The Little Girl In The Blue Dress…

I have the sweetest picture of my oldest daughter.  It was taken when she was only six months old and yet it feels like yesterday.  I can see her there. sitting in the tall grass in her light blue dress, just staring up at the camera with those piercing blue eyes.  Those eyes could see right through you and melt your heart.   She has been my BlueEyed girl ever since.

This week, that BlueEyed  girl, she wore a very different blue dress; her Grad dress.


She was full of joy, we were bursting with pride.  All grown up at 14.

Without even trying, she still manages to melt my heart.

I hope you will join me in my not so Wordless Wednesday!

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  1. wow. how fast they grow up eh?
    very nice. i esp like the one in the corner with the proud parents…smiles.

  2. This brought tears…they do grow up SO fast. Before you even realize it really. She’s gorgeous. Congrats on the graduation.

    • Stephanie says:

      Thank you so much! I know you are feeling the growing pains too! I fear it won’t be long before we are picking out Colleges 🙂

  3. Very beautiful pictures and your daughter certainly wore a wonderful blue dress. Congratulations and best wishes to your daughter. Thanks for hosting.

  4. She does have some gorgeous blue eyes and looked wonderful for her big day. ‘grats to her on the grad!!

  5. CONGRATS! 🙂 3 of my 5 have those blue eyes and they definitely are piercing.

  6. Beautiful photos.

  7. She looks soooooo wonderful!!!!

    I am also sooooo not ready for this to be my daughter next year!! *cry*

    • Stephanie says:

      Thanks hun!! And don’t worry, one more year makes a big difference. (plus it is SO much fun to take them shopping for a dress and shoes, it helps to ease the pain) #retailtherapy

  8. She is absolutely stunning…how fast they grow! You must be so darn proud!

  9. she does have divine eyes what a lucky girl!!

  10. She is beautiful! Congrats!!!

  11. She is stunning…just like her Mama! Love the dress too, btw!!

  12. Now you know that Graduation Day is your pay day, right? Congratulations!!!

  13. Wow, what a lovely young woman! You must be so proud of her.

  14. Awww, she looks so pretty!

  15. Aww! lovely post and yes she is beautiful with a lovely smile 😉

    Have a brilliant week 🙂

  16. Oh they do indeed grow up very fast and she looks beautiful. B

  17. Congratulations to your daughter! It’s only just begun and she seems to be off to a good start with such a beautiful, loving, and smart family.

  18. Love that dress and your Daughter is such a beautiful girl. Must be a chip off the ole block.

  19. They grow up so fast don’t they! She looks beautiful! 🙂

  20. Siete una bella famiglia.
    Tua figlia ti assomiglia moltissimo. Complimenti!!
    Un abbraccio. Edo

  21. They grow up way too fast!! We just had my daughter’s graduation party Sunday! Your daughter is beautiful 🙂 Here is a link to my party post in case you want to check it out 🙂 I just can’t believe how quickly time flies!

  22. These pictures made me realize that one day I’ll be blushing with pride at my baby’s graduation! Congrats, she is stunning!

  23. Adored her in the little blue dress…proud of her in the stunning navy dress. Tears of happiness. Hugs 🙂

  24. What a gorgeous family! It seems like K-3 went by slow and each year goes by faster and faster. Sad:-(
    My oldest is going into 8th grade and this past year flew by.

  25. LOVE it! Such a gorgeous family you have (you included)! 🙂

  26. gorgeous! what a special day!

  27. Congratulations to your gorgeous girl. What beautiful pictures!

  28. She is just radiant!!!!! (like her mama) How does the time fly so fast? It’s not fair.

  29. SassySis says:

    Can’t believe how grown up she is. Congrats on raising such a wonderful young lady.

  30. Victoria Ess says:

    What an absolute beauty! She’s taking a page out of your book, Stephanie!

  31. Time flies, she is beautiful!

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