A Princess For A New Generation!

I have just returned from a whirlwind of a trip to Orlando Florida where I had the distinct pleasure of attending the Disney Social Media Moms Conference.  An opportunity to chat with other Bloggers, spend time with sister, and see Disney World in a brand new way.  While I was there I was thrilled to attend a once in a lifetime event; Merida of Brave became the 11th Disney Princess!!  It was a Royal Celebration!

On a very steamy Saturday morning, you could feel the excitement in the air as the Disney Social Media Moms were escorted to the front of the Castle in the Magic Kingdom.  A large crowd was gathered, eagerly anticipating the arrival of the spunky and spirited Merida.


Included in the special coronation ceremony were Gold Medal Gymnast Gabby Douglas, her mother, and Sophia Grace and Rosie who kicked things off with a little rap!  These little tiara wearing stars definitely showed some Princess style up on that stage.   DisneyMeridaSophieGrace

After the introductions it was time to bring on the Princesses! 

All were in attendance to welcome Merida into the Royal family. 


Not since I was a child reading about Cinderella have I so looked forward to seeing the arrival of a Princess! Merida embodies qualities my girls easily relate to; she is adventurous, determined, single minded, brave and knows herself. She is a true modern day Princess.  As bag pipes played, Merida made her grand entrance! 



In a swift and sweet ceremony Merida took the stage, was meet by Queen Eleanor crowned and declared “ I am strong, I am brave, I am Merida and I Am A PRINCESS!”

It. Was. Fantastic. 



Welcome to the newest Disney Princess, truly a Princess for a new generation!

Thanks to Disney for a morning I will never forget!


  1. Very cool. B

  2. What a cool thing to see.

  3. Buttons It really was fabulous!

  4. Jo, I truly think it was a once in a life time. I just wish I had been able to take my little girls!

  5. That was a fab time to be at disney for sure, not that there could be a bad time 🙂

  6. @Amy You are so right!! Of course looking back on the entire experience now…it is kind of surreal!

  7. Melissa says:

    Wow! What an experience! I would have loved to have been there to see Merida take her crown. I love that this Princess really speaks her mind and stands on her own two feet!

  8. What a fun experience! I’m in love with the new princess! I love that a new generation has a fresh face to look up to.

  9. How much fun was that?! How awesome to see Gabby along with Sophia Grace and Rosie. Welcome Merida, she is so pretty!

  10. That looks awesome. You know sometimes I still want to be a princess. lol

    Narathip Wall
    polo_wataga at yahoo dot com

  11. Alexis I couldn’t agree with you more!! Merida really is a Princess for the new generation. Kind of have a girl crush on her myself!

  12. Debby when Sophie Grace and Rosie hit the stage my sis did a little dance. It’s so great to see those little stars carve their own path!

  13. smiles….very cool…really like that movie BRAVE….she is a bit different princess but that is a good thing…smiles.

  14. Melissa says:

    Oh what an incredible experience! I love that Disney is picking role models like Merida!

  15. sounds like an awesome trip!

  16. What a BLAST! I’m sure everyone there had the time of their lives; so much fun!

    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  17. What great pictures! Looks like you had a great time

  18. This must have been so awesome for you and the kids! I know I have never been but always dreamed of going! I love all the pictures!

  19. I love those two little girls…saw them on Ellen! Can’t get enough of them!

  20. Victoria Ess says:

    That must have been such a sight to see!!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    i have never been would love to take the kids

  22. I so enjoy watching these two young girls on Ellen and it sounds like you had a great trip

  23. Looks great! What a fun place to visit

  24. I just love Sophia Grace & Rosie…their book is precious

  25. what a great experience!

  26. how wonderful to experience this and see Merida being welcomed

  27. Oh,it looks like so much fun! Maybe one day:)

  28. What a cool experience! Sophia Grace & Rosie are so adorable and Meridia is so beautiful!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Disney is the BEST!

  30. LOVE this – how cute and adorable. I am so happy to hear that Disney is enforcing that you can be a princess and be strong at the same time.

  31. That looks really great! I’ve never been and have always wanted to go. Maybe one day 🙂

  32. Oh my gosh my daughter would die – she is so obsessed with princesses!!
    Again, so jealous of this trip and hope to take my kids soon!

  33. francine says:

    those princesses look great. never been to disney but i figured the characters would have quality costumes.

  34. How fun!! Looks like a fantastical time!

  35. This must have been a fabulous experience.How I envy you being there with fellow bloggers when the new Princess was introduced. I look forward to showing my daughters around next year. So glad you had such a wonderful time.

  36. sarah sar says:

    Very cool! All the princesses gathered in one place…wish i could’ve been there!

    texan_michael AT yahoo DOT com

  37. Its’ great taht Merida is the newest Disney Princess – great role model for our girls

  38. I loved Brave 🙂

  39. The new Merida Princess looks very pretty! I’m so jealous of your trip! I Can’t wait to go to Disney one day!!

  40. I love this new Merida, but I am always going to be a Cinderella girl at heart…You were super blessed to watch this event, I am envious.

  41. Also – may I ask if you and your sister are twins? Your Disney pics are lovely. & Good morning and have a productive day!!

  42. Great pictures!

  43. I would love to go there one day and experience this! Thanks for sharing with us

  44. what a cool story, thanks! we’re planning to take our little one to Disney soon, can’t wait!

  45. What an exciting adventure!

  46. My 3yo son LOVES princesses!

  47. hoping to have a little girl to love the princesses with some day 😉

  48. What a cool experience!

  49. those princesses look great!

  50. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Would love to meet those two cute little girls.

  51. what a stunning experience. 🙂

  52. What a cool experience! We’re Merida fans over here too.

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