Poag’s Jewellers, A Give Away That Is Giving Back!

The world is full of all kinds of people, and sometimes in life you are blessed enough to run into generous, kind hearted, good folks who see the value in paying it forward.   Such is the case with the people of Poag’s Jewellers of Strathroy Ontario, so very close to London!

Just a couple of weeks ago I reached out to Poag’s Jeweller and let them know about an incredible initiative I have been involved with, MiracleMoms.  A group of women involved in social media who are passionate about spreading the word about some of the incredible services made available thanks to the Children’s Miracle Network. The result of my conversations with Poag’s.  This incredible giveaway! They offered up this beautiful piece of jewellery to me and are graciously allowing me to gift it to one of my local readers. 

A gift certificate for a truly unique piece ofDimple” fingerprint jewellery!


No casts, no molds, no digital copies. Your Dimples charm is the very material your loved one touches. It’s truly their touch, with you forever.

Dimples enable you to easily capture the fingerprint impression of a loved one, newborn infant to mature adult, wherever and whenever you want to! That fingerprint, a moment in time permanently preserved in a pure silver charm, can be worn and enjoyed each day.

Imagine, a little imprint of your special someone that you can wear close to your hear every day!  Love. 

To win is simple.   All I ask is that you please take a moment to read my MiracleMoms story here, and consider making a donation to the Children’s Miracle Network.  No donation is necessary to enter however, due to the unique nature of the piece you must be able to get to Strathroy to have your jewellery designed.  Even if you are not from the area I would ask you to consider it paying if forward and “like” Poag’s on Facebook.  Show them some love, they deserve it!

Not in the area but want to help a great cause? I would truly appreciate a tweet! If you like you can just copy and paste:

Poag’s is helping #MiracleMoms #payitforward. In the #LdnON area? Enter this Jewellery #Giveaway #SassyModernMom http://ow.ly/gvSNQ

*As mentioned, Canada Only for this one and you must be able to get to Poag’s in Strathroy to claim your prize.    Giveaway Ends Jan. 18th.  Thanks Poag’s!

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  1. That is a beautiful piece and certainly a good place to donate money that is truly needed and appreciated, making a difference in little ones and their families lives. Stephanie you have such a big heart. B

  2. That is beautiful!

  3. That is the sweetest necklace I have ever seen. Wow! So glad I stopped over today.

  4. Can’t wait to get one with each of my boys fingerprints. I’ll be stopping by Poag’s soon

  5. Victoria Ess says:

    I support the Alzheimer’s Society, because the disease has personal relevance to me.

  6. That is a very nice necklace..

  7. Sick Kids

  8. I always support the local food bank as often as i can. also i give to a local clothing donation place that gives the clothing free of charge so people can come in and simply take what they need. it’s called the wish closet.

  9. We support Covenant House and BC Children’s Hospital in our house 🙂

  10. We support a family every christmas through Dixon Hall in Toronto

  11. We support The Rotholme Women’s & Family Shelter as well as The London Middlesex Alzheimer’s Society.

  12. I support anything “Fragile X”

  13. I donate to my local food bank.

  14. I donate to my local food bank.

  15. I support local families in need

  16. Beautiful necklace and idea.

  17. I donate to our food bank.
    This is a lovely idea!!

  18. I like supporting charities in the developing countries
    entered the giveaway and tweeted


  19. We support our local homeless shelter.

  20. I believe giving back is so important. I give back to a family with a very ill child in any way that I can. This family has taught me so much as their child was developing completely normal and was diagnosed with a rare degenerative disease.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Stephanie for all you do for Children’s Miracle Network and the hospitals they support. I am a mom and a monthly donor to my local hospital – they could’t do they great work they do without good folks like you.

  22. How unique!!

  23. Kids help phone, they do such wonderful work!

  24. I gave alot to the food bank this year run by my work, as well as continued support to the united way. In my personal life I support the autism socity & alzheimer society of ontario.

  25. i support drive for copd

  26. I support salvation army and war amps and a number as individual requests come along

  27. I donate to several charities. One of my faves to donate to is my local hospice program, they took very good care of my mom years ago and I try to donate when I can so they can keep up their wonderful work

  28. I have a donate box and fill it with my kids outgrown toys and clothes, usually fills up fast with 4 kids 🙂

  29. So pretty indeed!

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