Here’s What They Said! Banana Boat Natural Reflect Kids Sunscreen Lotion

Almost a month ago I had the privilege of offering  a sampling opportunity for Banana Boat Natural Reflect Kids Sunscreen Lotion.  I put the word out that I was in need of 25 Canadian Readers to sample and review this newest offering from Banana Boat and was not surprised to see those bottles spoken for in a matter of minutes.  Banana Boat is a brand we are quite familiar with in this house, so it made sense to me that my readers were eager to try this newest product.  BananaBoatSunscreen

Thankfully just last week Mother Nature sent us a blast of heat and I was able to really give this sunscreen a spin.  I lathered up my youngest before she headed out for an afternoon of backyard fun.  A day full of swings, trampoline and even some dodging of icy cold sprinklers!  My fair skinned, fair haired beauty did beautifully!  After a couple of hours outside during the worst sun hours of the day, she returned to me pink cheeked from joy, not from too much sun.  AlexaTrampoline

My thoughts;  I know you are supposed to use a good sized dollop, but I really felt like a little went a long way!  I appreciated that it was scent free, a great idea for those with super sensitive skin.  I found the Banana Boat Natural Reflect Kids Sunscreen Lotion to be an excellent protectant against the suns strong harmful afternoon rays.  The cream is a little thick, but worth the extra minute to know your kids are truly sun safe. 

Over the past month my readers across Canada tried Banana Boat Natural Reflect Sunscreen for kids, here are just some of their thoughts:

Katie A:  With the beautiful weather we have been having we have been able to really test out the Banana Boat Natural Reflect Sunscreen.  The sunscreen goes on nicely and is absorbed quickly.  There is no greasy feeling or white residue with this product.  I used it on myself & my toddler, and we were both protected for hours while playing in our backyard.  I also liked that it has an EWG rating of 3.

Angela M:  We used it on our eight year old and it came in perfect time – we have been having high index days for the past couple of days (between 6-8!). I liked the the coverage of the sunscreen, a little covers a lot! – We learned this the hard way!! oops….it did not have any kind of strong smell to it which was perfect. My son was more than happy to take this sunscreen to school as it came in such gender neutral packaging (kind of beats the pink bottles for a Grade 3 boy!). It did a great job as he came home both days without any burns (happy mom here!).

Ainsley O: We have loved the Banana Boat sunscreen for our 2 year old son.  It doesn’t have an odour or feel greasy (during or after application).  It is easy to apply and for him to ‘help’ put it on himself.  We feel confident he is getting good sun protection with the sunscreen, as it is easy to know what areas have been covered during application and it then soon fades and is absorbed.Thank you for allowing us to review this sunscreen – it is by far my favourite and I will be stocking up for the summer!

Laura Y: Let me first thank you on giving me the chance to sample the Banana Boat Natural Reflect. I took advantage of the sunny long weekend to try this on my daughter.The may long weekend in our home is to get the garden/yard cleaned up. (we start late in Alberta) It was nice to know I was using a natural product on my daughters sensitive skin. It did not leave a sticky or greasy feeling like most sunscreens with more then a 30 SPF do Sending my daughter back to school today without a rash or sun damaged skin, I recommend this product to any parent. Loved It!!!

Haylie L: I received the sunscreen middle of the week before last so I’ve been able to use it for almost 2 weeks(thanks for sunny weather Mother Nature!). Not only did I use it on my kids but also on my smallest dayhome kids. I like this sunscreen, it goes on smooth and absorbs quickly enough. I like the fact that it goes on white and disappears as it’s absorbed into the skin, and I LOVE the fact there is NO stickiness after it’s applied. For the past 2 years I’ve had a difficult time finding a good sunscreen for my kids, and I’m really impressed by this. I’ll definitely be buying this brand in the future.

Joanne M: I tried the new Banana Boat Natural Reflect Kids Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 on my daughter.  She has pale and sensitive skin, and it has been hard to find sunscreen that actually doesn’t irritate her.  But Banana Boat Natural Reflects Kids Sunscreen worked perfectly for her.  It did not break her out in a rash.  It was great that it doesn’t have the sunscreen smell to it, since a lot of scents bother her.  She never got burnt when she was wearing it.  But like other natural sunscreens it’s texture is thick, it does rub in nicely to the skin, and is not sticky.  It’s a great sunscreen, and I will be buying some for her, as well as recommending it to friends and family.  Great product 🙂

Jonnie H: We tested out the Banana Boat Natural Reflect Kids Sunscreen during our day at the zoo. I really like the packaging. The colours are nice and fit with the natural theme. I like the flip top so much better than a screw off lid. It is way more convenient to use while applying the sunscreen. The size of the tube is perfect. It easily fit in my purse so we could reapply throughout the day. The sunscreen went on smoothly and didn’t leave any greasy feeling behind. The scent was nice and light and the tear-free and sting-free formula is great for a hot, sweaty day. After our day at the zoo, we were all burn-free! This sunscreen has all the benefits of regular sunscreen but without the harsh ingredients. I love it! Thanks for the opportunity to try out this product!

Andrea B: Just got the awesome Banana Boat  Sunscreen today.  I was so surprized to receive it in the mail, so much better than getting bills.  It was perfect timing as well as my son and I were heading out for our afternoon bike ride.  The sunscreen is nice and thick, yet it absorbs quite nicely.  I love the SPF 50 factor as I like my kids skin to be as protected as possible.  What was also great about this product was the lack of scent as well as the sting free formulation, because who likes doing any outside activities when your eyes are burning and stinging?    All in all I am very happy with this product and feel very fortunate to be able to test it out.  I would definitely buy it in the future as well as recommend it to all my friends.

The reviews are in, and the reviews are good! 

Thanks to Banana Boat for this unique and fun opportunity. 

As outlined in my previous post, all selected readers who submitted their reviews were also entered into a draw to win a $50 Visa gift card!  The winner of the gift card as selected by is lucky number 7!  Congratulations to Laura Y and thanks to all who participated.


  1. I am glad to hear the reviews are positive! I am awaiting a sample of this sunscreen and can’t wait to try it!

  2. It’s always great to here reviews on something before you buy it!

  3. I like to read the reviews of products. Help me make my decision.

  4. kathy downey says:

    Actually this is the only brand i buy,everyone here seems to like it !!

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