The Calm Before The Storm

Just joining me?  Here’s a re-cap of my latest fabulous adventure!!  The last few days have been a rollercoaster and I have so much to tell you!! Where to start?  Well back at the beginning of course!!  Last Friday we battled a snow storm that shut down Southwestern Ontario, and left us stranded an extra day in Toronto.  We re-booked flights in a panic, changed car arrangements, cancelled a much coveted and needed spa day, but eventually we made it to LA. 

My SassyHubby and I arrived in California at about midnight on Saturday, grabbed our bags off the luggage carrousel and dragged our weary butts to our hotel.  I quickly unpacked my dress for the GRAMMYs and SassyHubby assessed the damage to his suit.  Suits stuck in a suitcase for two extra days get a wee bit wrinkly.  We finally crashed about 2am.  This of course is when I made the fatal error of doing math; counting the hours until I had to get up and be presentable for the world again.  When I realized the answer was five, I may have cried a little. 

The alarm clock rang and I was up, jumping!  It was GRAMMY day!  After a quick shower and a look in the mirror I sent up a little prayer; please send me some magical hair and make-up artists today, this exhausted Mama needed help.  Melanie and Melissa arrived with a burst of enthusiasm and energy that was contagious, they wasted no time and got right to work. 


Perhaps my luck of the past few days had finally changed because these girls were fabulous!  They were fun, professional and helped me create a look that would last the entire night!  Melissa even took a moment to give the SassyHubbys hair a little love! 

The ladies packed their magic bags, gave me a hug and ran out the door to save their next client.  I quickly slid into my dress and heels and was ready, as ready as I was ever going to be, to take the Red Carpet by storm!


Think I make through 12 hours in those shoes?  You will have to wait and see!  Many more Grammy Posts to come!

*A shout out to Melanie Manson Artist in Makeup, and Melissa Vega @stylebyvega  Thanks ladies for all the love!  Dress by LM Mignon JuniperDress


  1. You looked stunning! Cannot wait for more details of your journey.

  2. Wowza, girlie! You clean up nicely, although you always look pretty when I see you. What a cool adventure!

  3. Woot woot… are rocking sister! I imagine the lack of sleep was worth all the fun with your sweetheart.

  4. Girl, this is crazy exciting!! Wow!! Ok, so jealous of all the hair and make-up people around you. 🙂 What an experience. You look fabulous!!!

  5. Looking forward to hearing more. I didn’t realize you would be given hair and makeup people. I thought you were going to be blogging – does this mean you were on TV? I missed the GRAMMY’s due to a birthday dinner party.

  6. Love your dress! And the hair and make-up is well…amazing!

  7. I look forward to reading the rest of your adventure 🙂

  8. Wow magic ladies but they had an easy job there.You could pull rollers and slippers off.
    You look good in the heels I do hope you can stay in them:) B

  9. Well, if you were weary, you certainly couldn’t tell! You looked fabulous, love the hair!

  10. travel can be so stressful! I feel so bad for you that the trip started out like that! I would have needed a team of pros to get me out of bed and looking that good after all of that!

  11. You look AMAZING! But, you always do.

  12. I just hope that when you’re a big star, with her own television show, you’ll remember us little people.


  13. Wow, you look smokin hot!!! I let my kids see the first few minutes, Taylor Swift’s performance, she did AMAZING!!! I would love to take the girls to see her in concert.

  14. How glamorous!

  15. LOVE the pics! So surreal:) Can’t wait to hear more!!!!

  16. You look amazing!!

  17. You looked FANTASTIC and I will be able to say “I knew her when…” 😉 Except I cant actually tell anybody, because nobody knows who I am!

  18. OMG you look so fantastic x

  19. WOW! You look like a celeb yourself! Amazing 🙂

  20. Love the pampering!!!

  21. Wow! That must have been so exciting! And you were gorgeous!

  22. Wow That would have been awesome! Cant wait to read more!

  23. Looking exceptionally hot!!!

  24. You look sensational, I cannot wait to hear all the goss, ALL of it!

  25. You look absolutely amazing! can’t wait for the next segments!

    I would NOT make it for 12 hours in those heels.

  26. You do clean up nicely! That is a gorgeous dress and hair and makeup, wow! Every girl’s dream.

  27. kathy downey says:

    You look fantastic!! Love those heels

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