Taking On Blue Mountain~Mosaic Review

I have a daughter who is head over heels in love with dance.  This love affair has me travelling all over South Western Ontario attending countless dance competitions and scoping out the best and worst of hotels along the way.  A couple of weeks ago dance led us to the sweet little town of Collingwood, or more specifically Blue Mountain Village Resort, allowing us a three night stay at the Mosaic Hotel.  As much as I do adore watching my daughter dance, I have to admit I was even more excited this time around, as I was eager to explore all the area has to offer.


*Image from Blue Bountain

With truly horrible weather in the forecast I snagged Sweet Girl out of school a little early, we packed up the car and prepared for our 3 1/2 hour drive to Blue Mountain.  It is only because of the brilliance of TomTom, our borrowed GPS, that we made it at all.  With nearly 30 separate twists and turns we made the scenic drive and safely arrived at our destination.  It was worth the trip.

As we prepared to check into the Mosaic the first thing I noticed was the almost fresh baked smell.  A very light scent that permeated the air.  Understated and quite nice!  We were then welcomed by Mosaic staff and quickly checked through in a warm and professional manner.  I received directions to my room and to the heated underground parking garage.  *Important note.  If you are there in the winter, use the underground parking.  I have an almost ridiculous fear of underground parking after I might have knocked the roof rack off my SUV in a parking garage in Toronto.  This particular parking garage is huge and easy to navigate.  Do not be afraid to use this one, just go for it and spare yourself hours of ice scraping and freezing cold car.  Trust me. 

Dear Daughter and I were thrilled that our room was ready early so headed straight there to drop off our bags and get the lay of the land.  We opened the door to our room on the second floor and it did not disappoint.  A galley kitchen complete with stainless steel appliances and bistro table for four flowed into the open living area with pull out couch and comfy chair.  This first room was completed with a large TV and a floor to celling fireplace.  Large glass doors opened up to a balcony with seats for two and a view of the outdoor pool and mountain in the distance. 


Off to the side was the Jack and Jill bathroom, adequately appointed with doors that opened to both to the main room and the Master Bedroom.  My room had a King Size bed and a second Television.


I am a self proclaimed hotel snob and I was impressed. SweetGirl declared it was more like a small cottage then a hotel room.  Yep, that was about right. 

My only complaint about this room was noise.  I’m not sure if it was our location overlooking the pool or the fact that we were there during a dance competition but it was noisy.  We could hear every little thing going on in the hall, the fights in the room next door, and the screamers in the pool until 11 pm at night.  Not fabulous. 

The pool itself is worthy of mention.  We were at the Mosaic in April.  Usually Mother Nature has her act together and it’s sort of pleasant out in April.  Not so this year.  We were there during a vicious ice storm complete with howling winds.  Know what was cool?  It was still ridiculously fun to swim in that outdoor pool!  The entire pool was heated to at temperature that even adults enjoyed.  Still not your style?  You can always skip the pool altogether and head straight for the giant hot tub!  We did both!  

The Village itself has dozens of cute little shops to pop in and out of, and lots of restaurants to try.  BedezzaledBlueMtnVillage

We ate at Kaytoo the first night.  A restaurant with a giant wood burning fire place in the centre and a view of the lake.  The service was great, the food was pub fare and was okay.  Not fabulous. 

We ate at the Italian Restaurant, Magnone’s the second evening.  My review for this restaurant would be the same.  Great atmosphere, nice services, the food was only okay. 

We made sure to make a couple of runs to Starbucks (for me) and the Candy Store (for her).  I had my first ever Poutine, providing some much needed gravy and fries on a cold April day.  The highlight for me we spent a couple of hours at Crock A Doodle.  I am by no means an artist, but it was such a gift to spend a couple of hours with my Sweet girl paining, chatting and laughing as we created some memories and a keepsake of our time in Blue Mountain. 


As the time came for us to check out it was bittersweet.  I truly enjoyed my time with my Sweet Girl, exploring the village and hanging out in style at the Mosiac hotel.  I hope we get to return next year with the entire family in tow, and perhaps some sunshine!


  1. It sounds positively delightful

  2. That looks amazing! I have that on my list of places to visit now!

  3. Wow!! Those rooms really are more like small villas then hotel rooms. Looks like you had a great time with your girl!

  4. Victoria Ess says:

    I can’t believe that’s in April!

    I always try to make a trip up to Blue Mountain/Collingwood every winter, as it is gorgeous, and has places to stay that will match your needs.

    Have you ever gone in the summer? I’m always curious how it is there during the summer months.

  5. What a great time for you two
    I would check this out if I was in the area

  6. This looks like a very nice resort. I love that you smelled yummy smells when you entered instead some of the usual strange hotel smells!

  7. Deb Dorrington says:

    I have never been to Collingwood but after reading your post it is on my list of places to visit. It looks so much like a resort in Europe and I love your room. Glad you enjoyed eating Poutine, it’s a fave of mine although you must not eat it tooooo often..lol.

  8. Oh that is so beautiful!

    Narathip Wall
    polo_wataga at yahoo dot com

  9. I had no idea you could even GO to Blue Mountian in the Spring and Summer!! Huh! Looks like fun!

  10. Blue Mountain is one of my favourite places for a family getaway, especially during the summer. Last year they added the Timber Challenge High Ropes which was an incredible experience. We also enjoyed their beautiful new mini golf and of course, the kids can’t get enough of the Ridge Coaster. When the weather cooperates, it’s also a great family activity to hike to the top of the mountain. The views are incredible. And yeah, I agree with you on the restaurants. You can end up paying a fortune for dinner that isn’t very impressive. Good thing they have a little kitchenette in the rooms!

  11. I’ve only ever been to Blue Mountain in the fall/winter, but now you’ve got me wanting to visit soon. I’ve heard it’s great for families; I’ll have to check it out! Thanks for the awesome, informative review.

  12. Sounds like it was an amazing time for both of you, always nice to have some mother/daughter time! Blue Mountain is such a lovely village and has so much to offer – will have to check out the Mosaic next time we are up there, the heated pool sounds really nice! 🙂

  13. I was raised in Collingwood but have been away now for 19 years. I still have family up there so we do get up there a couple times a year. It is a nice town!

  14. My brother, mother and I used to head to Collingwood almost every year. Loved it there. We are most excited to be heading there again this week. Yay. Wow – you really do travel with dance competitions!

    • Stephanie says:

      You will love it!! Hoping to get back to Blue Mountain soon, such a fabulous place for families 🙂

  15. very charming, I bet it is nice to go all year round

  16. BobbiJo Pentney says:

    Love the view!

  17. I love the look of the village, looks so pleasant and inviting, somewhere where you would want to live, kinda like Little House on the Prarie. Eeeeeeeeeeeek, swimming with snow on the ground, that would be a big toe test first for me!

    • Stephanie says:

      I am so not a cold weather person and even in the summer my pool has to be bordering on hot to get in! My youngest and I went to Blue Mountain last winter, during an ice storm and we went swimming in an outdoor pool. You know what? It was fabulous! The water was just the perfect temperature and there was something incredibly fun about swimming outside surrounded by icicles and snow drifts!

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