Hurray For Hollywood!

Back to the The GRAMMYs?  I’ve had so much going on, I’ve left stories untold! 

The GRAMMYs were thrilling, exciting, and if I am going to be completely honest, freakin exhausting!  From the moment the phone rang to let me know I had been selected to be the Blogger to go behind the scenes with Entertainment Tonight Canada and Skinny Cow, to the moment I landed back in Canada I was running on some weird combination of adrenalin, coffee, amoxicillin and cough syrup.  You know when it is NOT a good time to get walking pneumonia?  When you have the biggest opportunity of your blogging career thrown at you!  But I digress.  When I did get a moment to pause and catch my breath, SassyHubby and I had the opportunity to take a private tour with the Legends of Hollywood Tour company through Beverly Hills, to the Hollywood Sign, the famous Chinese Theatre and beyond!  If you are ever in LA, I highly recommend!


It was a funny, quirky and jam packed tour that really helped us get a feel for LA and all the glamour of this incredible city.  The Hollywood sign was just as imagined, huge!  The Hollywood Hills had me daydreaming about how the other half live, from the sweet and ridiculously expensive to the astounding.  We saw homes of more stars then I could name, including Ashton Kutcher’s house, but alas he did not appear to want to come out and play with us.  Shocking right?  We also saw the locations of where countless movies had been shot.  Anyone recognize this super scary over the top creepy house? 


It’s located on famous Carroll Avenue and was used in the Thriller video! Michael Jackson danced on the front lawn!  It was also used in season four of Charmed.  Cool right?

Our morning was filled with ohhs and awes, so many “I remember that home, I can’t believe people actually live this way moments”  It was a great way to spend an easy morning, a fun tour I won’t soon forget. 

Then our afternoon took an incredible and unexpected twist.  I received a call from the Executive Producer of Entertainment Tonight asking if I would like to tour their set?  Umm, would I?  Yes please!  SassyHubby and I jumped at this amazing opportunity for a rare behind the scenes tour.  We saw the Entertainment Tonight control rooms, where everything happens, met all the hosts who were friendly beyond words, and watched as this professional crew put together their show for the night. 

Rob Marciano, Nancy O’Dell and Rocsi Diaz were warm and welcoming, even offering to pose for pictures with us!!  Nancy is even more beautiful in person and ridiculously tiny.  I didn’t get my close up with Rob because he had the nerve to get called into make-up, but we did chat about Hockey before he left!  (Cause we’re Canadian eh, it’s what we do)


I must sent out a huge thanks to all the staff and crew at Entertainment Tonight for making us feel so welcome, and truly giving us an experience of a life time.

I’m sure we could have spent two weeks in LA and not begun to scratch the surface of all there is to see and do, but this day touring was an amazing start.  So now I’m left wondering,  do you think it’s too soon to start planning a return trip?


  1. What an experience! I took a trip out there once and all was amazing! We loved Rodeo Drive…….not that we could afford to buy anything!

  2. wow…what an amazing experience this turned out to be…would love to get to that part of California sometime…i have only been in the north…

  3. your life is a whirlwind of adventure girl!

  4. Those TV personalities just have it right, Nancy O’Dell seems like a sweetheart, but I have to say you are all kinds of gorgeousness, your smile is so great.

  5. Anonymous says:

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  6. Wow what a wonderful experience this must have been :_ you should write a memoir!

  7. Anonymous says:

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  8. What a whirlwind trip that must have been! I’ve never been to LA but just the sites to see seems endless! Thanks for sharing your experience! Nancy O’Dell and Rocsi Diaz look great!

  9. How exciting. Sounds like you had a blast (minus not feeling very well!).

  10. You sure did leave out some stories! So glad you got to see all of those wonderful places. My son had an apt. right there in that last photo on the bottom left seeing the Hollywood sign. What a great time you had!!!!

  11. Oh, wow! I mean WOOOOWWWWW!!!! What a terrific experience! Hope to hear more~

  12. Oh a return trip is in your future I can tell. I love reading this I can feel the excitement. All I can say is WOW. B

  13. Looks like a fabulous time – if only I could have joined you!!

  14. Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh that looks so fun! I would love spending time looking at the houses too! So neat when you actually see one that was in a movie or tv show! cool! I would say…plan your next trip! 🙂 Would love to see more pictures! I have never been there….

  15. what an amazing experience! Looks like you had fun!

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