Passive Aggressive Letters…With Love

Oh dear friends, it’s that time again.  It’s actually way past time that I let off a little steam and vent a little in my own special way with some passive aggressive letters from the suburbs.  With love of course.

Dear Little People Who Live In My House,

Dishes go in the dishwasher.  You. Know. This.  Not on the counter, not on the coffee table and not in your bedroom.  In. The. Dishwasher.  Nuff Said.


60 More Days of Summer?


Dear Delivery Man,

(I shall decline to out you by identifying if you are my UPS or the FedEx man, but you know who you are!)  I am less then pleased, that for the third time in as many weeks, I have walked outside to find a “Sorry We Missed You” note hanging on my door handle. Why does this upset me?  Notice that I found this little letter as I walked outside.  I was HOME when you came by with your delivery.  Did you just decide you had just enough energy to walk up to the door but not enough to RING THE BELL???  Seriously a ten on the frustrating scale.  This my friends is a Delivery Man fail.


Not Getting My Packages in The Suburbs


Dear Me,

I know those chips are amazing, and agree that ice cream and chocolate tastes best when you don’t have to share, but please remember, nothing tastes better then thin feels.


Jiggly Legs….(and watch out cause you know Old Lady Bat Wings are next.)  Shiver.


  1. Oh I need to remind myself that nothing tastes better then thin feels all the time .. funny I just don’t seem to be getting the message.

  2. I’m with you. That is so irritating when they don’t even bother to see if you’re home. Of course, there’s no helping it if they arrive during a vacuum session, etc.

  3. nothing tastes better than thin feels…esp in bathing suit season right? smiles.
    ugh on the UPS guy…can you say lazy!

  4. Bridget says:

    Ugh I know all about the delivery man. When we were waiting for special papers for my kids, hubby CAME HOME FROM WORK to be there for delivery, and they didn’t bother to ring the doorbell, just left the note. Then, we had to get said papers resent, for a $50 charge, of course!

  5. I hate to say it, I enjoy your passive-aggressive letters blog posts.. Not that I am taking enjoyment IN your misery, but I often say: “Hell yah!” after reading them…

    I am pretty sure it is a conspiracy amongst UPS/FEDEx to avoid ACTUALLY delivering packages… I, too, have gotten the “Sorry we missed you!” notes while home… and therefore had to drive half hour across town to pick up the package.

    • Stephanie says:

      Soozle I am kind of thrilled that you enjoy my passive aggressive letters! Not just because I require validation, but because I find them to be so therapeutic. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon 🙂

  6. Love it! I seem to be having the same problem lately with the delivery man!

  7. Dear Me!!! LOL.

    • Stephanie says:

      I think I could write an entire series of “Dear Me’ posts!! (now if I could only get myself to listen!)

  8. Such a funny post! It is all SOOOOOOO true!! I’ve opened the door and CAUGHT the guy leaving the “Sorry we missed you” sign!! He kinda just ignored me anyways…

    • Stephanie says:

      LOL I wonder if they go back to their office at the end of the day and compare notes; kind of a “Ha I left four Sorry I missed you notes today!”

  9. We must share the same delivery man! I just hate when that “missed you” note appears. And worse, we often get packages that have to be pick up at the main office by the person it’s addressed to only they don’t note who the person is– me or my husband. Drives me NUTS!

    Hope you finally got your package.

    • Stephanie says:

      Oh no!!!
      Fortunately for my pick up location is not too far away so it’s not a terrible inconvenience. Sounds like it’s a real pain for you!! You know this also has me wondering. Companies or people pay to have their packages delivered. Shouldn’t they try more then once?

  10. Call the place he works for!

    I seem to have lost my “nothing tastes better than thin feels” button.

    • Stephanie says:

      You know I thought about calling the delivery dude’s place of work. I just keep giving him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe I was upstairs, maybe the doorbell was stuck? Maybe, maybe maybe…but then I realized. Nope. He’s just not knocking!

  11. Oh man I would so be peeved at the delivery man!!!

    Oh yes thin how I want this to be 🙂

  12. Hi! 🙂 I love these letters. Yep Delivery Guy from “another” choice of deliveries did the same thing here just yesterday. Everyone in my house is here, the garage door was open, and nope no packages left or signed for, had to go all the way back into town and walk through the allergy infested store to their pick up location.

    Thanks for stopping by my place this week. and

  13. So agree with you on all of the above.
    Most delivery guys (no exception of the company) are lazy. I work from home most of the time, my car is parked outside on the driveway and I still get the NOTE. I think that they actually have pre-made notes for all the deliveries done during business hours and they just stick it to your door. LAZY LAZY LAZY.

  14. I know that delivery man; he’s been to my house too. Seriously, is the door bell that hard to reach?
    Bat wings. *sigh* I’m seeing signs of this and it has been my work out into high gear; aint pretty!

  15. Good luck on the first one – the big people living in my home don’t seem to understand the concept yet.

  16. The Fed Ex lady was out my house today; she rang the door bell and knocked so loud it scared me and I saw the truck pull up:) Not complaining though:)

  17. I feel your pain on both the dishes and UPS/Fed-Ex/Canada Post.

    I am convinced everyone but me has developed an allergy to putting dishes in the sink when dirty, or you know, once in a while washing them themselves. It drives me insane.

    As for deliveries… all of the ones I have mentioned do the same thing to me. I don’t understand it at all. Seriously, how hard is it to ring a bell or knock on a door. You have time to fill out your little slip… wouldn’t ringing the bell and waiting for a minute be quicker? Purolator is the only ones that will actually deliver my packages to me. Fed-ex I have to call EVERY single time and have them redeliver.

  18. Susan T. says:

    I agree with all of these! My delivery man at least rings the bell but then he leaves the package and runs back to his truck. I’ve never seen any part of him except for his back! At least I get the parcel.

  19. Oh I HATE when they won’t leave packages!

  20. Victoria Ess says:

    I My mail person has done the same thing many times! So frustrating!!

  21. mongupp says:

    Dear kids, when the garbage is overflowing, please do not keep piling stuff on top….empty it!!

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