Look out for the Cows! #WordlessWednesday

Out on the Sierra West Ranch we took our GMC Sierra for a really good run.  Up steep inclines and around tight bends, in and out of some simply breath taking scenery.  Then we had to stop our truck in it’s tracks for something this girl from the Suburbs has never, ever had to deal with.  Cows.  It was a cattle crossing baby.


Ridiculously cool.

Pop over one post to read a LOT more about my incredible adventure to the Wild West here.

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  1. I can see your face now:) smiling. B

  2. Great shot! I am accustomed to cows as we used to have them on our farm here in Jamaica. You won’t see me near them now though! 🙂 I was brave as a teenager. Thanks for hosting.

  3. Haha, it must have been very nerve wracking for you waiting for them to cross. They take their own good time when moving… Great shot and thanks for hosting

  4. oh i almost took out a cow a couple months ago…he got out and was in the middle of the road after a hairpin turn…

  5. I think they had the right of way.
    We live in the country, but don’t normally come across a bunch of cows crossing. We do however see the occasional cow out of the fence.

  6. Alexis aka mom says:

    Love it, I so would want to be there!!

  7. That looks really COOL!

  8. Your exuberance made me smile. As a woman from a small, rural town in the mid-west, it is not unusual for us to shut town down because a rancher needs to move one herd from a pasture on the north side of town to one on the south side.

  9. How funny! On our vacation we had to wait for buffalo to pass.

  10. Just stay in the vehicle. No need to walk around and discover something less than pleasant on your shoes.

  11. When I first moved to Iowa (from Phoenix) I called the cows “wild cows,” and it was hilarious.

  12. Great shot. I used to live on a cattle farm in Illinois and woke up one morning with two escapee cows standing right in front of the living room picture window. Maybe they were peeping cows.

  13. Did they carry signs that said, “Eat more chicken?”

  14. That’s hilarious! I bet they took their sweet time getting out of the way too!

  15. Cows!

  16. LOL how funny heheh!

    Have a mootastic week 😉

  17. Oh jeez – that is like a scene out of a movie.

  18. That would have been awesome to experience…fun!

  19. Holy cows! ;o)

    Happy Wordless Wednesday! ;o)

  20. So how long did you need to sit there??

  21. We’ve had to wait on cows crossing the road to get my son to school before too. Funny!

  22. That IS cool!

  23. LOL….great picture! I got stopped by wild turkeys the other day.

  24. Love it!

  25. Great picture! How exciting, hopefully you didn’t get stuck behind them for too long!

  26. That is very cool. And look at that mountain range in the background!

  27. Love those kind of trips! 🙂

  28. THAT is amazing.. and THAT is why I love Canada haha 😀

  29. I love it. MOOoooooo!

  30. sarah sar says:

    LOL how long did it take for them to moooooooove off the road? Lovely scenery, by the way!

  31. that’s an awesome picture

  32. cow crossing? just another day out west!

  33. Love it! One day I plan on buying some cows… Miniature ones… The bigs ones scare the sh*t out of me!

  34. Great picture! I am sure not many people experience a cow crossing too often in their lives.

  35. those clear blue skies look awesome

  36. Victoria Ess says:

    Aw that’s really cute!

  37. That is too cool! I have never seen anything like that – what an experience!

  38. That is super cool!

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