Grad Shoes Meet Camp Knees

She went to camp.

She fell down.


She had an amazing time.

She will now be sporting these knees in her Grad dress.


So cute!  Not.

So what do you think?  Will that mess clean up in two weeks time?  Grad day approaches!

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  1. You could always buy a new gown, one that goes to the ground.

  2. 2 weeks, she should be healed by then. Love the shoes!

  3. nothing a little flesh tone make up wont fix…the important thing is she had a good time right? smiles.

  4. Two weeks? Loads of time! Slap a little foundation on it there’s still a shadow of the scrapes.

  5. Kids don’t skin knees nearly enough anymore. Better late than never.

  6. If it doesn’t a bit of concealer and nicely painted toe nails, no one will notice. Might need to use some bubble wrap between now and then so you don’t add any more to the equation.

  7. Awww. But those skinned knees have a story. It’s all good! 🙂

  8. Ooh! That’s too bad. They will be better within 2 weeks.

  9. Her gown will cover it, right?
    Either way, I’m sure she’ll still look great!!

  10. @Melissa No! Her gown is above the knee 🙂 Hoping two weeks and the help of some cover up on her knees will get us through! LOL

  11. She looks fine…it will be a story and a good one, in 10 years or so…picture to show at her wedding.

  12. Love the shoes! Just sayin’!! Glad she had fun at camp.

  13. Too funny! I don’t know about scrapes, but I always use arnica gel on bruises. It sounds too good to me true, but it helps heal them more quickly! I’ve seen it at like Whole Foods/Earth Fare places, but also at a few regular pharmacies.


  14. I hope it is a below the knee dress! The knees should heal fairly well by then but she could always use a little makeup to cover if she wants to. Camp is rough!

  15. Poor kid. That should be enough time for it to clear up I think.

  16. Fingers crossed! But at least she had a great time!

  17. Well I do hope it heals but if not maybe she can cover it with some design and start a fashion trend:) Poor thing. I am sure no one will even notice with her beautiful dress all eyes will be on her. B

  18. Sorry about the fall but glad she had a good time. I think it will look a lot better before graduation. Also she can put some make-up on it!
    These are the life stories you share with your children when you grow up.

  19. Mi dispiace..davvero!
    La prossima volta stai più attenta.
    Comunque sei sempre chic. 😉
    Un abbraccio, Edo

  20. I’m guessing it will be okay by prom… if not, it will be so faint. If that’s the case a little makeup to cover it up.

    Wishing you a lovely day!

  21. and she will look great in those shoes!

  22. Oh no, thank goodness it wasn’t right before the big day. I bet it’ll be fine.

  23. I can totally relate….

  24. That is way funny. I had the worst skinned knees when I was young. I know how that was. hahhahaha. Cute pics, tho. Thanks for the visit.

  25. Fingers crossed it heals by then!

  26. Looks like she managed to knick her ankle as well. But no big deal – that’s what make up is for.

  27. Sounds like my girls…ruff and tumble, then into a dress.
    YES, she will be healed. Love her shoes.

  28. I think two weeks is PLENTY of time for those scabs to heal – and if all else fails if they are not open sores, she could always dust some make up over top!

  29. Love the shoes. Looks really good!

  30. Glad it wasnt worse and she will be good to go, any traces a bit of makeup should do it! Coming from Home of OHM WW. Please stop by and join in WW, Wordless Wednesday The Unbelievable
    Have a great week!

  31. That’s too bad.
    If that’s the case a little makeup to cover it up.
    Love the shoes!

  32. maybe if you keep some good cream on it, at least you have two weeks time!

  33. Lots of Vit E ointment or just oil from capsules! Helps heal and helps alleviate scarring. 🙂 I

  34. It won’t be very noticeable by then, and if so, no big deal. 🙂

  35. I think if you put neosporin on it, the gel will soften it and make it heal faster. I think. If you don’t have that in Canada, then Vaseline?

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