Sometimes You Have To Be Spontaneous

Every  once in a while life presents you with an opportunity you simply can’t say no to.  Then again, sometimes it doesn’t , and you have to make your own opportunities!! 

Romantic Hubby and I knew Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift were playing less then three hours from our house this past weekend.  We did not have tickets for this show.  So what did we do?  We scoured the Internet at 11PM on a Thursday night and found amazing seats for this fabulous concert.  We bought those tickets!!

Was it crazy to buy tickets on a Thursday, pull our kids our of school on a Friday, not even tell the kids?  Justdo it,  load them up and go? 

Just call me crazy! 

TaylorSwift Concert





Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and feet 17 rows from the stage planted firmly on the Astro Turf.  It was SO the right thing to do!


I hope you will join me in my not so Wordless Wednesday!

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  1. Not crazy at all! I totally would have done the same. I took my daughter to see Taylor Swift the year before last. Such an amazing performance! I’m sure the kids LOVED the surprise!! 🙂

    • Stephanie says:

      Taylor Swift put on such a great concert! Fun and age appropriate! We all enjoyed ourselves. It was def the right choice 🙂

  2. oh wow…def a cool surprise…and breaking kids out of school…woot…ha…nice….

    • Stephanie says:

      It was so much fun it made me think we should be breaking the kids out of school a little more often 🙂

  3. We did that with Lion King on Broadway. Although we still had them go to school the next day. 🙁 Sometimes you have to take risks. Somethings are really great learning experiences. Who gets to go to a show with lights and fun that often?

    BTW We sent a note to my older son’s school the next day saying he might be tired. If he has too many problems call us, and we’ll pick him up. The younger one was in preschool, so that was a little different.

    • Stephanie says:

      Love it! I really do think there are so many teachable moments outside of school, sometimes you just have to grab them 😉
      Thanks for stopping by and linking up today!

  4. What fun to experience!! Thanks for stopping by @ Wordless Wednesday In a Zen Way

  5. You did it! WordPress! Love it! How scared were you? Are you loving it? 🙂

    • Stephanie says:

      To be honest Loukia, I’m still scared 🙂 LOL Trying to figure out my new layout, how to post and where all my readers are! So far though I’m loving it. I know I made the right choice and highly reccomend Krizzy Designs!

  6. That’s an awesome surprise. I would have done the same thing!

  7. Sounds like a pretty damn good time. And a great memory that you all can share for years. 🙂

    • Stephanie says:

      I love that we had this chance!! I hope one day they will look back with a big smile and a giggle at their Mama dancing along to Taylor Swift 🙂

  8. Yes sometimes those impromptu moments lead to the best time EVAH! Glad you linked up, too! 😀

  9. Olivia went and she is marrying Ed Sheeran!! Creating memories is always a special time!! You go girl!

  10. What great memories your children are going to have of that night! You definitely aren’t crazy to do that.

    Thanks for linking up over at Tales of a Pee Dee Mama

  11. Definitely not crazy! Or maybe crazy like a fox! 😉 How cool you scored awesome seats, and I bet your kids were thrilled to be out of school for such a fun time! 🙂 Love all the shots! 🙂

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  12. That is so cool and I think spontaneous can be so awesome!

  13. Spontaneity is one of the keys to a full life 🙂

  14. You are such a good mama. I need to be more spontaneous. My spontaneous is going to McDonalds. (cough, cough)

  15. Victoria Ess says:

    Love it!! Spontaneity gives rise to some pretty good memories and experiences!

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