The Perfect Man?

Driving my BlueEyed girl to yet another Cheer Event I listened intently to the radio announcer as he exclaimed that he had big news.  Big.  They had information on a survey that had revealed the results of what women had collectively decided are the characteristics that make up “The Perfect Man”.  I cranked up the radio and prepared to nod along.  Guess what?  This did NOT happen. 

The survey revealed that The Perfect Man(TM) ”earns $150,000 to $200,000 a year, obtained a Graduate Degree, has brown hair with green eyes, an athletic build, and is a social drinker who doesn’t smoke.” 

Huh? Like this?


This is what all women desire?  Above is the image that popped up when I googled “The Perfect Man”, he’s cute and all, but perfect?  Maybe it’s an after 40 thing, or perhaps it’s that I’m not part of the demographic that surveyed. (After all I’m not part of a dating site but a very happily married Mama of two).  However, this Mama in her very settled satisfied state of life old age knows what goes into the making of her perfect man, and my list does not exactly match up with the  one above! 

My first complaint with this list.  Does it really matter how much a man makes?  I prefer a man who is happy with his career, bonus points if this job fits into our family life.  The amount of money he makes?  I won’t deny loads of money buys lots of pretty things, and I ADORE the pretty, but it’s not going to solve all the worlds problems.

A Graduate Degree?  Laughable to me.  Last time I checked intelligence is not measured by the number of degrees one holds. 

Brown Hair?  Hair choice might be an initial attraction at first, but reality check, don’t most men end up grey or bald in the end?

Green Eyes.  Hmm.  Why is this the eye colour of the perfect man, because it is the least common and therefor most unobtainable?  Ridiculous. 

The characteristics I would have to agree with are Athletic Build and Social Drinker who doesn’t smoke.  Marriage is a marathon and you need a man who can keep up! Oh and it’s just a personal preference that they not be drunk and smoking while they do it! 

So this “survey” had me thinking.  What does make up the “Perfect Man”?

My honest answer.  There is no such thing.  PS if you meet a man who tells you he is perfect my strong advice is to run the other way!  My more thought out answer would go something like this; a perfect man is….

A man who loves, fiercely.  Who loves his wife, his children, his friends and his life.   

A man who puts his family, his children first. A man you can count on to help provide and  protect.  If he takes turns changing dirty diapers and driving carpool he gets extra points!

A man who is thoughtful, kind and respectful.  Kind to strangers, dogs, and senior citizens.  Who speaks to all he meets with respect, even when he is having a bad day.

A man who is a good friend.  To his wife, his family and is always there for anyone who needs him.

A man with a good sense of humour. Sometimes you need laughter to get you through.

I’m going to throw in a man who can cook! (because this Mama loves food!)

My list may not be as sexy as the official surveys list, but when it comes to life in the suburbs, a fiercely loving family man who cooks, makes me laugh, and is my very best friend will always be my Perfect Man.

So tell me, what’s on your list?


  1. I like your perfect man better:) B

  2. thank goodness i have green eyes, i guess that makes me 20% perfect…which is alright by me…ha…ugh, who comes up with these things?

  3. Very much agreed! While yes, looks are important whether or not we want to admit it – personality goes way beyond that.

    As for the must make 6 figures? Odd. Very much not on my list of ‘must haves’ for a potential partner! Like you said, I would rather have a partner who made less than that and loved their career verses someone making oodles of cash but was unhappy..

    What happened to money can’t buy you happiness?

  4. I love your list and it’s so true those are the best qualities.

  5. Agree! Plus I believe that no one is perfect!

  6. Maybe they should have specified “The Perfect Boyfriend” because it all sounds great until you have to spend the rest of your life with the guy. Your list is for “The Perfect Husband”.

  7. Your perfect man describes it best!

  8. Yes, this was a pretty shallow survey…looks good to a twenty-something singleton but we married gals with some life experience under our belt know there is more to a good man than money, degrees and green eyes!

    Great post! I just found your blog and am loving it!


  9. i LOVE your list!!!! A sexy man is a confident man, no matter his age, hair color, size or income.

  10. Must change tires. I’ve never had to in thirty years.

  11. I dare say you may have described my husband. He does laundry and clean my car… how great it that?

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  13. Silliness. I’d hate to see their description of the perfect woman. No one person can be perfect for everyone.

  14. You forgot socks and underwear. A perfect man must include a man who picks up his socks and underwear!

  15. Love your list …
    and my perfect man had all those attributes right up until he left. Ack.
    back to the drawing board … maybe I will look for the perfect woman this time. Ellen? Ellen?

  16. I’ve been married for a very long time and I agree with all the things on your list. To me, the perfect man is your best friend. Someone you are compatible with, loves you and who respects you. Thats it, plain and simple. For me, that’s all I need. I don’t care what he looks like (although I am still very attracted to my husband) or how much money he makes. That is silly. This was a fun post to read, thank you!

  17. yup, there’s nothing like a perfect man!!!!…or for that matter a perfect woman!!!

  18. I like your list! I must admit that I do love green eyes on people but my husband has beautiful blue eyes and he started getting grey hair in his late 20’s!
    I do find grey hair sexy….

  19. Yes. I’ll go with your list too. And I’m blessed, I’ve been married to him for almost twenty years…

  20. Love your list, with a huge stress on the laughter. Laughing solves so many small things – even some of the big ones.

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