Time For A Party With A Soda Stream Giveaway!

I suddenly feel the need to have a party!  In my mailbox this week arrived one of the most unique of products, the Soda Stream, a fun and fabulous way to transform ordinary tap water into sparkling water, flavoured water and all kinds of soda!  SodaStream

Why was I interested in trying this product?  I’m a Mama who believes in everything in moderation, but it sure doesn’t hurt my feelings to be able to offer my family another alternative to traditional pops or cans of soda. 

I found this info on the SodaStream site really quite interesting:

Regular sodamix flavors contain less sugar, calories, carbohydrates and sodium than national drink brands. Regular flavours contain no high-fructose corn syrup, and are sweetened with a blend of sugar and sucralose. Diet sodamix flavours contain no sugar, no aspartame and are sweetened with Splenda® brand sweetener. Sparkling Naturals are sweetened exclusively with cane sugar.

SodaStream even has all-natural, unsweetened flavour essences for making refreshing, lightly flavoured sparkling water. My Water flavour essences are available in Orange, Berry and Lemon-Lime – just like squeezing a wedge of fruit into your seltzer

The other reason I was intrigued to try this product; I love the idea that the SodaStream can help cut down on the number of bottles and soda cans that come through this house.  This ad will make you think!

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Not knowing quite what to expect, I quickly pulled the SodaStream out of it’s neatly packed box.  Inside I found a pretty and tightly packed appliance that fit in perfectly on my counter with out taking up too much space.  Accompanying this was a package of 9 flavour samples that my girls were eager to dive into.


I took a moment to read through the instruction manual, because that’s how I roll, and we were ready to go.  The concept is quite simple. 

1.  Fill the bottle with water to the fill line.

2.  Fizz the water to your desired level of fizziness.  (Is that a word?  It is now, I like mine extra fizzy)

3.  Open and add your flavour. 

“Smart. Simple. Soda.  Just fizz and drink.”

We were game and ready to give it a shot! 

In just moments we had it all set up and were ready to go!  Here is my step by step, it was super easy. (even for the instructionally challenged like me) I inserted the carbon cylinder in the back, rinsed out the SodaStream bottle and clicked it into place. 


With one little push I was able to select my desired level of fizz.  I must confess I “thought” I would want to go all the way, level three, level two was plenty enough! 

The next step reads as if it is simple enough.  Tilt the bottle, and pour in your desired flavour.  As it turns out they are very serious about this “tilting” thing.  (I’m thinking that wee instruction should be bolded! LOL) Can you tell which time we tilted? 


In just a few moments we had our end result.  Beautifully flavoured water!


Would you like to be able to created some fab flavoured waters in your home?  Are you Canadian?  Well then I have amazing news for you!

I have a SodaStream system just like this to give away!! 

Please enter using the Rafflecopter form below.  Canadians Only!  Ends March 15th, 2013.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. My husband got me a sodastream for my birthday a couple of years ago and i LOVE it! I use it just about every day.

  2. Because Ive got a lot of kids and this would be super handy to have!

  3. I actually already own one and love it! If I won, this would be a wedding gift for my brother in law (they have a Sodastream on their gift registry).

    Name on rafflecopter: Mary Happymommy

  4. This would be great for my kids!

  5. This would be great for my kids!

  6. I’d like to give my family an alternative to traditional pop 🙂

  7. My sister has one and they are so cool! I love all of the drinks, and it would be nice to have one for my house. thanks for the chance


  8. Rachelle Douglas says:

    My hubby would go crazy for this — I would love if he drank less pop!

  9. Susan Ocington says:

    I would love to try one. They seem to be pretty popular!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. I’d love to try one because I’ve seen it for so long that I’m super curious about it and want to see how well it’d fit in our household and daily lives.

  11. Liked and shared on your FB (10:13 AM EST)

  12. My kids would love this! How fun would movie and popcorn night be if we made our own soda too!!

  13. I would love to give this a try – looks fun and yummy!

  14. I hate admitting this but my family drinks a lot of pop! We recycle the bottles/cans but I still feel a bit guilty about it. A Soda Stream would also be healthier for us!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. I hate admitting this but my family drinks a lot of pop! We recycle the bottles/cans but I still feel a bit guilty about it. A Soda Stream would also be healthier for us!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. This looks so cool! My family would love this!

  17. I would like to win because I think this would be a lot of fun to have when entertaining guests.

  18. It would help since my family, especially my teens, drink lots of soda.

  19. to save money on buying soft drinks all the time

  20. My family drinks waaaay too much soda. I’m looking for a healthier alternative…I wonder if you can use fruit juice?

  21. I’m a sucker for new kitchen gadgets lol.

  22. I would love to win because it would make a great gift for my husband

  23. I follow you on pinterest
    angela marriott

  24. A friend of mine received a Sodastream for Christmas and she loves it!

  25. I have always been so interested in this product. Can’t wait to hear what you think of it. Definitely would save on the embarrassing amounts of soda bottles I have around the house. 🙂

  26. I would love to try this to have control over flavors and volume!

  27. I’d love this because it would save on plastic bottles, we could adjust flavouring to our taste and its just plain fun!

    Anne Taylor

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  29. I would love to make it with the kids

    leannemacg a gmail.com

  30. Yan Deng says:

    this would be a healthier alternative to coke/pepsi

  31. Liked and shared on Facebook

  32. to save monies!!! no more buying soda!

  33. Anonymous says:

    I have heard so many good things about this system..would love to try!

  34. Susanne says:

    –commented as anonymous just above (duh me!)

  35. We’ve never been a soft drink house. But sometimes you just need a little fizz in your life! Would love to have one. Great alternative to pop.

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  37. My brother would love one

  38. Because I have wanted one of these for years! Drink so much pop, would be great for healthier and cheaper pop! 🙂

  39. Followed on Pinterest!

  40. I would LOVE to try this. I have heard so many great reviews. It would be really great to have and try! TY!

  41. i love to try new things! would save a bunch of money as well!!!

  42. Anonymous says:

    I would love to win this, as I’m gluten free and this would let me try a whole new range of things, thanks for the chance!

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  44. I am trying to eliminate soda from my diet and switch to carbonate water with some flavours but no sugar

  45. I would love to win it and start to drink healthier. : )

  46. it would be fantastic while entertaining, thank you

  47. We’re always mixing up new drinks in our household and a Sodastream would open up the possibility of quite a few more combinations.

  48. I would like to try this as it different and something I think that my kids would like.


    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  49. SodaStream is eco-friendly.

  50. I hope to get my family to drink less pop

  51. I’d like to try it to try to save money and to make my own healthier drinks

  52. Jennifer C. says:

    I would love to try this because it looks very fun! Also, the flavours look great!


  53. Jennifer C. says:

    I follow you on Pinterest!
    I am: http://pinterest.com/pumpkingoo/


  54. I would love to try this because my husband drink a lot of pop,and I would like to see if he would drink this,,it would be a lot cheaper and healthier for him!

    (Karla Sceviour on raflecopter)

  55. I follow you on pinterest

  56. Anonymous says:

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  57. Anonymous says:

    The whole family loves pop!! I’ve been dying for one of these!


  58. because my kids really like soda, but i don’t like to buy it for them. this sounds like it would be a good alternative for them for a treat.

  59. Anonymous says:

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  61. I would love a healthy option for my family!

  62. Natalie says:

    I don’t drink a lot of pop myself and when I do it’s just one or two flavours but I still have to keep different types in the house for company. It takes up so much space! SodaStream seems like it would solve that problem.

  63. I love pop, but would love to be able to make my own, and have a healthier option.

  64. My kids really love pop… Nothing is going to make it super healthy, but maybe if I have more control over what’s going in, alittle change goes a long way.

  65. Tanya L says:

    Would love to try this because I’ve never gotten to before . Looks soo neat!

  66. Pop is so bad for me and this would make my pop habit more healthy!

  67. Rebecca O'Keefe says:

    Everybody should own a soda stream. Love them

  68. Cheryl P says:

    I would love to win one of these unique at home “pop” maker. Thought since they came out it would be a great addition to our home. And we could make some pop for my elderly parents…..

  69. I keep seeing these around. Would love to have one of these.

  70. Following you on Pinterest.


  71. Victoria Ess says:

    Liked and shared!

  72. I like bubbles. I like bubbles in my drinks. I also like Bacon. Bacon with a bubbly drink sounds like a fine evening to me.

  73. My wife loves all drinks bubbly.
    With the Soda stream, we can save money on club soda and make our own at home.

  74. Liked and shared your facebook page.

  75. Followed you on pinterest.

  76. Anonymous says:

    i see them in all of the stores and i just want to try one so bad

  77. lisa bolduc says:

    opps i forgot to include my name: Lisa bolduc

    Anonymous said…
    i see them in all of the stores and i just want to try one so bad

  78. Anonymous says:

    We’ve tried the soda and it’s great and we don’t bring plastic bottles into our house and this will provide us with more drink options : )

  79. Love to make my own pop!

  80. Followed you on Pinterest


  81. I would love to try a Sodastream! It would be so nice to make sparkling drinks with a better amount of sugar than commercial pop.

  82. It looks like a fun machine!

  83. Laurie McKeeman says:

    I would love to try this.

  84. Anonymous says:

    I would love to win this because we buy a lot of pop, and the SodaStream would save us so much money!! 🙂
    Ashley J

  85. Cause I’m severely addicted to pop and need to stop! :)from what I’ve heard this is awesome!

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  87. i would like to win this because the review makes the soda maker sound like fun, easy to use and cheaper. thanks

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  89. Victoria Ess says:

    Liked and shared (again)!

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    Suzie M

  91. That looks awesome.
    I would love to have the chance to play around with that ! so much fun!

  92. I would love one of these for my kids and husband 🙂 my co worker was talking about this at work and she really wants one too!!

  93. I drink pop all the time

  94. To keep me from drinking Coke! 🙂

  95. Because we always seem to run out!

  96. I’m following on pinterest

  97. Liked and shared on FB.

  98. I have always wanted to give this a try a few friends say that this is the way to go if your family enjoys pop and flavored drinks!

  99. Anonymous says:

    I have 2 kids and we drink way too much pop in our house. A healthier alternative would be great!

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  103. are we supposed to post our daily tweets?


  104. As a c coffeeholic, I don’t get to drink enough water during the day and am always looking for ways to make drinking water fun, SodaStream looks like the ONE!

  105. I’m trying to cut sugary pop out of my diet, but I love fizzy drinks too much. This would be a great way to naturally carbonate my drinks and I can control what goes into them!

  106. I’m planning to get really creative with soda recipes if I get my hands on one of these!

  107. I am addicted to fizz but mostly Diet Pepsi. I would love to try some of the lighter coloured flavours (coffee should be the only beverage I consume with potential staining)!

  108. I’ve been asking to try this for ages – and hubby laughs at me – can you imagine who’d get the last laugh if I brought one home?

  109. I am DYING to get my hands on a Soda Stream. It’s on my wish list.

  110. Joanna C says:

    I have heard so much about this product and really want to try it. I love my pop and think this would be a great and healthier option. Thanks for the giveaway.

  111. We love anything with fizz, so it would be really great to be able to make our own soda.

  112. Liked and shared on FB

  113. I tried it at a booth once and I loved it but the initial price seemed a bit steep for someone that doesn’t drink much soda.

  114. I’m always looking for ways to reduce my garbage/recycling!

  115. I follow on Pinterest, Suburbarella

  116. Teresa R. says:

    I love bubbles!!!

  117. I think it looks like a really fun gadget. That is all. I saw these at Blogher and liked the taste of the pop.

  118. I would love to win so I can have my favorite pop anytime I want. Cream Soda anyone? 🙂 Well, the kids would love that too, but Shhhh. It’s all about me.

  119. I love pop and would love a healthier and cheaper way to drink it!

    breej23 at hotmail dot com

  120. gfc follower 🙂

    breej23 at hotmail dot com

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  122. It looks like an amazing product and I know this will be a hit with my son

  123. Shared on FB, I did.

  124. Been seeing this system all over the internet and it looks really cool

  125. Liked and shared on FB

  126. no plastic bottles to recycle… YES

  127. I’d like to try it so I can make my own healthier versions of soda for my family.

  128. Liked and shared on FB zj

  129. I’m looking for a tasty, non-alcoholic, not-too-sugary, low-calorie beverage to enjoy in the evenings. A tall order…I’m thinking making my own soda might be the answer!
    rafflecopter name Jules A.

  130. I love pop, this would be perfect!

  131. I would like to try one because I like the taste of pop, but am not a huge fan of the fizz….I like that I could control the level of fizziness!

  132. I’ve been trying to wean off pop since having my daughter– want to create better habits!

  133. I’ve heard great things about it so I’d like one for my house!

  134. I would like to get this for my bro, who’s a coke addict.

  135. I would love to win so i could make healthier drinks for my kids.

  136. I follow you on Pinterest

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