And The Beat Goes On….With!

To say this past month has been busy might be the biggest understatement of the year.  I’ve been out of the country three times, had to adapt to some pretty big changes on the home front, keep on top of business, and my girls are busier then they have ever been.  I’m not complaining, I’m just saying, and I am always looking for a way to simply our crazy lives.   

With my SassyHubby’s Birthday approaching I had to find a way to make sure he was looked after in the present department even though I just knew I wasn’t going to have time to go out to the malls and search for the perfect gift.  I did something way better then pounding the pavement on my own.  While sitting in our vacation home in Florida, I fired up my laptop, pulled up the site and told the sweet guy “Time to go Shopping.”  He was momentarily stunned by the idea of being able to Shop from bed thousands of miles from home, but he warmed up to it pretty quickly.  Like a kid in a candy store he quickly started pointing out to me all of his “wants”.  This my friends is the way to Shop for the man who has everything! 

Psst sneak peek…here’s his gift!  Do you know what it is? Keep reading!


Here are just some of SassyHubby’s fun choices: 

This awesome and sleek looking  Skull Candy Pipe iPod Docking Station – in Chrome.  You can save more than $30.00 on this little baby right now; it made the short list.


Then there was this super cool 3D Super Surpass Tyrant RC Helicopter with Video Camera.  My man seems to have a thing for helicopters?  This Komax Toy is $100.00 and I have to admit looks like a lot of fun, even for a guy in his …cough..40s. 


Now SassyHubby doesn’t KIND of have a thing for watches, he has a HUGE thing for watches.  So I shouldn’t have been surprised when he considered the Advance Heart Rate Watch W/Running/Walking Sensor.  It’s a great deal too at only $59.00!


Then SassyHubby decided to shoot for the moon!  The High-Definition Widescreen Projector with Up To 200-Inch Viewing Screen, Built-In Speakers, 3D Capable & Supports 1080p had him a little too excited!!  Listed at $399.99 you can compare this product in other stores at $699.98!  I love this idea, but in my world, this also means we need a brand new theatre room kind of set up.  That is just not in the cards right now. 


Finally he hit the jackpot.  Well he doesn’t know he did, but he found something on that he has been wanting for so long! Headphones Monster Beats By Dr. Dre HD


Ordered on Thursday night and delivered to my door on a Monday!!  I love free delivery.  If you see my SassyHubby, don’t tell him, but my sweet man had just picked out his very own Birthday Gift. 


The only problem, how to wrestle them away from my BlueEyed girl Smile



  1. He is going to love it. That sounds like the perfect way to shop I will have to check this out. Thank you. Hugs about your friend HUG B

  2. ooo dre’s….those are awesome…dont have a set myself…but have listened through them…they rock…great bday present…

  3. How nice! My son is begging for those but I refuse to let him pay that much for headphones! I’ve been asking for a docking station lately…that one looks great!

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  5. Yaah! Looks like the perfect gift for your hubs! 🙂 Good choice! And thanks for sharing – I already spy some awesome items I’d love!

  6. Great perfect looking and headphones are so lovely

  7. That is a great choice in gift, but hey the helicopter is not to be sneezed at, we make our living out of big boy toys!!!

  8. is amazing and I can’t believe shipping is free. This could quickly become an addiction!

  9. …and suddenly I’m thinking I want headphones?? What a great way to get some work done around here when the kids are just a wee bit too loud!

  10. What a great idea for a Father’s day gift! PS. You look gorgeous rocking those headphones!

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