Travelling With Babies? Check this out!

I may be long out of bottles, but thanks to a new little man in my life, my adorable and SassyNephew, I suddenly have a new keen interest in all things baby!  So when I was asked if I wanted an opportunity to review Steri-Bottle® the exciting new feeding bottle, I jumped at it. 


Steri-bottle® is the exciting single-use feeding bottle that’s ready to use out of the box and 100% recyclable.  With a choice of 2, 5 or 10 bottles and nipples per box and Steri-bottle® is made of a safe Bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalate free plastic.

Convenient anytime, at home or on the move, there is literally nothing like it for taking the time and stress out of bottle-preparation and giving you an extra bit of your life back…

  • Perfect for the 3 a.m. feed
  • Ready for immediate use when you are pressed for time
  • Ideal for trips or in the home
  • 100% recyclable and BPA free

20120326_Steribottle 5-ct MF_sized

Here is what I loved!  We are a family addicted to travel.  So although I don’t foresee using this type of bottle for 3AM feeding, what I do think it is PERFECT for, is those many vacations we all long to take. From road trips to airline travel, these bottles are a great idea! My SassySis and her equally adorable Hubby recently took a vacation to St. Marteen and they agreed, nothing could be better then to have some sterilized ready to use BPA free bottles!  The bottles arrived, we took them out of the package and she gave them a test run.  Here are her thoughts: 


Not only did I love the convenience of having a bottle ready to go right out of my suitcase or beach bag, but I loved resting in the knowledge that my son was getting his needs met in a bottle that was BPA free and 100% recyclable.  This would not be my every day use bottle, but for trips out of the country, or even to keep as an emergency back up in my diaper bag this bottle was perfect.”


The bottle resembles a “regular” bottle and is quite simple to use.  Just pull it out of it’s sterile package.  Add you milk or formula and push the nipple on until you hear the click.  The nipple is a bit different then my SassyNephew was accustomed to, but this didn’t seem to present a problem.  With the ease and convenience of a Steri-bottle® my SassySis can now go on a trip, out for a long dinner or just have an emergency bottle always waiting for her in her diaper back.  My only complaint, where were these when my girls were babes!

You can find them at most Babies R Us Stores, and for only $4.99 for a package of five, a great deal!

Find this and much more information about Steri-bottle® on both facebook and twitter

So when you start dreaming about your next vacation, whether that be a Disney Cruise or road trip up north, consider making your life a little easier, pack a Steri-bottle® !


  1. oy…flash back to traveling with a child….haha…actually as a baby they are not too bad…smiles.

  2. I just took my breasts with me. Sterile, pre-heated and as a bonus, they filled out my shirts.

  3. Okay this is seriously brilliant!! Love the idea for the trip I have planned to Mexico 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Brilliant product, I could have used this many times, especially having twins. That was a lot of sterilization!!

  5. Now this is absolutely brilliant! There are so many times that I carried extra formula – but not an extra bottle. Since nothing could convince me to wash out a bottle in public, my little guy had to wait. Wish these were around – love it!

  6. Perfect! We are trying to wean right now and finding a perfect bottle for miss Sassy is hard. =)

  7. What a great idea! I would have been able to make good use of these a few years ago!

  8. Great idea travelling can be such a hasstle

  9. I’m definitely dreaming about my next vacation but I’m grateful that I won’t have to worry about baby bottles or diapers this time around. I will definitely mention the Steri-bottle to my brother who has an infant.


  10. Greast product!
    I wish I could rewind and feel a few of those baby days again..

  11. Oh I love this idea. You just can’t be too careful when it comes to your baby and I always worry about having a sterile bottle when I am commuting to work. Off to check these out!

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