Top Five Ways To Stress In The Suburbs

Life is full of way toooo much stress.  Today I list my top five stupid stresses in the suburbs.  Why?  I hope if I just get it out there, I can let it go.  (and then make a brand new list of stresses next week)  After all, Blogging is cheaper then therapy right?

Here we go, my stresses this week: 

* Worry about what “they” think, say, do or feel.  Life is too short to worry about them.

* Concern myself with the “mess” my house is in.  Really?   What’s the point of cleaning if it just gets messy again anyway?  Besides as a good friend once told me; we come to see you, not your house. 

* That I look fat in those pants.  (I probably don’t)

*Retail therapy is not a real thing. Shopping is fabulous for stress removal in the moment, but has to be added to my stress list next week, when my VISA comes in!

*That I will be tired in the morning.  I know I will!  Just embrace it, I can sleep when the kids go to College.

Instead of all this stupid worrying, stressing and sadness I vote we band together, play nice, let the house go, switch to the almighty maxi dress (that is such a steal when you can find it on sale!) and meet some friends for a coffee!!  Hope you can find your joy today! 


  1. I think you are totally right! I’m off to have another cuppa!

  2. ouch on the VISA…
    waking up and realizing i forgot to get coffee on the way home…stresses me out…

  3. Love your posts and the fact you are keeping it real for the rest of us in the suburbs!!

  4. Definitely blogging is cheaper than therapy. And yes, you are right it’s better to just get them out and let them go.

  5. I agree with you.
    I am only dealing with my 20 months old and feel so tired already. 🙁

  6. Amen, sistah! 🙂

    Have a great weekend~

  7. Get it all out there my friend! 🙂
    I’ve found that no matter how much sleep I get, I still look tired. I think that is just part of life and we’ve earned it.

  8. Always better out then in!

  9. Oh sleep how I dream about you…!

  10. my house is a total total disaster this week! I can clean when the kids go to college right?

  11. I hear you! Cleaning, sleeping, working out – ah, there are more important priorities!

  12. Agreed – truce. (But I truly look fat in these pants). Suz

  13. The house thing is something I totally agree with – but I am totally guilty of stressing myself out over. Its so stupid to worry about people coming over to a less than perfect home. Especially when we have kids – its something you can’t control. Children (and husbands) tend to leave crap everywhere, and you clean up the same things 10 times a day. However, I can’t seem to get over it! For some annoying reason I find myself rushing around like a crazy person cleaning and tidying as best as I can before someone pops over. In recent years I have figured it out: #igetitfrommymama

  14. I can sooo relate … especially the tired in the morning part.

  15. couldnot agreee with you more. Stop the pretending

  16. All I have to say is Stress sucks! I don’t drink coffee either. I live without it 🙂

  17. Victoria Ess says:

    Good on you for talking yourself out of stressing about those things! I’ve been logging into my bank account online and watching the expenses add up as the due date draws ever nearer… Next month, we’ll start fresh, ya?

  18. The messy house . .what is the point … That is what I said about the house this weekend .. I had far nicer things to do…

  19. Yep, the messy house gets to me on a daily basis, pick up, straighten up, just to have the kids mess it up again.

  20. kathy downey says:

    I am stay at home now because of MS and after i got sick i seen life in a different way,things that were so important to me became things of the pass and i found a passion for life.

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