That’s A Wrap!! GRAMMY Style!

Time fly’s on the Red Carpet! Before I knew it was time to tear ourselves away from the glamour of the paparazzi, TV crews and stars posing and strutting, and head into the belly of the Entertainment Tonight Canada control room. We took our places at a 15 foot long desk behind dozens of television monitors and prepared to watch the magic being created by the ET team; the hosts and all the producers!

steph in truck with brentsteph between the truck with sign

I got my tweet and Facebook on and had the awesome privilege of live blogging every little thing I saw. Writing and working with a huge television show? Yep, this is now one more thing I can knock off my bucket list!

Almost too soon it was time to pack up, re-apply that lipstick, and make our way back down the Red Carpet! Squee!! Oh Yes! Back through the entrance, this time in a bit of rush because the GRAMMYs were set to begin in about 20 minutes! Some celebs making the last minute dash down the Red Carpet, at the same time as us, were The Lumineers, Nelly, and Mumford was still there turning on the charm! Us “normal” folks are rushed along one side, while the stars meander down the other. At the very end of the Red Carpet is a throng of Paparazzi and a crowd of adoring fans, you can’t help but get caught up in the excitement. It was truly contagious!

After we made the last turn off the Red Carpet, we made our way into the Staple Center. We walked right beside Neil Patrick Harris!! How cool is that? I adore him!


The crowd was then steered into the big open area of the arena to pick up their programs for the evening. This is where I had my first huge giggle. As I looked around taking in the scene I realized, never have I been surrounded by so many beautifully dressed people all in one place. We were one hawt group! The second giggle; the McDonalds was open. So many gorgeous women in full length gowns, some in Jimmy Choo shoes, eating burgers and fries! Third laugh of many; I totally chatted up Cody Simpson. He had no idea what hit him. This Sassy Mama of two from the suburbs knew way too much about him. Thanks for the chat Cody!  Here is a pic just for my girls!


Finally it was time for the main event. We grabbed our tickets and headed to the VIP baby! Up the escalator, down the long hall to enter into what used to be a hockey rink?? The Staples Center had been transformed into something truly worthy of all the great musicians about to take that stage. I was awe struck. Thousands of twinkling lights strung across the arena, two stages that would eventually morph into one, and there was this vibe! The vibe is just not something I can adequately describe. You could feel the energy in the air, so many of the world’s best performers right there in one place.


A countdown was given and LL Cool Jay kicked things off!!  Taylor Swift was the first incredible act.


So many highlights for me!! Seeing Carrie Underwood on the Red Carpet in her stunning Roberto Cavalli dress only to be wowed again by the dress during her performance that transformed before our eyes!! Unreal! Ed Sheeran and Elton John performing a duet together were pure magic. Kelly Clarkson nearly brought me to tears with her songs done in tribute. Her acceptance speech after winning a GRAMMY is also not to be forgotten! Mumford had the entire crowd standing and dancing in their seats! The Lumineers could look up from the stage and see the entire crowd singing along with them.


That night was truly an evening I will never forget. It was a day and evening full of star spotting, incredible fashion, shoe lusting, picture taking, laughing and memory making. I am so blessed to have had this experience, and to be able to share it with my SassyHubby! I must send out a most heartfelt thanks to Entertainment Tonight Canada, and to Skinny Cow. The 55th GRAMMYs is now one of my most favourite things.


*Now do me a little favour and head on over to this fabulous blog and check out John’s take on all things Grammy!  John is an author, has a keen sense of humour, was stuck with us in a snowstorm in an Airport for too many hours to count AND is a writer for Entertainment Canada.  Yep, he’s all kinds of cool!


  1. Oh Stephanie what a chance of a lifetime for you and I must say for all of us. I have enjoyed every minute of your amazing trip.
    I have a pic in my head of fancy dressed beautiful people eating burgers and fries now, I think they should have given out fancy bibs to protect those pretty dresses. Maybe diamond studded bibs. I am so happy you had a great time. Great posts.
    Thank you Stephanie you rock!!! B

  2. O wow Stephanie what an evening!
    You looked stunning by the way!

  3. what an exciting adventure Steph! Memories to last a lifetime! someday when you are old and grey you’ll still be saying ‘remember that time we went to the Grammy’s?’
    lol makes me giggle just thinking about it! lol

  4. It was so wonderful re-living the night with you! The pictures are gorgeous (as are you!) and I think you’ve officially reached “coolest mom ever” status with that shot of Cody Simpson. So happy for you!

  5. that is so cool….what an experience….sounds like you had a lot of fun….watched a bit on TV so would loved to have been there…

  6. Followed you during the Grammy’s as you made wonderful memories for yourself and SassyHubby. What an unforgettable experience! What adventure will be next?

  7. Lucky! What a great time with such wonderfully fabulous memories.

  8. Fantastic Steph! Sassy Mom did a great job and you should be so proud! Can’t wait for your next adventure!!

  9. What a magical looking evening, Stephanie! I am so happy for you to have gotten such an amazing opportunity! Wow 🙂

  10. How cool are you??? That is an experience of a lifetime for sure. How were your feet feeling after the night?

  11. I love that you got to have this experience. Amazing! And you looked simply fabulous.

  12. You know, you fit right in to the world of glam. I saw this post on FB and was confused when it wasn’t on my feed, but figured out it just hadn’t appeared yet). All sorts of cool.

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  14. Look how stinking cute you look! Fab time I’m thinking.

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  16. Sounds amazing!

  17. That was definitely the time of your life. How cool was that!!!!
    I’m so glad you got to go.

  18. Wow Stephanie, what an incredible step forward in your blogging career. Congratulations again.

  19. Looks like a blast! You looked smokin’ hot!!

  20. Looking very gorgeous this is big memorable moments

  21. You my friend are living the dream. Amazing.

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