This Weeks Confessions From The Suburbs

Sometimes in life there are just some things you need to get off your chest.  It’s good for the soul, for the heart, maybe even for your sanity?  Here is my list of confessions from the Suburbs.   

* I am exhausted, but I just can’t sleep.

* I wore the same pair of socks two days in a row.

* When I locked my car door in the grocery store parking lot yesterday I scared a couple of old ladies with the loud “beep beep” that damn alarm thing makes.  I immediately apologized for startling them, but as I walked away, I might have giggled just a little. 

* I had cookies for lunch yesterday.  They were good.

* I got misty eyed when I dropped a piece of turkey on the floor and had to pick it up.  I haven’t had to pick little scraps of food off the floor for more then 12 years; I miss my sweet dog.

* More cookies.  Emotional eater much?

* Got checked out at the Tim Horton’s by a man with hair more grey than black.  I was wearing my glasses at the time.  Suddenly not hating my glasses as much or the fact that apparently I now rock the senior citizen demographic.  Related; I am old.

Sigh…that’s a little better.  Go on now, fess up, what do you need to confess this week?


  1. I like getting checked out by old men does that make me old too or happy the cookies did not effect my good looks:) You know I am kidding right. Smile Stephanie things will seem better soon Spring is coming and there are younger men no doubt checking you out too:) Hug B

  2. smiles…ok, so i have this to look forward to on the glasses…got my appointment next week….geez….i might have giggled at scaring the ladies…smiles..

  3. Girl, you do not even remotely look old! You are the cutest! That grey haired fella just likes ’em young. 😉

    🙁 about your pup.

  4. Old? Hardly! You are gorgeous, and that old man knew it. 🙂 And I love having cookies for lunch, or even breakfast and dinner all in the same day. I know how hard it is to always miss our sweet puppy dogs…they are best. xo

  5. Maybe he is just one of those men who goes grey early in life … regardless he still checked you out … score for you!

  6. As always, you make me laugh. I confess that this week in my “super mom” moments I may have dropped the f-bomb once or twice #keepingitreal

  7. I am old too! I don’t know what happened, I just woke up and bam, old!

    I am so sorry about your dog, you’re gonna make me cry. My dog is only 4 so he thankfully still has a long life ahead of him.

  8. Old or not, you got checked out!

    (P.S. – you are NOT old)

  9. Silver fox or not – you still got checked out! Rock the fact you still got it! 😉

    And there is nothing wrong with cookies for lunch.. or anytime of the day. I stand by that fact.

  10. I skipped yoga tonight and made peanut butter and jam toast for dinner. 🙂

  11. Anonymous says:

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  12. Anonymous says:

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  13. It’s refreshing to get things off your chest isn’t it? Have a great weekend.

  14. Anonymous says:

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  15. Aw, loved this. Post inspiration! Um, at the grocery store I bought a bag of chips and hid them from my children so I can eat them after they’re asleep!

  16. I confess that I teared up at the dropping food on the floor with no doggie to pick it up bit. 🙁
    I was a tad bit elated when a 30 something latin (hunk) was flirting with me while buying paint this morning. Bonus? I had on no makeup and was wearing workout clothes. Yeah, I’m thinking the Coach paid him off!!
    Enjoy your weekend with those special peeps!

  17. Anonymous says:

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  18. You look 25 that’s not even remotely old!!

  19. Anonymous says:

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  20. Wow – I have to admit I was totally distracted by that first bit of sex spam!


    I will confess was having breakfast with my kids this morning when I suddenly started giggling at the memory of the guy I’m seeing falling out of the bed when he tried to get up to check the time. I had to make up a quick cover story for why I was laughing.

  21. Ha, you are not old and you do rock those glasses, but I have to say I chuckled at “rocking the senior citizen demographic”.
    I can also attest that grey hair doesn’t necessarily mean senior citizen! 🙂

  22. I’m an emotional eater too 🙁

  23. I need to buy some socks. Tonight, I think I might be able to find the time when I drive my son to town for his music lessons. I have been wearing socks two days in a row because I have so few pairs!

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