The Time Sucks Killing My Day

What did you do today? Write the next great novel?  Solve the world’s problems, or at least a couple of household one’s?  Volunteer?  Knock seven things off that ever growing to do list?  Not me.  Nope.  Nada.  I pretty much accomplished NOTHING.  Again.  So where did my day go and how does this keep happening? 

Today I take a look at what on earth is happening to my day and how it is that I put my head down to the grindstone at 8:47 am as my kids head off to school and then hit the panic button at 3:25 pm when I realize school is done, my “easy” work hours are over and another day is lost.   What the hell!  Is it me?  Is this my fault?  Do I have some weirdo new form of middle age ADD that is preventing me from being the productive nearly destructive force that I used to be?  Nope, can’t be my fault so I look to place the blame elsewhere, and it doesn’t take me long to find the culprits.

Enemy Number 1.  Facebook.  I have a love hate relationship with you that I am sure requires no explanation.  I simply must check in with you every morning to make sure I have not missed anything! Oh and when I get a new fan! Squee. Distracted. 

Enemy Number 2. Twitter.  Five minutes can easily turn into an hour.  Why must you be so much fun? (pst are we chatting on twitter yet?)

Enemy Number 3. Pinterest.  Perhaps the most dangerous social media site of all.  I stop by just to see if I can locate a quick idea for our upcoming Easter Dinner.  Two hours later I have pinned three outfits, six new ideas for the kitchen and four new “must see” vacation spots.  Oh how I loathe and hate that space!

Enemy Number 4. E-mail.  Just as I finally start to focus on work that needs to be done I become distracted by the sweet little icon on my iPhone letting me know I have MAIL!  Whee mail, I love mail.  Must stop everything and check the mail.

Enemy number 5. Food.  Apparently I am not distracted by the need for regular meals and can forget breakfast or lunch all together, but the need for coffee and snacks can drive me to distraction, causing spontaneous baking and appetizer creation. This is not good for my waist and tends to drive me right back to enemy number three.

Enemy Number 6. Candy Crush.  This game must have been created by the devil.  Just saying. 

Enemy Number 7. Instagram. So many pretty people doing so many pretty things and taking such fabulous pictures!  Who doesn’t like to see pretty and not so pretty pictures! 


I think I may need some kind of social media intervention, OR just smarten the hell up.  Just saying. 


  1. Oh you made me laugh this morning may your day be full of all the joys of life:) B

  2. I just got in to instagram. Love it. Like twitter but better because of the pictures.

  3. Aside from facebook and blogging, none of the social media things hold any interest for me. No games, either, so that helps. Still, I probably spend more time on-line than I ought to. (On weekends – during the week, of course, I’m working.) Yesterday I realized I was behind in my book challenge and I forced myself to walk away from the computer and curl up with a cup of tea and a book.

  4. So glad to know that I’m not the only one who gets distracted out of doing house work … cause honestly it is just

  5. HAHA yes I am on FB and Twitter at work all day. P.S. I couldnn’t get your Twitter link to work? I would like to follow you on there. Wanna try the link on my page and I can follow you that way?

  6. ha. i cut FB several years ago…and twitter comes and goes for me…i do hit the blogs pretty hard but time is majorly sucked right now by grad school…between work full time, 4 grad classes and a family…i have had to cut back…

  7. And when you’re not busy with those, you must be reading other people’s blogs right? It’s all a big time suck 😉

  8. Yes, yes, yes and yes!

    My biggest time waster is Pinterest – oh my goodness… I think that site functions in a time zone of its own!

  9. I know I need an intervention…..I don’t seem to get anything else done!

  10. Soooo true!

  11. I know a lot of people struggle with this and I have been guilty myself. I don’t do FB, twitter or pinterest, but sometimes I am just not as wise as I need to be with my time.

    I find that when I do the musts on my lists I more enjoy the fun things like reading or you tubing my favorite songs and dancing. Seriously, I can dance around for 30 min. before I tell myself “Marie, go do the laundry!”

  12. Ha, yes, I get sucked in by Facebook. Or Blogger.

  13. Oh, I hear ya… I have been caught on more than one occasion saying to myself: “How did I just spend an hour on Pinterest?”..

    But hey, it gave you something to blog about! It’s not time wasting – it was research for the blog. 😉

  14. hehe you always make me laugh!!

    I haven’t spent anytime there, I think it is good I don’t go on there.

  15. Hi Stephanie – yes twitter, IG and bloggy world are my downfall -,which is why a plate of bacon and eggs is one of the highlights of my week! Great post x

  16. FaceBook doesn’t do it for me. But blogging, twitter & pintrest are my downfall.

  17. “…an intervention…” LOL

    Do you have a roof over your head and food to eat? Oh, yes, you did mention snacks.

    Do you pay the bills, talk to the kids, keep the fridge loaded?

    Do you supply your husband’s, uh, you know…

    So what if you have a little addiction. 🙂 Everyone’s still happy.

    My kids had a “snow day” and I decided to have a “blogging day.” It’s been so relaxing. One kid has been on Pinterest and watching TV all day. We’ll get back on track tomorrow.

  18. What we all need is a little power outage daily…then we might accomplish something. 🙂

  19. Girl, I’m with you on FB, Twitter and Pinterest. I hate FB, but yet I still find myself checking it every few minutes. Definitely sad the amount of time we waste on that stuff. However, it’s just so dang entertaining. 🙂

  20. It’s so very true! I don’t know where the time goes! All the social sites are just big vacuum cleaners that suck up every last second, I’m sure of it! I am so guilty of it myself and it’s hard to put a stop unless you consciously decide to give yourself a time out.

  21. A certain special someone says I’m addicted to social media, but in my defense, I don’t “do” twitter or instagram!

  22. You seem to be pulling it all off, just fine, my friend!

  23. Hahahaha, YES! I agree with you.
    Pinterest is evil, and I gave up on facebook for sanity reasons a long time ago.

  24. LOL! Great post! Pinterest is my #1 biggest time suck. I don’t think there will ever be enough time to bake all those gorgeous desserts I’ve pinned!

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