My Love Of Bacon, Comes Naturally

This is my Dad.  Often referred to as SassyGrandpa.  Here he proves to us all that the need, the addiction to bacon, is not an acquired taste, but rather one that is inherited.  He loves bacon almost as much as me.  He is the reason Sunday morning is not complete without…. bacon.
*Thanks Dad for passing along the addiction, and for being such a good sport!


  1. i totally need a shirt like that.
    what a cool dad.

    bacon rocks.

    my dad made me bacon this morning.
    i even let my boys have a slice.
    or two. ha

  2. Mmmmmmmmmmmm bacon.

  3. Hey Dad like your shirt:) B

  4. I have a little boy in my house who would love a shirt like that!

  5. Haha! I COMPLETELY see my own dad in this post – he wears a bacon tee as a lounge around in the am shirt 🙂

  6. Awesome shirt!! We too LOVE Maple Leaf bacon!

  7. Okay I can see where you get your good looks from. Once I cooked a whole pound of bacon for dinner and before I knew it Lila (5 at the time) had eaten most of it. I couldn’t believe it, and she didn’t even get sick!

  8. I love bacon and my husband really loves it!

  9. A baconista….I LOVE it!!

  10. There’s no mistakin’ his love for bacon!

  11. Cool shirt!

  12. YOur dad’s good looking! No wonder, you are too:-)

    hmmnnn must be the bacon!

  13. Sassy Grandpa is a looker!!! The Coach loves bacon too…I don’t mind eating it, but the smell drives me batty. every.sunday.morning, I am batty!

  14. SassySis says:

    Love this picture!

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