Anxiety Girl is Changing Her Ways?

NOT EXACTLY A Wordless Wednesday!!

I am a first class worrier.  I have been banned from “Doctor” Google, but still have been known to lie awake late into the night obsessing about things I simply can not change.  Dumb, you can’t change people or the world from your bed at 2am!  So today, I take a different approach.  Today I give you a small but mighty list of things simply not worth worrying about!  Today I give you a list of three worries I am letting go!

Anxiety Girl

I will no longer worry about the fact that I am just not a domestic goddess.  Those Mamas out there playing the role of Martha Stewart or acting all June Cleaver, they can have that role.  I am not that Mama.  My house is messy, my kids get dirty, my cat pukes on the floor and I dry heave as I make my girls clean it up.  Dinner sometimes gets burnt, but that is why God invented Pizza.  Domestic Goddess no, Sassy Mama yes. 

I will not worry that with every single headache I get, I lose some brain cells and become even more directionally challenged.  I now just accept this to be true.  I get dumber with every headache.  Maybe this will make me funny?

I will no longer worry if I look fat in these pants.  Or those pants, or maybe even that sundress?  Frankly, I’m over 40, I have two fabulous girls, a happy marriage and I adore food.  I have decided to embrace who I am and let that worry go!  I choose to embrace healthy and happy.

I think that is all the worries I can possibly release for today.  Can’t stop all at once! 

Do you have a worry you can let go of today? 

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  1. Oh Stephanie I am pretty sure all women worry like that the secret is as we age we do not worry as much because we know who we are and do not feel that urge to please everyone but ourselves. I love getting older and wiser:) Good luck you can do it. B

  2. i can’t save the world…
    and i need to get my superhero tights altered….haha.

    i feel you…there are def things i need to let go of…

  3. Kudos to you! I wish I could have let go some of those non-senseble worries that kept me up last night!

  4. Did you make that up? Anxiety Girl? So funny!

    I am queen of anxiety, and everything you obsess(ed) about, I do too.

  5. I don’t know what to cook tonight. lol Can I let this worry go? I wish we can just take a break of cooking and go out.

  6. Way to go! Life is too short to worry about all those things…..

  7. I love this. Let it go!

  8. Better question is – what DON’T I worry about?

    My friends have said I am the ‘voice of reason’, but really – for once I would love to be the one who completely throws caution to the wind (that I HAVE done) and not worried about what will happen (that I haven’t mastered)…

    Good for you for realizing you need to squash the worries though.. It’s healthy to let go sometimes! ♥

  9. oh, i’m with you…i’m such a huge worrier. i worry less than i used to, but i still find myself up at night sometimes lol

  10. We all live and learn. Living our life at the fullest, one day at a time.
    Good for you!!

    HAppy WW..

  11. Things that are not in my control.

    At my work they sprung on me that I had summer school a few days before it started. I panicked, but got everything done. I even talked to my co-worker, whom will cover for me while I’m away 3 times. I’m supposed to help someone else with their class while they are away. Guess what? I’ve asked to talk to them 3 times, nothing.

    I said today, the ball is in their court now…and it is.

  12. oh my goodness! I am so so soooooo a worrier!!! :S

  13. Reading your post, I felt like I was reading about my own life! I am an incredible worrier(thanks, Mom!). But if I try to remind myself of my blessings, of which I have lots :), I can usually work through the worries!

  14. Love this. I let go of worrying about my hair thinning and embrace that at least a part of me is thinning.

  15. I’m sorry but I had to let out a hearty chuckle envisioning you covering your mouth while the girls clean up after the cat…

  16. Hey there,
    I saw you on wordless wednesday bloghop and thought I would stop by and say hello.
    I can relate to all you have just said, I am a fellow worrier.
    Thanks for posting this, it is refreshing for such a topic to be discussed (although brief) so openly. It is hard for me to even mention my anxiety in my life as most don’t understand and tried to explain to me that I just need to breathe and I will be fine (if only).
    Thanks again, your words inspired me to try to not sweat the small stuff, especially the kids/cleaning situation, when my kids are older I will be bored and have an immaculate house, for now I am really enjoying all the chaos and happiness it all brings to my life.

  17. I have SO much trouble letting things go – Web MD is my nemesis.

  18. I need to stop worrying about how I look… I won’t, but I really need to!

  19. This is the second post I have read about the horrible Miss A for Anxiety! Its horrible isn’t it! It’s so good that you have shacken some of her off!

  20. Parents everywhere are relating. 🙂

  21. I agree with Mail Rosey, yes they are. Moms dont live in a perfect wrld and life happens, I relate to the cat puking! Inviting you to Wordless Wednesday w The Cat

  22. Some time WW needs to have a ton of words. That is just fine. Thanks for linking. Your blog is fun and nice, too.

  23. Way to go! I try to stop myself from worrying by remembering the Tom Petty lyrics, “Most things I worry about, never happen anyway.” ;D

    ♥ aquariann
    Featured Photo: Osteospermum Ecklonis

  24. I love this post. It is so me. People will say, “oh, don’t worry.” but that is easier said than done for some of us. I appreciate your honesty.

  25. Thanks again for stopping by Oh My Heartsie today to link up each week, I appreciate it.

  26. lol, it takes true talent to be able to jump to the worst possible conclusion. I know, cause I do it too. 🙂

  27. This post is awesome. Good for you for being happy with you!

  28. I love your confidence! Girl power!

  29. Victoria Ess says:

    Did it work? My recurring worry is that my career is going to fail to fully launch… it helps to resolve to put it aside for a day, but it always comes creeping back into my mind.

    This was such a motivating post — it would be a nice ‘weekly’ post.

  30. kathy downey says:

    Life is too short, while your worrying life is passing you by

  31. I hate anxiety but I am learning to live with it…try not to sweat the small stuff though too, not always easy but working on it.

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