Finding The Quiet While On Vacation

I often find on vacations you fell rushed.  There is this unspoken pressure to see and do it all.  Must make it to that tourist destination, must not miss that restaurant, must spend time seeing every single dang site.  What I have learned over the past ten years of travelling with my babies, my most important MUST.  I must make make time for play.  More often then not when asked what their favourite parts of the family vacations are, my girls will answer that is was the unplanned, unscheduled down time that we managed to squeeze in.  The spontaneous giggles and memories made during plain old play time might be my favourite part of family travel.  So now I schedule that time in! 


Windsor Hills is the dream community for family down time.  With the incredible club house with free form pool, arcade area, theatre and club house and the many parks scattered around, there are so many opportunities for play. 

One of our favourite escapes is a quick trip to their main park.  This park is bright, clean, whimsical, safe and just plain fun.  Oh and did I mention it is built like a castle??


Chess anyone?


How do you know when you are on the right track on a vacation with a pre-teen and and a teenager?  When you can see the tension of this high stress world leave their bodies, actually watch them relax, and laughter dominates the house.  A few peeks at their gorgeous silly side doesn’t hurt either. 

Windsor Hills helped us escape from reality for just a little while….


Even on a dullish day, it seemed the sun was shining down on us in Windsor Hills.  I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to go back!  Until the sun starts shining up here I will be day dreaming about all the Windsor Hills and Global Resort Homes has to offer, all within a stones throw from Disney.  Want to go??  Please check out my giveaway for an amazing week at a Global Resort Home!  Open to US and Canada!


  1. Why can’t you have a giveaway that works for fraaaaaaaance? I wanna go! I wanna go!

    Or .. perhaps I should stop whining. (Because I live in France?)

  2. Now that looks like a fun place to stay. Love the parks!

  3. That is enough to make me want to learn to play chess!! Great looking play ground.

  4. I’m so ready for a vacation!!!!! I would love to spend two days at Sea World…it’s my favorite place!

  5. How cool is that castle and the huge chess board! I agree very much about the unplanned, down time that leaves the best memories sometimes!

  6. We were just talking about this on our vacation today too. Some of our friends planned and booked activities for everyday, all day, but we like quiet time to just sit back and relax!

  7. That castle looks like a ton of fun!

  8. Windsor Hills looks fun! I always find that by the time the vacation is over, I’m just starting to relax. Too much sightseeing!

  9. You’re absolutely right – planning a down time is a great idea. I just always get carried away with all the great things we can do while we are away…

  10. Susan T. says:

    I’m always rushing around on vacation too. I want to see and do everything in case I never come back! It is so hard for me to just hang out on the beach and relax. I can do it for an hour or two then I’m raring to go again!

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