Think I Need A Smaller Roasting Pan?


…or maybe next time, buy a bigger ham?

I am SUCH a domestic goddess. 


  1. You can always say it shrunk in the oven!

  2. hahaha…as if size matters….lol…

  3. Hehe. This encourages your family to be ready the moment dinner is put on the table–or they might be left making a cheese sandwich from the fridge.

  4. omg! this is sooooo our house!!! I bought a big stupid roasting pan because it was that retro red colour and kitchenaid…but have realized that it is just TOO big!! lol.

  5. Too funny! Balance it all out with a buttload of veggies!!! 🙂

  6. bwah hahahaha!!

    Too funny. =)

  7. Oh my….this works for those on a diet. I think.
    Too funny!

  8. TeeHee!!!!

  9. oopsies! Did you throw some potatos in there to fill up the space?

  10. Hahaha!! Thanks for the smile! 😀

  11. haha…that is so funny. I can just imagine if I tried serving that to my family. I’d never hear the end of that one. Thanks for the laugh!

  12. Anca Prisacariu says:

    :)) a smaller pan, or not?

  13. The third option is to roast three or four pieces at a time (and invite us)

  14. Hahaha A smaller pan wouldn’t be nearly as much fun!

  15. I LOVE this!!! 🙂

  16. That totally looks like what mine would look like. lol

  17. You could always surround it with potatoes and other veggies.

  18. lol or you could just yse a pie plate or casserole for that itty bitty thing

  19. I don’t think so. Your roasting pan is OK. I’ll go with option B 😉

  20. I’d go for the bigger ham! It does look lost….

  21. So funny! 🙂

  22. LOL! This cracked me up!

  23. So funny, I am linking it to my FB page!

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