Dream Chasing , Decision Making and Crystal Ball Seeking

Anyone have a crystal ball I can borrow?  Just for a minute.  It seems it’s that time of year again.  Not just the beginning of May, but time to decide the fate of both my children for the next school year, maybe even the course of their lives!

(Warning: the pressure of this migraine pounding on brain and the impending decisions has left me all “Drama Queeney” )

So how did we get here; how did society get here?  Each year at this time we are expected to lay out a plan, make a commitment, make giant decisions that will affect our children’s future.  No pressure, but the social lives, mental well being and the role our children will play in society for the next twelve months will hinge on the decisions I help them make in the next couple of weeks.   (there’s the Drama Queen thing again)

Don’t know what I mean?  Did you want your baby to be on a softball team?  Too late!  Sign ups in these parts out are long over for the summer.  You missed it.  No baseball for them.  This also means no plans for them every Tuesday and Thursday night all summer.  Huh. Is this a good thing, or a bad thing?

Thinking about summer camp?  You still have time, but you better hurry if you want in at a quality camp.  Considering horse, theatre, vocal camp?   Oye, hope you have those forms filled in triplicate and those deposit cheques have been sent in or you are out of luck.  Is it strange or stressful that your summer must be planned by the beginning of May?  Actually, no.  I have grown accustomed to the rhythm of sign ups for summer camps and activities.  It’s the planning..the plotting….the responsibility for taking care of their little dreams for the entire next school year that has me tossing and turning at night.   


Cheer tryouts for next years team are in a couple of weeks.  Are we ready for the commitment of time and all that travel?  Probably.  Do we want BlueEyes to make the High School Volleyball team?  Better get her in a summer league or she won’t stand a chance against the competition.  Oh wait, will she even want to play Volleyball in High School?  How is she supposed to know?  High School doesn’t even start for five months!  Then there is my youngest.  The Dance Studio really wants SweetGirl to go “full time” this September.  Full time equals a LOT more hours in the studio.  This will limit other after school activities, time for homework, time for family,  time to just play.  To say yes to dance is to limit so many other things, but if dance is her passion and her dream, don’t you have to encourage her to follow her heart?  And what about piano?  Is there room?  Is there time?  Is there money?  The list goes on and on, and the thoughts keep swirling around in my head in an infinite loop. 

The balancing act of what is best for my girls, of which dreams to chase, of how much we can squeeze in, versus the value of unstructured and family time is precarious.  The desire, the need to help my children follow their dreams and live their best lives must fit into our real lives and as it turns out….. it must all be decided now.    No pressure.

Life in the suburbs can be chaotic, frenzied and stressful.  I do not choose this.   Instead I choose for our life to be full and beautiful and joyful.  To try to create a schedule that allows for both dream chasing and family time.  That makes room for family and has us living in my house instead of the carpool lane.  Wish me luck as I try and guide our girls to chase their dreams, while finding that illusive balance in the suburbs.   Oh, and if you have that crystal ball?   Feel free to send it over, a quick peek at the path wouldn’t hurt!


  1. Oh gosh really? It all sounds so stressful. Here you mostly just sign up to play a month out and your in. As for full time dancing what does that entail? Here the girls who are in the performance group would dance 3 nights a week and maybe a Saturday morning, is that on par? I watch that show dance moms and it seems that those poor kids spend their life at the studio. Oh and here the mums are NOT allowed to stay!

  2. It can be very very stressful. We are just about done with all that stress; you will get through it…pinky promise.
    I hope both girls have a great summer doing whatever it is they love. Which seems like a bunch of good stuff.

  3. My kids are now 22 and 23 and all that angst seems so far away … and yes, I do carry a crystal ball!

  4. …and then you realize it will all be worth while. Hang in there honey!

  5. oh i feel you…we limit it to one sport a season, if they want it…we are in soccer right now…football camp at the end of the summer…but we keep it pretty laid back and low key…

  6. I love the idea of allowing my kids to chase all their dreams, now if only there were about 9 days in a week!

  7. It’s all so overwhelming to me but how awesome for them. Your a great mom!

  8. Oh wow! 🙁

    I cannot even begin to imagine how stressful this is!

    In my opinion, a few nights FREE is not a bad thing.. ME time is important. I recall you talking about one of your gals being upset that she had to decide once over spending time with friends and her activity – a night or two free in the summer would allow for that friendship time (which is important) to have a free time..

    <> Hope it works out for you!

  9. Sorry, no crystal ball to loan you. It sounds like you have a lot of stressful decisions but the fact that you’re really contemplating the best for them tells me that no matter what decisions are made, your children have a wonderful, caring, mom.

  10. I don’t envy you having all of this pressure, for everything having to be decided right now. Best wishes to you and your children, for dream chasing and the family time.

  11. It sounds very stressful.You are a great mom and you already have the keys to their life by allowing them to chase their dreams.Best wishes! xx

  12. I get you!! I thought it would be easier now that your girls are older.

    And I need to update my dog’s profile so someone will take him in when we go to the States. See? Not just the kids now!

  13. Victoria Ess says:

    No crystal ball here but… from what I can tell of what you’re doing as a mom, no matter how much it may feel like you’re on a cusp of missing the boat on something, or like you’ve dropped the ball on something, when your girls look back, they will likely not feel like they were missing out on a darn thing.

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