Hotel Etiquette 101

There may not be any official rules to being  guest in a hotel, but perhaps there should be? After a loooot of travelling over the past few months, I have a few complaints suggestions for my fellow hotel guests;

1)  Underground parking at hotels suck.  I’m a Mama who drives a big ass SUV and that baby barely fits down there. (read, I once took off just a little bit of the roof rack while trying to enter into a not so fabulous underground parking lot)  So when you arrive at a hotel and are behind a stressed out Mom trying to park her giant vehicle, cut her some slack and back the heck off.  Don’t tail gate in an underground parking garage you idiots.  It’s just rude.

2)  Be polite to the peeps at the check in counter.  Those are the powerful people who decide if you get the room with the nice view, or the crap room next to the elevator or vending machines with excess noise.  Just saying. 

3)  Guess what, Hotels have some very long hallways.  This does not mean you should allow your children to run pounding and screaming down them at all hours of the day.   It is super annoying and ridiculously rude.  No running.  No screaming,  Find your manners.

4)  The pool is open until 11pm! Woo hoo!  Does this mean you should leave your little one’s out there unattended?  Screaming, yelling and playing some screwed up version of Marco Polo the entire complex can hear?  I vote no.  You can have fun, laugh and even be a bit crazy without being so over the top annoying that other guests feel the need to pop an Advil.  (and even consider sticking their head out the sliding glass door and yelling SHUSH.  Not that I did that.)

5)  It’s not a tank.  That’s what my Dad used to say to me when I slammed the door too hard on the car.  Oh how I wanted to yell at the people down the hall last week.  Perhaps I have some kind of frequent flyer hotel rage?  Can we not close hotel room doors at 2am in a quieter manner?  Please. 

I could go and on, creating rule after rule, but what it really comes down to is this.  When you are travelling, could you just pretend you are at a very goods friend house, or even your Granny’s?  Have a lot of fun, but let’s use our manners. 


The over tired, kind of grumpy, need some good ear plugs and a great nights sleep Mama.



  1. 🙂 Very true points, Stephanie!

    On my last trip, my room was ground floor right by the pool.. The unattended children (and drunk teens) raising chaos out there at all hours of the day! aye aye aye!

    It didn’t really bother me during the day, but at the crack of dawn? THAT, honestly, is enough to drive you batty 🙂

  2. I love your beautiful blog good job Thanks lot for this useful article

  3. HUGS!!!

    I know it’s hard with kids but you have to be on them that they are not home and must be on best behavior.

    2am door shutter come on ppl!!!

  4. LOL – yes I agree with these rules.

    Another important rule (to me at least) is: We don’t live like slobs, so just because we’re staying in a hotel does not mean we live like slobs. Pick up your stuff!

    Wishing you a lovely week!

  5. That running down the hall and loud voice thing in the wee hours makes me crazy!!!

  6. Yes, no running up and down the halls, agreed. People are trying to relax on vacation, not be frazzled by kids. There’s a time and a place for everything right?

  7. I’ve never understood the ‘dropping’ of heavy doors….they are way too loud. Why are people so lazy? And letting your kids run wild in hallways? Rude to the max!

  8. The shame of it is that people these days are so inconsiderate that these rules even have to be mentioned!

  9. I agree with you. Children need to be respectful and watched by their parents. A hotel should be a relaxing place!

  10. Definite yes to all of your suggestions! Overall it’s just better to be mindful that you’re staying as a guest. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t mind your neighbors knowing about.

  11. Always valet, especially when travelling alone:) Let’s not forget the people who fall asleep with their tv blaring or even worse the screaming sex couple.

  12. Every hotel guest should read this. Nothing worse then a noisy hotel neighbor!

  13. You said it! One hotel we stayed at had a car alarm going off ALL NIGHT LONG. The hotel said, “We can’t find the owner of the car.” TOW IT!!!!

  14. I haven’t been away in so long. I wouldn’t even mind hotel neighbors with bad etiquette, just for a chance to get away!

  15. I would like to take this and post it on the outside of every hotel room I stay in. I am always amazed by some people’s complete lack of manners while traveling.

  16. Ear plus are a must when traveling! I even wear them at home sometimes!

  17. This is a good one. We usually check out very early, and I’m always very careful about the noise in doing so.

  18. i LOVE earplugs for these very reasons. though, at a hotel seems really sad. we once were given a room above the bar on open mic night – we plugged up but we could FEEL the music, so we eventually got dressed and requested a room change.

  19. I always pack earplugs on my trips! I have pack at least 20 pairs of them!

  20. Danielle says:

    Thanks for this. There are so many places that could use a “code of conduct”.

  21. I couldn’t agree more. Once I was at a hotel and they two rooms beside has had a party and were laughing and yelling a being so unbelievably loud at 3:00 in the morning. It was so annoying and inconsiderate. 🙁

  22. haha, awesome list! I have a friend who works at a hotel and I think a lot of hotel employees would agree with your list 100%.

    I don’t understand why people are so inconsiderate of others.

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