10 Things To Do Before A Florida Vacation!

In the next two weeks I will be jetting off to LA with my Hubby, and then making a quick turn around home for one day before heading to the sunny south for a much needed vacay with the fam.  Am I ready?  Not even close!  The only way I survive, the almighty list. Here is my tried and tested list of ten things to do before hitting the road with the family:

1. Check those passports!  Have you ever seen a friend or colleague freak out because they realize nine days before their vacation that they are in possession of an expired passport?  I have, and it is truly heartbreaking.  Avoid this stress and double check those dates.   

2. Take yourself on a trip to the drug store.  (Confession: I love the drug store)  Don’t get me wrong, if you forget something like sunscreen or toothpaste, Florida has everything you could possibly need, except those prescriptions!  Make-sure you take them with you.  In your carry on!! The truly organized paranoid like me, might suggest you take a copy of those prescriptions too. 

3. See if the kids clothes fit!  For me vacations to the sunshine state tend to happen during our winter.  This also means my children, that grow like weeds, can truly have NOTHING to wear.  This is the time to engage in a swap and trade.  Trade among siblings, and borrow from friends. 

4. Enjoy countless number of family dinners deciding which Disney property you are going to visit.  Squee!  So much to do and so little time!  Will it be the classic Walt Disney World, Animal Kingdom, Epcot?  Oh and where will you eat.  Trust me when I tell you that planning really can be half the fun.  Getting your kids involved helps to build the anticipation of the trip! 

5. Consider an on-line visit to Kissimmee Guest Services to get organized before you go!  (they have an awesome Facebook page too!)  Located in the beautiful town of Celebration, they offer tickets for sale for all the big attractions including SeaWorld, Universal Orlando, Arabian Nights, Pirates Dinner Adventure, and so many other Central Florida area attractions.  On our list, one huge surprise for my girls, tickets to see La Nouba™ by Cirque du Soleil® !  I’m raising a gymnast/cheerleader and a dancer, this show is going to knock their socks off!  Shh like I said, it’s a surprise, so don’t tell! 
6. Book your family in for some out of the ordinary adventures.  In our case, a swamp tour.  Woot!  Boggy Creek Airboat Rides, watch out, this Sassy family is coming for a tour!
7. Make transportation arrangements. How are you going to get around when you are touring all that Orlando and Kissimmee has to offer.  Having been to Florida numerous times I can tell you it is very driveable.  This year we are excited to be touring the state in an amazing 2013 Chevy Traverse! Thanks GM!
8.  Make arrangements for the pets. Or in our case, with a really old, doesn’t see very well and not crazy about change lab, consider hiring a pet sitter to come and stay at your house.  Bonus, you know your house is looked after too. 

9. Take a trip to the bank.  Not only to grab those US Dollars, but to let your credit card provider know you will be out of the country.  Nothing more awkward then trying to buy the perfect designer bag at an amazing outlet store, only to have your credit card declined for some stupid  perfectly reasonable security measure.  Suspicious spending activity.  Pft.   Not that this ever happened to me.  At Target.  “Credit check at lane six”.

10. If you are an A type, everything in it’s place, can’t sleep until it’s organized kind of Mama like me, make that packing list!  Oh I love a good list! Beyond your passport, US Cash, insurance, and prescription’s, don’t forget the big eight.  Airline tickets, Car rental info, Copy of house or hotel reservation, ID, Camera, Cell Phone and chargers.  

Now you are already to sit back and start dreaming about that vacation!  Here is a sneak peak at our next family destination!  This family adventure will see us in the lap of luxury in Windsor Hills, Kissimmee, courtesy of Global Resort Homes.
This six bedroom four bath house will be our home base as we take a week to unwind, swim, play in the sun and explore all that the area has to offer!  Squee! I can’t wait!
If you need me, I will be packing!


  1. Fantastic post! Preparation is the key to staying on-budget when you’re visiting Florida for a vacation. Planning ahead means you can make the most of your time once you’re there!.

    Best wishes, Alex

  2. Sounds like an amazing trip. Have a great time!

  3. Okay you are one organized lady! I inevitably forget things on vacation because I hate packing, I do. I also hate unpacking which is why I just put away clothes and my suitcase from Vegas. And that was almost 3 weeks ago!

  4. Very good info! You are way more organized then I can be. : )

  5. Great travel tips my friend. I especially like the “check if the kids’ clothes fit” – they grow so quick it is an important one to check way before leaving.

  6. i so miss florida from when we lived there….ha on making sure the kids clothes fit…we are in a growth spurt so we def have to…weekly it seems…

  7. Great tips. For us and our 12 year lab, finding someone to watch him is the hardest. He has never been kenneled and I don’t think he could start now. Have a great vacation.

  8. We are headed there next month! I am trying to book a place to stay right now! WHOO HOO!

  9. How about fly your Aussie blogging buddy over for a few cocktails by the pool lol (except my passport has expired must get that fixed up!)

  10. How about fly your Aussie blogging buddy over for a few cocktails by the pool lol (except my passport has expired must get that fixed up!)

  11. Thinking about packing for a trip actually makes me lightheaded right now! Hope you guys have a great time!

  12. Awesome post! As someone who shares the type a personality at times, I can really appreciate the tips! 🙂

    Enjoy your trips! You deserve the R&R!

  13. Have FUN!:-)

  14. Have fun!
    The Traverse is awesome…as is that house!

  15. EEEK! Congratulations on the Skinny Cow gig, beautiful! You will do amazing I know! 🙂

  16. All very good tips! Sounds like you’re ready for a great relaxing holiday! Enjoy!

  17. Oh I am so excited you would think I was going.I’m not am I? Is that a surprise too?
    You are going to have a fabulous time and the kids are going to love the surprise.
    Looks like everything is almost set. I understand A type and you can sleep on the way:) Have fun B

  18. What a great post, I hope you enjoy your Floridian vacation!! 🙂

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