Before I Was A Mom

A few words I wrote for my Mom a couple of years ago, I think they deserve a repeat.

Before I Was A Mom…..

I slept until noon
Read books at leisure
Went out for dinner
Attacked my career as if that was all there was
Travelled on a whim
Shopped without a care
Drove a car with only 2 seats
Met the girls regularly for dinner and wine
Had a clean house
Had clean hair….every single day
Took long drives with no destination in mind
Ate hot meals
Didn’t share my snacks
Enjoyed the quiet.

Now that I am a Mom
Sleeping in is a thing of the past
I sneak into the bathroom to get that chapter finished
Dinner out is take-out or McDonalds
I gave up the career I love
Travelling requires spreadsheets and weeks of packing and organizing
I drive a vehicle with 7 seats
I meet the girls for play dates and coffee. Wine and dinner is for the big events
My house has that “lived in” quality
My hair is clean…most days
Drives have purpose and come with an arsenal of snacks and juice boxes
My dinners are coolish
Snacks are for four
Quiet happens after 8pm

Now that I am a Mom
I know the joy only a babies first smile can bring.
I understand the primal need to protect ones young.
I have experienced the sweet agony of nursing a sick baby through the night.
I have felt the fierce pride of a child’s first words, first steps, first dance, first accomplishments.
I know what it meant to have your heart walking around outside your body.
I have silently wept for their pain.
I strive to be a better daughter.

I appreciate my Mom more then ever before.
I am more thankful for my relationship with my Husband then ever.

Before I was a Mom, I didn’t know how much work it was to be a Mother. Work of the best kind, work I love and am thankful for every day.

I wouldn’t change a thing.

Thanks Mom, for always being there, for raising me with love, for teaching me how to be a great Mommy.

I love you.


I hope all the Mama’s out there had a beautiful Mother’s Day….you deserve it.



  1. I’ll bet your mom just treasured that gift of words from you!

    I hope your day was fabulous!

  2. smiles…i know that was a blessing…and its amazing how much perspective we get when we are the one that has to play the role of parent as well….

    happy belated mothers day

  3. Awww 🙂 Sweet post!

    I hope your mother’s day treated you well!

  4. Hope you had a GREAT Mother’s Day too! Thanks. sandie♥

  5. It’s always so nice to receive words from those we love.

  6. Melissa says:

    Oh it is so true! Life changes so much from before and after, and our perspective on all things children is just different!

  7. Perfectly said, I agree with every word. It’s amazing how much we take our own mothers for granted when we just don’t have the experience to reference.

    Hope you had a delightful Mother’s Day!

  8. I’m sure those words brought a tear to you mom’s eye….it would mine!

    Hope you had a great Mother’s Day!!

  9. Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  10. I LOVE this! I hope you had a great day as well.

  11. I LOVE this! I hope you had a great day as well.

  12. Hope you had an amazing day my dear!

    Love this post 🙂

  13. Anonymous says:

    Oh Happy Mother’s Day to you too!

  14. Victoria Ess says:

    That’s beautiful 🙂 Hope you and your family had a lovely Mother’s Day!

  15. That’s terrific! I passed it on to a few fellow moms in solidarity!

  16. This is great. I love being a mom, but I do miss some things from before 🙂

  17. Beautiful words and all of them true!
    Thanks for sharing!


  18. Awww…that is such a sweet post.
    Seriously there are many things I never realize until I am a mom.

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