A Rant From The Suburbs

Once again I find there are a few things in the Suburbs that are simply ticking me off!

*When I think I have found the perfect parking spot, pull on up to it, so excited to be just steps away from the front door at the massive plaza only to find a ridiculous clown size scooter parked in that spot.  Get a real car…scooter. Pft.

*Not being able to get the heat right in the car.  It’s either way too hot or too darn cold.  Not to be all Goldilocks, but why can’t it ever be “just right”.  Enough with the constant adjusting already.

*Waiting with baited breath to get the perfect concert tickets for my DDs, refreshing like a crazy person for 20 minutes BEFORE the tickets even go on sale, only to be told said tickets are “SOLD OUT” the moment the tickets go on sale?  How is this possible?  Enough with the hundreds of pre-sales and AMEX specials.  Mama wants to get some awesome seats to a fab concert for her girls.  Just once.  Please.

*Cheaters.  All kinds of cheaters, but today the one’s who BUY their twitter followers and Facebook fans.  Seriously? How dumb are you?  Umm we all know you do it and one day the PR folks will call you out on it, then what are you going to do?  Stop it already it’s insulting to the rest of us working our assess off to build real relationships.  Thanks.

*Parents that swear and are all kinds of “screamy”at their kids.  There really is no excuse.  Count to ten, take a breath, stop with the yelling.  Every time you yell at your kids you change the person they become.  Remember that.

*Mean Girls.  Enough said, we all know who they are and there is a special place in hell for those little demons. 

This my friends is is my list of complaints for today, and you know what?  It feels better just to get it off my chest!   So go ahead and tell me, what’s ticking you off today?


  1. Hmmm… this seems like a very good start to the list, but trust me, I can offer so many more 😉

  2. 1. People that can’t walk in a straight line when you are trying to hit the shops at lunchtime, cut you up then blame you.
    2. People that don’t hold doors open!

  3. The Concert Ticket sell out!! How does this happen? There are never any good seats left when the tickets go on sale! Boo

  4. When you wish people a nice day as you get out the lift and they all ignore you! ugh so rude!

  5. I have tons to add just from kids’ activities and school – and I mean the other parents! Ugh!

  6. I don’t like when parents yell at their kiddos either and you see it a lot. I almost see it on a grocery shopping trip. The last time we went a mom was telling her baby to shut the bleep up. *sigh* Hated that.

  7. I am so with you on the twitter followers! And the concert tickets. Now I’m crusty and need chocolate, thanks a lot Stephanie 😉

  8. I would love to say “mean girls” end when these girls become so called ‘woman’.. but that’s so far from true!

    It’s completely mortifying and heartbreaking how cruel people can be..

  9. Oh the lady at the grocery store in the 8 items or less aisle with 15 items!!

  10. Victoria Ess says:

    I’m also agreed on the concert tickets. I had two concerts I was planning on purchasing for my partner as a birthday gift, and they are gone!

    Sometimes ticketmaster releases more blocks of tickets closer to, so keep on eye on it. I’ve managed to buy tickets to “sold out shows” a few times. It’s annoying to have to check back all the time, but a relief when it works out.

  11. Quite the list!

    I have a question though… people BUY their Twitter and Facebook followers? What the heck is that about! I never heard of that before… and like they won’t ever get busted! WOW.

  12. The dial in my car moves by 2 degrees at a time. Sometimes I think the one in between would be just perfect!

  13. Not only yelling but swearing at your kids too, not cool folks.

  14. This seems very therapeutic!!

  15. Oh yes, so many more to add!

  16. kathy downey says:


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