    Thanks again!

  78. maybe me again as I need bifocals

  79. Me! Always wanted to try it out

  80. Brenda Penton says:

    My son could benefit from contacts. He is 12 and we will be speaking to our eye doctor about getting him contacts at his next appointment.

  81. i would as glasses no matter what kind leave a permanent mark on my nose

  82. Yes!! My Brother who has been wearing glasses for a few years now and has never owned a pair of contacts, as well as myself, I’ve been wearing glasses for 20 years now.

  83. I would benefit from trying contacts.

  84. my sister in law with two small children

  85. yes – i would certainly benefit.

  86. I would love to win this for my mom!!! Thanks for the contest

  87. Sunshine G says:

    Me – but glasses are so easy!

  88. Liked on Facebook!

  89. Angela Mitchell says:

    My husband has been considering starting to contacts again after several years of just wearing glasses.

  90. I would definitely benefit from contacts. I have been wearing glasses for years and I am tired of them!

  91. Me, myself & I.

  92. i would benefit from contacts – i don’t mind glasses but sometimes life would be easier with contacts

  93. My husband could benefit from wearing contacts

  94. me because I always loose my glasses!

  95. Tammy Dalley says:
  96. Lisa Neutel says:

    My mom would benefit from contacts

  97. My hubs- he just started wearing contacts

  98. Michelle B says:

    My oldest daughter could benefit from wearing contacts as she participates in different sports.

  99. Michelle B says:
  100. I would benefit from contacts

  101. SueSueper Sue says:

    My daughter certainly would benefit from contacts.

  102. roger simmons says:

    My daughter could certainly use contacts.

  103. myself.

  104. Manuel Vizcaya says:

    I would benefit from trying contacts

  105. I think I would benefit from trying contacts.

  106. My son would love to wear contacts.

  107. My wife would benefit as she has been wearing glasses her whole life.

  108. Samantha Daleo says:

    My daughter would benefit from contacts. She’s only 14 though and is too worried about touching her eyes..but I think in a few years she’ll live for them.

  109. Tammy Dalley says:
  110. I think I would benefit from trying contacts

  111. My husband would benefit!

  112. Elaine Jasvins says:

    No, only need glass to read.

  113. I would benefit from contacts. My glasses are heavy and bothersome. I get headaches if I wear them for long periods of time. I’d love to try contacts.

  114. Me! I wear glasses but would really like contacts for nights out

  115. Tammy Dalley says:
  116. Julie Bolduc says:

    I would like contacts

  117. I need new contacts.

  118. My DH would benefit from contacts. He has been wearing glasses and contacts for more than half his life. Thanks for the chance, twitter fan@plumerea

  119. Tammy Dalley says:
  120. Holly Messana says:

    Myself for sure would benefit from trying contacts. My glasses drive me crazy

  121. Holly Messana says:

    Liked your facebook post

  122. I wold like contact for myself

  123. Cindy (@cindylee137) says:

    no need yet for contacts but soon I am thinking,,yes I should go get my eyes checked,,great prizes,,Thanks

  124. My son as he is always breaking his glasses

  125. My daughter

  126. Doris Calvert says:

    I would love contacts again, had them a long time ago and would love to have them again

  127. Me! I’m the only one who wears glasses :)!

  128. stacey dempsey says:

    My sister would benefit from this, she keep saying she is going to try but has not yet

  129. Tammy Dalley says:
  130. Myself!

  131. Jennifer aka JusticeSadie says:

    My Son and I both Could

  132. My younger brother who just started high school would benefit from using contacts because for the past 5 years he has used “goggles” to play soccer because he wears glasses daily. Contacts would allow him to header the ball easier, have no frames from the goggles blocking his view from the sides, and attract the girls in high school if he didn’t wear glasses 😛

  133. Diana Powell says:

    my friend could really use them for work

  134. My oldest might like to try contacts

  135. Tammy Dalley says:
  136. My mom could benefit from wearing contacts, she loses her glasses all the time.

  137. Myself. I’ve worn glasses for years and it’s time I give contacts a try.

  138. I love free stuff:)

  139. i could use contacts, i hate my glasses.

  140. I think my son would He wears glasses and they are a pain when playing sports

  141. Myself, well I’d like to give contacts a try

  142. Would love to try daily contacts.

  143. I have always wanted to try them but have never had the opportunity to. I would love to win the chance.

  144. my mom

  145. Tara Hanley says:

    My husband has always wanted to try them. Hard to pay for them and glasses though!

  146. No need for contacts yet since I only need glasses for distance, but in a few years – probably.

  147. My mother could probably, but she has trifocals so it might not benefit that much.

  148. Tammy Dalley says:
  149. ivy pluchinsky says:

    my sister

  150. Vickie Cheung says:

    Th boyfriend, althought he wears contact from one to time he have never try disposable ones before

  151. Steve Poulson says:

    myself! I can barely see enough to type this…

  152. I can’t think of anyone who hasn’t tried contacts that would need them.

  153. My dad

  154. My boyfriend!

  155. Beth Rosell says:
  156. I would benefit from trying contacts. I complain about my glasses, so maybe others would benefit from me trying them too!

  157. Megan Bailey Barnecutt says:

    My dad should try contacts – he’s just a stubborn man who can’t envision himself poking at his eye to put contacts in, lol! He loses his glasses enough that this should be a viable solution!

  158. Kristi Renout says:

    I would benefit from trying contacts.

  159. Tammy Dalley says:
  160. had contacts before, would love them again

  161. I would consider wearing them again.

  162. nicolthepickle says:

    I would. I used to wear them, but my eyes are so sensitive that I stopped. Dailys might be the way to go.

  163. nicolthepickle says:
  164. taylor fladgate says:

    My wife is constantly breaking her reading glasses

  165. SUMMER PLEWES says:

    Everyone in my family wears glassed except me, I am sure my sister would benefit.

  166. I have worn glasses for years and would love to give contacts a try

  167. My sister! gorgeous face!

  168. Liked your post on FB

  169. My husband wears glasses & has never tried contacts before. I think he would benefit from trying them!

  170. I tried contacts once, but found I couldn’t have them in for more than 6 hours, which isn’t even a whole shift at work! I’d love to try again and see if a different brand is better.

  171. I’ve been wearing contacts for 27 years, believe me I can’t live without them! My 12 y.o. son has been wearing glasses for 5 years now, and I think he’s ready to try contact lenses!
    Pick me pick me!

  172. Tammy Dalley says:
  173. Definitely my mother would benefit from some contacts. Hmmm.

  174. My sister who denies she has a vision problem

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