Inappropriate Mom

Pssst…From one Mommy to another. Do you really want to know why everyone is staring? It’s not because you are SOOO Good looking!  Might it be the 5 1/2 inch black leather boots, the 3 1/2 inch nails, the newly injected Botox lips that prevent you from saying your P’s?  Perhaps it’s simply the plunging neckline, or the painted on jeans that have all the Mamas gawking??  

You my dear have been dubbed, the Inappropriate Mom!

Bar shirts at school pick up are kind of trashy.  Big hair, it went out with leg warmers.

There’s more then three feet of snow on the ground, the wind is blowing and the icicles are two feet long. If you want to survive in suburbia, both the weather and the women, take some friendly advice; cover it up baby.  Put on a sweater…and a coat!  Trade in your stiletto pickle stabbers for some boots, even think about~GASP~ gloves and a hat!

Your kids may think you are the cool mom now, but trust me when I tell you this, you, my sad sad friend, are embarrassing yourself!

Just saying. 


  1. lol! I have been wondering what mothers have been wearing to the good old school drop off lately (ancient times for me). On the other end of the spectrum, I did manage to skip the sweat pants for jeans and a sweater and ran a comb through my hair. Don’t let yourself go once you have kids, ladies!


  2. oh my….yes we have a few of those that drop off kids at school…

  3. Hehe. I keep my head buried in my Kindle reading at pick-up time to not notice such things. Unfortunately, they are prevalent in my neck of the woods as well.

  4. LOL…it so had to be said 😉

  5. That would be my worst fear of becoming THAT mom! Ek!

  6. We have that “species” in Greece, too! LOL!

  7. I am all for women covering up, just being the classy women/moms they are.

  8. Hahahaah… I just giggled out loud!

  9. Nah, her kids are embarrassed of her too.

    I swear that Kylie Minogue is a mom at our school with her 5″ stilletos!

  10. Oh man, I wish you had a sneaky pic!

  11. I get this….I see them here too. What the heck are they thinking???? Embarrassing for those kiddos!!!

  12. We have a few of those moms here too. They just look cold to me.

  13. Woman like that drive me crazy!!!
    We have a few at bowling. What are they thinking?

  14. I’ve been that mom once or twice. I hate to be her, but when I’m running 20 minutes late sometimes I can’t waste even more time looking for a hat and gloves….
    although 5 inch heels are too much…

  15. And now I have a vision of fat lips trying to say “p”


  16. Hilarious and so true!

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