Date Night With Oz The Great And Powerful


Movies.  Do you love the movies as much as I do?  Back in “the day”, SassyHubby and I could often boast that we had seen every flick playing in the theatres.  When the Oscars rolled around we could speak with some knowledge on every single film that was nominated.  Now with two children seemingly in control of our social calendar, the opportunity to get to the movies just doesn’t happen like it used to.  We have vowed to change this!  This week SassyHubby and I have decided it’s time to start up that weekly date night again.  The very best part of this new ritual might be knowing that even if its just sneaking away for a coffee, I know we will have some kind of alone time together each and every week.  I love, perhaps even need, having something special to look forward to.  It’s the little things that bring the biggest joy.

Our date night for next week: a movie night!  My pick to kick off our new traditional date night is OZ The Great and Powerful starting in Theatres March 8th.  I know we should take the kids to this movie, but this is my date night, I will take them later!   Just check out this clip; even the costumes are stunning.

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Must see!


The ritual of Date Night starts this week and I’m looking forward to some good old fashioned wining and dining!  Here are my questions to you; what is your fave kind of date night, and which movies are on your “must see” list right now?? 

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  1. date night is a ritual far too many let slip in the busy-ness of life…it is hugely important…and it does not have to be extravigant…just time together…

    and def want to see OZ….

  2. Oh I so want to see this. What a great date night. B

  3. This movie is on our must see list too!! Thanks for the reminder that it’s coming out this week 🙂

  4. This movie looks like it’s going to be excellent! Enjoy date night with the hubs! 🙂

  5. A date night at the movies is always fun. It’s a good excuse to have popcorn and maybe some candy, too! Right now, I’d love to see Mark Wahlberg in Broken City. And I know who my perfect date would be! I would also love to see Ryan Gosling in Gangster Squad. Have fun at the movies, Stephanie!

  6. Ah, date night. Two words that have been absent from my life for too long! Love that you’re making time with SassyHubby, and Diana – I’m IN!

  7. A must see movie for sure! Will I be giving my age away if I say I remember seeing the first one? This will be a definite for me (and hubby). Love the costumes!!! Can hardly wait to see it. And….we are never too old for ‘date nights’!

  8. Oh….I didn’t realize this was coming out. Thanks for letting us know. Sounds perfect for my grand children and myself. We’ll be checking it out this month for sure. Enjoy your night out with your hubby.

  9. I haven’t heard of this movie. I rarely go out to movies, even on dates. I do like going to hear music and eating out, though.

  10. I love having a movie date night. Sometimes we even double date with another good couple friends. We saw Quarter over the weekend at the Cinema Arts Center in Huntington. They have a nice cafe you can go to before or after the movie for coffee, soft drinks or a yummy dessert. I’m looking forward to the OZ movie as well!

    Linda Davidson

  11. We can finally have a date because the kids are away this week, but there is nothing good playing! grr

  12. Samantha says:

    There really is not better date night then at a movie!! (even if you have to take the kids, that’s what Disney is for right?)

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