You Say It’s Your Birthday!

It’s My Birthday Too!

Oh yes it is, I actually prefer to call it my Birthday week.  I tend to try and stretch out this horrid wonderful day from Mother’s Day right thru and past the 23rd. It’s just the way I roll!  Why do I do this?  I think because as a Mom, even on birthdays the kiddos come first.  My plans for today include volunteering at a Track and Field meet and then heading to a Dance Competition.  You know what’s funny?  I wouldn’t have it any other way…uh unless someone wanted to whisk me back to the Eiffel Tower like on my 40th Birthday! 


As I sit here contemplating turning another year older I a amazed at the rollercoaster I’ve been on this past year.  In true Life In The Suburbs style; my Birthday Confessions. 

Guilty Pleasures, Not Just For Birthdays:

-Coffee might be the best started for my day, but throw a muffin or cookie on top of that and I am a very happy girl.

-I hide chocolate in the cupboard and keep it there, you know, for chocolate emergencies.  

-I prefer to pay someone else to do my nails.  No matter how hard I try, when I do them myself it looks like a 6 year old painted them!

Dumb Things I Do Every Week  ( and will probably do for the next 42 years):

-Waste too much time on Facebook.  Time. Suck.

-Stay up way too late and missing my “Sleep Window”.  I have turned myself into an insomniac.  Candy Crush is my new late night friend. 

-Using Dr. Google.  No one should be allowed to search medical symptoms on the internet.

The Stupid People I Will No Longer Pay Attention To:

– The scene stealers and the drama queens.

-The mean girls.  (there are a lot of mean girls!)

-The people who can’t see further then their own noses.  Selfish is not pretty. 

Life is too short to worry about those who can’t find their own happy so try to steal yours.  I am letting them all go.  No really, I am. 

Weird Quirks That Make Me, Me:

-I am addicted to snacks.  I don’t just like snacking, I need snacking.  This constant food throughout my day is becoming a problem for my thighs and a challenge for my jeans.

-I am directionally challenged and after 42 years have just decided to embrace it.  It’s just part of who I am.  I have become very proficient at asking for directions, so there’s that.

-When I travel I must sleep on the side of the bed closest to the bathroom.  I don’t know why, there is not rhyme or reason, it’s just the way it is. 

Things I Am Doing Right:

-Hugging my children, and telling them how much I love them.  Everyday. 

-Honouring my friends.

-Working hard while maintaining honesty and integrity.

Things I Am Doing Wrong:

-Worrying.  Always worrying.

-Not drinking enough water. 

-Not getting enough sleep.

Things I Will Continue To Do:

-Find the joy in the little things.

-Be grateful and thankful.

-Count my Blessings….because I know I have many.

What I Am Looking Forward To:

-My first baby graduating public school!  How did this happen already?

-Summer, sunshine and vacation time!

-Dance recitals, pool party’s, and quiet afternoons on the deck with my Hubby sharing a beer.  ( I know, so so wild!)

Dreams I Am Not Letting Go Of:

-Travel; so much travel.  Taking my family to see this beautiful place!  Santorini, Greece. 


Oh and San Francisco, and Italy and London and Key West and New York and Disneyland……

-Spending a week at a cottage with the family.

-Hardwood floors in my house! (what, it’s a confession style dream list, it can include selfish material things)

This past year has been a really REALLY good one. More smiles then tears, more ups then downs, and so many reasons to celebrate.  Tonight I will blow out those candles on my cake I will wish for nothing more then just some more of what I already have.  Today I feel like I am a very lucky girl.


  1. totally hooked on coffee too…ha….glad you had a great year…and happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! My mother turned 70 on Mother’s Day and we plan on celebrating all year….

  3. Happy Birthday Steph! Honey, you are doing so many things right! Hope all those dreams come true! 🙂

  4. happy birthday my sisters was yesterday

  5. Happy Birthday, lovely! I Love this so much and might even have to blog about these very things myself! Santorini, just so you know, is the most beautiful place on earth. I went to Greece 12 times before making my way over to this amazing island and I’ve since gone twice. It’s simply breathtaking, in a way you can only imagine. You will all LOVE it there so, so much! It’s dreamy!

  6. SassySis says:

    Happy Birthday Steph! Thanks for letting me share your year – and many more to come.

  7. Many happy returns, Stephanie!

  8. Have a very happy birthday week!!


  9. Mom and Dad says:

    Happy Birthday to our darling daughter! Hard to believe that you are ** years old! Love yah! Mom and Dad

  10. Stephanie! Happy, happy birthday!! Sending lots of hugs.

  11. Happy birthday to a truly beautiful lady – inside and out! ♥

    Enjoy your week, Stephanie! 🙂

  12. Happy Birthday to you. Have a great one!

    Narathip Wall
    polo_wataga at yahoo dot com

  13. Love it! Hears to another fabulous exciting year for you!

  14. Happy birthday!!! Mine was on Saturday and I do the same thing with stretching the celebration from Mother’s Day all the way through to my birthday! I’m glad you had a wonderful year, and I hope the year ahead is even better!!

  15. We always have Paris 🙂 I would love to be sitting in that location in Greece! You share your birthday with my sister.


  16. Happy Birthday! I make my birthdays last too!

  17. Happy Birthday Stephanie!

    I also have to sleep closest to the bathroom because it’s sure I’ll have to get up at least once.

    Your travel plans sound dreamy!

  18. Happy birthday to you my friend….I hope you are STILL celebrating YOU today. You deserve the best. Cheers to another beautiful year.

  19. Happy belated birthday!

  20. Susan T. says:

    A thoughtful post! It’s great that you used your birthday as a reason to pause and reflect. I usually just zip through mine like every other day. I should follow your example and take a moment to take stock!

  21. Great Post! And I like the idea of a birthday week! Next year is the big 4-0 for me a birthday week sounds like a good plan!

  22. Really liked this post, can certainly relate to many things on here. You mean I am not the only one who uses Dr. Google!

  23. BobbiJo Pentney says:

    Hooked on Candy Crush too

  24. Emily Tschirhart says:

    Love this birthday post! Also gives me things to think about that I want in my life. Travel with my family is definitely near the top of that list!

  25. kathy downey says:

    Dumb Things I Do Every Week….omg are you reading my mind,yup i’m right there with you

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