Canada’s Wonderland Family Fun Giveaway!


There are a few places in Ontario that send me right back to the memories of my childhood.  Driving up north to Cottage Country immediately sends me back to those fuzzy childhood memories of long hot days spent at the dock on the cottage.  Slurpies at the 7-11 remind me of grabbing my bike with my girlfriends and buying the biggest frozen slushie my allowance would allow.  Driving past Wonderland Mountain reminds me of that annual trip to Canada’s Canada’s premiere amusement park.  A family favourite when we were young, and a rite of passage when we were teens!   Now as a Mom, it’s time to share Canada’s Wonderland with my girls!  I’m reliving my visits to this amazing amusement park via their "Plan a Visit" page! 

It has everything you could ever need to know to plan a perfect day.


From family rides, to kids rides, the Splash Works area, to the Thrill Rides, there is something for everyone in your family at Canada’s Wonderland.  Rides not y0ur thing?   You can always check out the shopping,  the dining or the live entertainment!   CanadasWonderlandTaxiJam


Have you been? 

It just might be time to explore everything Canada’s Wonderland has to offer!


One lucky reader of How To Survive Life In The Suburbs is going to win a Family four pack of tickets to Canada’s Wonderland worth $266.65!   Admission includes the park, and Splash Works – their 20 acre water park!!

Awesome right?  Please comment and enter using the Rafflecopter form below!  Follow all the fun at @WonderlandNews

*Ends Friday August 2, 2013


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  1. Il Canada è bellissimo, ma anche la Sicilia è straordinaria. 🙂


  2. Oh I remember going to Canada’s Wonderland with a busload of grade 8 kids they loved watching my face turn green on the rides that they did not think I would try. They thought I was a boring old lady, proved them wrong after that they thought I was cool:) B

  3. Victoria Ess says:

    I used to go a lot very often many years ago when I was in high school! I remember going there on a date. I love going on rides, and my ride-hating companion was a good sport, coming with me on many rides. Poor guy became increasingly green, and eventually threw up 🙁

  4. Great rides….lots of fun! Haven’t been there yet this year.

  5. Lee-Ann says:

    It has been years, but my favourite Ride is the Great Canadian Mind Bender!

  6. Melissa Finn says:

    I haven’t been in years but would love to take my kids. I grew up in Toronto so we went a lot. It was pure summer magic! Riding the roller coasters, eating funnel cake & flirting with cute boys!

  7. Lee-Ann says:

    We try to go every summer. I love taking my son on the Ghoster Coaster!

  8. Tanya L says:

    I haven’t been to Canada’s Wonderland since grade 8 when it was our class trip, I’m 28 now lol, We are taking our two DD who are 8 and 6 in August sometime, it will be their first time! So excited!!

  9. Havnt been since I was a little girl…its so expensive…would love to take my son and his 2 cousins!

  10. michelle tremblett says:

    It has been years since I have been, didn’t really have a favorite, loved them all 🙂

  11. I was at wonderland years ago, and I don’t remember if I had a favorite. So time to go again!

  12. Cathy C says:

    Yes I have and fave memory was watching kids on skyrider Also the scariest

  13. MOTHERFAIL: I have never taken my kids to Canada’s Wonderland. And at their tween ages, they are dying to go. Must remedy that right?!

  14. mongupp says:

    We went years ago. I would love to take my kids to visit Planet Snoopy.

  15. I have never gone to Canada! sandie

  16. I have been and my favorite memory was the whole park! Had tons of fun & would love to go again!

  17. Sydney D says:

    I have been. I live about an hour away, go occasionally.

  18. I have been many many years ago long before our four kiddies! I remember being young and fearless, not so much now, LOL

  19. Anu Chopra says:

    The last time I went to Canada’s Wonderland was 8 years ago …. when I was “much” younger, I used to enjoy going on “The Bat”.

  20. Anu Chopra says:
  21. Lmc1971 says:

    I haven’t been to Wonderland for over 10 years, so it’s hard to remember my favourite ride but I do remember the yummy funnel cakes quite well. LoL

    Thanks. lids

  22. Courtney says:

    Yes! We go every year. We love Behemoth!

  23. Jay Tee says:

    Yes, I’ve been there before. My favourite memory is going on the Thunder Run with my brother when we were really young.

  24. Jay Tee says:
  25. How fun Stephanie–and that will be one happy reader! I grew up near Texas, so we only went to Six Flags growing up.

    We have a smaller amusement park near us now, and I get to relive the feeling of being a kid again as well–just I know my limitations to stay away from the spinning upside down type rides.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  26. Natalie T says:

    I haven’t been to Canada’s Wonderland for a L O N G time (almost a decade!)

    I did love riding the Wilde Beast though.

  27. Natalie T says:
  28. Rachelle T says:

    We go every year.

    Fave memory is Physics Day at Canada’s Wonderful (I was a proud high school nerd, LOL!)

  29. Rachelle T says:
  30. I haven’t been in years but my favourite was the wooden rollercoaster!

  31. I haven’t been in a couple years…. would love to go!!! thanks!

  32. Sabrina says:

    This would be awesome for my niece, nephew and me!

  33. I haven’t been for many years. One of my fave memories is getting completely splashed on the white water canyon ride.

  34. We went a couple years ago as a family..I am chicken though but was brave enough to go on the silver streak many times with my daughter..great memories..

  35. Kady L. says:

    I have not been for MANY YEARS, but would love to take my family! i remember when the Bat was new!

  36. I’ve been a number of times. My favourite memory was when my cousins and I stayed until closing, which was awesome since there were hardly any lineups after 6pm!

  37. Kady L. says:
  38. Linda Seaton says:

    How much fun would this be?!! I have been to CW, but not for about 25 years!! My kids tell me we all need to ride Leviathan!

  39. Yes, I’ve been several times. Love Thunder Run, just wish the line was much shorter!

  40. sarah sar says:

    Nope, I have never been to Canada’s Wonderland before but have always wanted to!

  41. Growing up we went EVERY summer and I remember going on the Ghostercoaster a dozen times when I was little. I felt like I was more grown up because I was going on a roller coaster lol. I haven’t been since I moved to Alberta 7 years ago. I have so many amazing memories of going there!

  42. I went years ago when I was in high school,and for some reason my favourite rides were the splashy ones–log flume and such. What a great way to cool off!

  43. Stephanie D says:

    I <3 going on Mindbuster. It's the best roller coaster on this earth! Have been there many times growing up

  44. When I graduated from grade 13, wonderland had a “grad night”r
    The park opened at 10pm, and closed at 5am and it was only open to high school grads! So fun!!

  45. Christina D says:

    The last time I’ve been to Canada’s Wonderland was too far back to remember. But I love this amusement park and I loved going on the Leviathan rollercoaster.

  46. Julie Bolduc says:

    Yes I been before my fav ride is the one in the vortex

  47. Debbie W says:

    It’s been a while but I love the Superman ride. Anything rollercoaster!!!

  48. Rashid Majeed Sheikh says:

    Great prize…. wish to enjoy rides & attractions all day @ Canada’s Wonderland

  49. BobbiJo Pentney says:

    We were there three years ago. I like the white water canyon.

  50. Jess W. says:

    Been meaning to check it out but I’ve never been!

  51. went last year but I recall going as a child with family every summer. Having funnel cake was always one of our traditions. Just love the fun memories as a child. Loved going to see the shows, watching the divers and the swing ride was my fav.

  52. My favourite memory of Canada’s Wonderland is one of my earliest memory. I was very young, back in the eighties and the Smurfs were all the rage. It was the main theme in the kids’ section of the park and I remember the show. Loved it! I don’t get there often enough anymore.

  53. michelle says:

    I went last year with my son and he was tall enough to do the roller coaster in the mountain, he screamed and held my arm so hard and hated it very much but wanted to go on it again. After 5 times through he was laughing.

  54. Natalie B says:

    My favourite ride is Nightmare! So fun, I love gravity rides. I haven’t been to Wonderland since i was 13, I would love to go back with my family!

  55. Kady L. says:
  56. kathryn says:

    I miss the funnel cakes. I haven’t been in a while (when the kiddies were little). I need to take them again

  57. Jay Tee says:
  58. Natalie T says:
  59. Rachelle T says:
  60. Yes I have been- years ago. I liked a water ride, its hard to remember.

  61. we went last year for the first time in over 20 years it was so much fun. My favourite memory is the look on my now 9 years old face when she first saw all the rides. It was beyond priceless.

  62. Darlene Schuller says:

    I haven’t been to Canada’s wonderland in probably 30 years!! I’ve had a horrible car accident since my last visit there so memories are almost non existent.

  63. good luck everyone

  64. Dawn Rader says:

    I took my kids once when they were younger…we spent the day in kiddie son wasn’t big enough to ride most rides…he kind of stood on his tip toes to ride the rugrats bumper cars… he got the car stuck up against the wall I remember he was laughing so hard he couldn’t move the car and some lady reached over the edge and turned his wheel so he could keep going.

  65. This would be amazing to win

  66. Laurel C says:

    I remember going the 1st few years with my parents as guests with the Binbrook Fire Dept, special backstage tours and all. I’d never been on a roller coaster before and we were just walking around the park, following paths, not sure where we were going, and ended up at The Great Canadian Mindbuster! Needless to say, I wasn’t going to walk back down all by myself while everyone else went on it. It is still my favourite ride to date! Now that my kids are older, I look forward to taking them and introducing them to the BIG rides, they’ve only done the little ones and it’s been about 6 years since they were there. I think this year is the year 🙂 Would love to win this!!!!!

  67. I’m not personally a big fan of most of the rides, but I absolutely love watching my kids having an amazing time! Our 5 year old has never been and I would love to take her 🙂

  68. Kim DeCoste says:

    I used to go all the time when I was a teen (forever ago…in the 80s) but haven’t been since. My favourite ride back then was Dragon Fyre. Would LOVE to take my kids.

  69. Kim DeCoste says:
  70. shelley Hickey says:

    several times and never gets old. Love the water park and the roller coasters!!

  71. Heather T says:

    Last time I was at Canada’s Wonderland, I was probably 8 years old. Now having young children of my own, it’s time to return! Two of the memories that stand out in my mind, are the Smurf Village (is that still there???) and the wooden roller coaster. Loved it!

  72. Kimberly says:

    would love to take the granbabies 🙂

  73. susanne mccarthy says:

    Sad to say, no I have never been to Wonderland 🙁

  74. Meaghan says:

    I’ve never been there….yet! I’m a big fan of rollercoasters and I hear there are some really big ones there!

  75. We never taken the kids, we always say “this summer” as we drove by going to the cottage. My two older girls would love the park.

  76. Dale Ben says:

    We went once about six years ago and liked the go kart ride but found it a pricey day. I hope to get there this year as the kids are older and would enjoy it more. I remember a melt down at the end of our day as its a lot for a little one to take in.

  77. its been many years since ive been but my favorite ride back than was the tomb raider

  78. Sue selitsanos says:

    My kids are 7 and 8 years old. We have never gone because it is super expensive.

  79. We took our church senior youth group there this past weekend. Such a fun day!

  80. Beth Faris says:

    My favourite ride is the pirate boat. Brings me back to when I was a kid

  81. I haven’t been in ages. I love love love the BAT!!

  82. Adriana says:

    Haven’t been in yearsssss. Would like to take my son.

  83. SweetPanda says:

    I have never been to Wonderland even though we just live 35 minutes away from there

  84. Steve Poulson says:

    I’ll never forget the first time taking my daughter on the Ghoster Coaster. Her joy turned to terror and I don’t think she has trusted me since…

  85. Bailey Dexter says:

    I have never been to Wonderland but I will be visiting my daughter this summer in Toronto and would love to go then!

  86. Lisa Neutel says:

    It’s been years since I’ve been to Canadas Wonderland, I used to love the mindbuster

  87. lisa Atfield says:

    We haven’t been to Wonderland since the kids were little. Now that they can all go on all the rides it might be time to head back! I always liked the Bat.

  88. I remember going when I was dating my Husband and we went with some of his friends. Had a good time. But I can not remember all the rides. It has been a long time since going there.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  89. Natalie T says:
  90. Rachelle T says:
  91. Favorite place to go to in the summer for a full day adventure!

  92. My favourite memory is stopping for a funnel cake at the end of an awesome day. The sugar rush was heaven.

  93. Natalie T says:
  94. Rachelle T says:
  95. Nancy T says:

    Love Wonderland – we’re not too far away!
    As kids we had a season pass and we’d go every other week throughout the summer! Back in the day when you could take food in and didn’t have to pay the crazy prices they have now!
    I miss the Smurf house! That was one of my favourites!

  96. Natalie T says:
  97. Rachelle T says:
  98. Natalie Chizen says:

    I’ve been to Wonderland several times, but my best memory is of riding the Dragon Fyre for the first time!

  99. Natalie T says:
  100. Rachelle T says:
  101. This would be a fantastic surprise for my kids ages 9 & 12. We’ve never been to Canada’s Wonderland!

  102. canadas wonderland is an amazing place and this would be a great gift for people who have never been

  103. i love summer so much it is so the best time of year u can get out and do lots of stuff

  104. I have been quite often, my fav ride is Leviathan.

  105. Jay Tee says:
  106. Natalie T says:
  107. Rachelle T says:
  108. Jay Tee says:
  109. Natalie T says:
  110. Rachelle T says:
  111. danielle t says:

    last time I went was 6 years ago. by dinner time one of the other girls (the only one with kids) asked if I was pregnant. I went home and took a test the next day and I was. I had no idea and that girl called it. my kids are a great age now to enjoy the kids rides.

  112. Awesome!!

  113. I’ve been but not for a few years. I’m not a ride person but I enjoy being the “professional bag and coat holder” while everyone rides and I sit on a bench and people watch. Now my son is old enough we want to share our love of amusements parks with him.

  114. maya yablonsky says:

    too many to name. my most recent fav moment was taking my son on his first roller coaster ride, the taxi chace. he even put his hands up

  115. I have tons of memories form Wonderland.. But lets go back way back to when the Vortex opened. The best part of the day was when FABIO yes Fabio was smucked in the face by the sea-gull. It really did happen not an urban myth I was on the same train as him and yes he came off with his nose bleeding. The ride was wicked awesome and ended up being closed for the rest of the day bc he was hit by the Sea gull

  116. Heidi Watts says:

    I have been lots- i used to love the rollercoasters.. but now i watch my kids on them instead lol. My fav is probably the gravitron… spinning round round and going upside down and sideways on the walls!

  117. Natalie T says:
  118. Adina H. says:

    I have been to CW but not in many years. I loved seeing the characters there when I was a kid, especially Scooby Doo.

  119. Adina H. says:
  120. Rachelle T says:
  121. Stephanie says:

    It’s been 20 years since I’ve been there. Loved the Ghoaster Coaster!

  122. Jo-Anne B says:

    One of our favourite summer destinations! The Behemoth is the BOMB!

  123. Jay Tee says:
  124. Natalie T says:
  125. Rachelle T says:
  126. danielle t says:
  127. I haven’t been with AGES but have great memories of visits as a kid! Now, with kids of my own, I would love to give them the same!

  128. Jay Tee says:
  129. Natalie T says:
  130. Rachelle T says:
  131. danielle t says:
  132. Natalie T says:
  133. Rachelle T says:
  134. Stephanie says:
  135. The last time i went was like 15 years ago. I would love to take my boys though

  136. danielle t says:
  137. amanda faith says:

    My Aunt took me to Canada’s Wonderland when I was about 5 and I absolutely loved it!! I remember the Smurfs ride which was a bit frightening at the time. 🙂

  138. I can’t even remember the last time I was at Canada’s Wonderland! Maybe high school? Yikes…I don’t dare do the math on how long ago that was! Would love to make some summer memories there with my hubby and kids 🙂

  139. Natalie T says:
  140. Rachelle T says:
  141. LEIGHANN KELLER says:

    I’ve been to Wonderland many times. Last year took my family for a 2 day pass. It was great. It rained a bit, so most of the crowds cleared out so we got on every single ride rather quickly, and some of them even twice. My favorite memory is going on the Leviathan for the first time. I dug up the courage to go along so that my kids would not be afraid!! was terrifying yet exhilarating at the same time. Went again and again! Now its my favorite ride.

  142. My kids are dying to go this year. We haven’t been in a few years. Awesome giveaway!!

  143. My kids are dying to go this year. We haven’t been in a few years. Awesome giveaway!!

  144. My kids are dying to go this year. We haven’t been in a few years. Awesome giveaway!!

  145. My kids are dying to go this year. We haven’t been in a few years. Awesome giveaway!!

  146. Natalie T says:
  147. Rachelle T says:

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