Ding Dong Ditch!! (and a triple threat update!)

Do you remember these sweet little miracles?


Just over a year ago while working on the #MiracleMoms program, I had the honour of introducing you to an amazing Mama, her family and her three most adorable baby girls Alexandra, Charlotte,  and Elizabeth.   Triplets born at our local Children’s Hospital who needed a little extra love before they could make their journey home. “Is Your Husband In The Waiting Room” is still one of my most read posts! 

Last week, thanks to P&G Canada and my involvement as a PGMom , I was afforded the opportunity to pay it forward in the sweetest of ways.  Arrangements were made to meet up with my #MiracleMoms family, see those babies and their Mama, and gift them some love from P&G. 


It was a very good day!  How could it not be when I was met by these three smiling faces?  PGTriplets

Updates were given, giggles exchanged and one Mama of four was overjoyed with the generosity of P&G.   I was honoured to deliver the love a fabulous care package of Pampers, wipes, swimmers and Downy for these three little bundles of joy.  We also provided a quantity of newborn diapers for their Mama to gift!  Paying it forward is an incredible feeling.

Our visit was much to fast, but when you are the Mom of a little boy plus triplets, life must move at the speed of light!  With huge thanks to P&G, we all waved goodbye with an update to follow.   When Bridgette arrived home she wrote me a heartfelt note and agreed to let me use it as a guest post today!  So without further ado, please welcome a very special guest poster, a true Miracle Mom:

It was great seeing you today! I brought the diapers to Ronald McDonald House and they send their thanks and said it was perfect timing, they’d actually just run out. They girls were smiling and laughing away after we saw you, which the doctors at the developmental follow up clinic just loved so they send their thanks to you as well.
They have given me a few minutes of relaxation so I thought I’d try send you an update while everyone is happy. First, weights have changed so much! Alexandra is now 13 lb 11 oz., Elizabeth is 17 lb 9 oz., and Charlotte is 18 lb 14 3/4 oz. They’re also getting so tall. with Alex at 26", Elizabeth at 28" and Charlotte at 28 1/2".
Alexandra is, I think, my calmest and most independent girl. She’s quite content to play by herself, or with someone else, depending on who and what is available to play. She is still quite tiny, but a fighter and when she makes up her mind that she’s going to do something, like crawl, she does it even when the doctors think her muscle tone isn’t enough to be able yet. Elizabeth is definitely my busiest, and my little daredevil. I found out she could climb one day when I went to the bathroom and came back to find her standing on the table. She’s usually the first to attempt a new skill, but Charlotte tends to master it first. Charlotte is pretty laid back, takes her time to do things, but she is the one I can count on to keep going until she succeeds. If she wants something, nothing in the world can stop her from getting there. She’s the one I fear will make those ingenious little schemes, then enlist the help of daredevil Elizabeth to put them into action, just taking Alexandra and Bradley along for the ride.

Elizabeth started taking her first steps around 11 months old, but has been stuck at the few steps stage for months. Hand her a scooter, and she can run like the wind though! Charlotte started taking her first steps about a month or so ago, and she is now walking 5-6 feet. Further than that and walking just isn’t fast enough to get her where she wants to be so she hits the knees. Alexandra is also walking as long as she’s got something like her scooter to hold on to, and I suspect she could at least stand without holding anything if she was daring enough to try.
Elizabeth and Alexandra are about on par for their verbal skills- mama and dada and all the silly sounds, while Charlotte is starting to say things that sound like "good" "thank you" "boo" "ball"… a few others I’ve heard once or twice only. They understand what I say, but the little stinkers all have minds of their own and are just as likely to laugh at me and shake their heads as to sit down when I tell them to.
They started eating finger foods at about 6 months, and are little piglets today, although busy enough to need every calorie they eat. If they keep eating the way they do, we may need to both get second jobs to be able to keep the house and feed them by the time they’re teens!
Bradley still loves his sisters and wants to play with them constantly. During the winter, after his first attempt at skating (my Mom, his Oma, held him under his armpits to support his weight a bit so he could learn to balance on the blades) He came home, told me "Mom, the baby wants to go skating," and grabbed Elizabeth under her armpits, swinging her feet along the floor. He’s very gentle most of the time, and an awesome sharer, but recently has decided he shares enough, and every once in a while tells us all "That’s MINE, no one touch it!" He loves to read them stories, bring them into his little tent with him, play guitar and sing and dance for them, or just sit on the floor and giggle with them. He’s always trying to teach them new things too and they love the attention from their big brother. He also loves to push them in the stroller or pull their wagon when we go for walks.

They’ve (the girls) decided I had enough time now, but I will look through and send some pictures later.
Have a fabulous night, I look forward to hearing from you again.

Burnard (78)

My heartfelt thanks to this incredible family as they continue to allow us to peek into their lives, and to P&G for the opportunity to pay it forward in such a special way.  A Ding Dong Ditch has never been so much fun.



  1. Oh this is such an heart warming post I was tearing up with joy and happiness. They are so truly beautiful.Miracle Mom is the word for sure and Dad too. Thank you for the update. B

    • Stephanie says:

      You are so right!! The Dad didn’t get nearly enough attention in my posts, maybe because my original series was based around Mother’s Day? This is an incredible family and I was/am blessed to write about them and know them!

  2. So adorable! And tiny!

  3. big smiles…i will admit a little tear as well…maybe something got in my eye as i read this…smiles.

  4. Wow, so great to see they are doing so well, they will certainly be running in no time! Beautiful family! 🙂

    • Stephanie says:

      I bet if this post had been just a few months from now all of those babies would be running! They are keeping their parents on their toes. So fun and fabulous!

  5. Beautiful!

  6. Such a wonderful success story! How blessed they are to have their daughters doing so well. Wonderful that you are able to keep in touch with the family and to ‘pass it forward’ as a PG Mom with the gift of diapers, which I;m sure were gratefully received. Great timing that they too could ‘pass it forward’ with newborn diapers for Ronald McDonald House. Keep up the good work Stephanie!

  7. Thanks for the update Stephanie. You do such great work with both Miracle Moms and P&G Moms. They are lucky to have you!

    I have to give full kudos to those parents. I have three that are at least two years apart… let along a few minutes apart. It seems that mom is doing a fine job bring them up and they are super healthy!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful babies with us. Please keep us updated…God Bless!

    • Stephanie says:

      You know the last week of school I found myself complaining about being spread too thing. Not able to keep up with my two girls also two years apart! My hat is off to this Mama and her Hubby. They are kind of rock stars!

      PS Thanks for the sweet compliments, they mean a lot and I have loved working with both Children’s Miracle Network and P&G

  8. Such a delightful story and a wonderful outcome to your original post, which I re- read several times. I have been following their progress through your blogs and these special children are very delightful, beautiful babes, and I am pleased that they all doing so well. I can only imagine how busy Mommy must be with three little ones and an older brother. I’m sure your care package from P & G were much appreciated.

  9. Carolyn says:

    Beautiful girls! Thanks for your update, as it is nice to know how well they are doing.

  10. What a fantastic thing to be able to do.

  11. It feels so wonderful to pay it forward doesn’t it? I’m sure a mom of triplets can use all the diapers very fast!

  12. How sweet of Bridgette to write such a detailed note about her family. I imagine she is so proud of all of them. And I’m sure her family and friends are proud of her.

    I was trying to tell if the girls are identical. They all look so much alike, though I do see small differences.

  13. Awww! So happy to see they are doing so well!!!! What a beautiful family!!


  14. Bridget says:

    Thank you all for your kind words, and Stephanie, thank you for this fabulous post and the program that began it all! We appreciate everyone who donated a year ago to help families like ours, and who have shown so much love to us, total strangers! We are told that there are indeed a pair of identical babies within our trio, though some people think the 2 who are identical look the least alike- I think it depends on the faces they make and how the three are arranged how similar or different they look.

  15. How sweet is this post! What a heartwarming idea to pay it forward and it was extremely joyful to be able to read an update on the family from one pretty amazing Miracle Mom. The family photo at the end – too precious!

    • Stephanie says:

      I was so touched that this MiracleMom was willing to share her photos with us and her family photo too!! I do believe we were meant to meet, she is one special person and I have been blessed to have been able to write about her story.

  16. Such a touching read – and what a beautiful family! Thank you so much for sharing an update.

  17. What a wonderful read and so adorable.

  18. Great post! Glad you were able to pay it forward! I’m sure the family appreciated it.

  19. Barbie Squires says:

    Totally awesome.

  20. SueSueper Sue says:

    My gosh, they are soo cute! I couldn’t imagine three at ones. (or an additional 3 at once)

    Nice update!

  21. What a beautiful family and how wonderful that you were able to not only help them, but that they in turn helped RMH. The P&G mom program is pure magic. Love how they have helped us all give back to our communities.

    • Stephanie says:

      I adore how the P&G Mom program has helped us all to pay it forward in our own communities! It was such a pleasure to re-connect with this family. Thanks for your kind words Julia!

  22. Tanya L says:

    This is soo beautiful!!

  23. Heidi C. says:

    I have two sets of twins but I have to tip my hat to this mom as I know triplets must be an incredible amount of work! Sounds like they are doing wonderfully! Such a heart-warming story and I love the ong program!

    • Stephanie says:

      ..and I tip my hat to you! As the Mama to two girls, born more then two years apart I continue to be amazed by the amount of energy it takes to raise even just one babe at a time. Cheers to you and hope you and all your babies are fabulous!

  24. Heidi C. says:

    The Ding-Dong Program – my computer blipped!

  25. Susan T. says:

    Beautiful story! I can’t imagine being mom to triplets!

  26. Victoria Ess says:

    Bridget’s is a beautiful story. I love P&G as a company even more, whenever I hear about the little things they do to bring joy to people’s lives.

  27. KERRY VYE says:

    love that parents of preemies got that extra boost of help. As a mom of a micropreemie i learned that the stress doesn’t fall away as soon as you get home, it actually gets worse!!! So i support and love any family that gets a little boost!

    • Stephanie says:

      My hat goes off to all the Mama’s who have to deal with the extra stresses a preemie adds to your life. It was a true pleasure to lend a very small hand to this beautiful family. I hope all is well with your and yours!

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