Keeping Up With The Kids!

I felt like I was stuck on a hamster wheel.  I kept hearing the same thoughts going round and round in my head; 

Oh I can get caught up on my sleep on the weekend.” 

“We will start eating better tomorrow”

“If I think about doing some crunches that’s almost as good as doing them, right?

Eek.  Sound familiar?  Not good. I’m incredibly blessed to have two very active children, but in the dead of winter I find it a bit of a struggle to keep up with them and keep us all healthy at the same time. 

So this January, although I didn’t make any hard and fast New Years resolution’s, I did decide I would take charge and lead by example.  My plan; to really make some time for me each day, to squeeze in a teeny bit of exercise (because some is better then none!)  and to be more conscious of what I eat.   No more drive-thru Mama in this house!

Now at the end of January, here’s the update!  The eating healthy part seems to be going alright!  With a little inspiration from cook books and by doing some simple meal planning, it really is easy to have a healthy dinner every night.  I have one daughter who is keen to try every “creation” I put in front of her, the other is a tad more cautious.  With all the physical activity both girls do I used to worry that they were getting enough of the essential vitamins they needed.  More then a year ago, I introduced IronKids into their lives, and I don’t have to worry anymore! 


Thank to IronKids Multi, Calcium, Omega 3 and the new IronKids Fibre I know any gaps in their nutrition are being filled.  All of the IronKids vitamins contain the highest quality ingredients without added fillers, artificial ingredients, or sugar coatings. They are dairy, gluten and nut free, and use only natural ingredients, making it safe for the entire family.  Even better, these vitamin’s taste so great the girls remind me that they need to take their daily dose!   A very cool fact I learned and retained for the little athlete’s in my house: After a vigorous workout your muscles can ache for hours or even days, Omega 3s can help reduce inflammation and ease the discomfort.  One more reason to make sure they get their vitamins every day!


However staying healthy in the winter really has to be a family affair.  After all, if one member of the family goes down with a cold, we all go down!  The Hubby and I have to make sure we are getting all the vitamins and minerals we need to support our health during these winter months too.  We use Adult Essentials.  One health issue that I struggle with is headaches.  I get headaches if I don’t get enough sleep, headaches if I eat food with preservatives in it, headaches if the weather changes, or I’m stressed, or I fly, and believe it or not headaches if I don’t get enough Vitamin D, B and B12.  My Doctor actually recommended I try some extra of these two magic vitamins to see if they would help cut down on those monster headaches that take over my life.  Do you know that pain?  Vitamin B was worth a try!

What are the B’s
Vitamin B is not a single vitamin but a complex group of 8 important water-soluble vitamins that live and work in your body to process and use the food you eat, produce and repair your DNA, fight disease and infection, and keep your nervous system, skin and muscle tissue healthy. Found in many common foods, a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean animal protein sources and whole grains will provide your body with these important family of vitamins.


I can’t say for certain if the Vitamin regiment is what is helping with my headaches, or if it’s the healthy eating, or just luck.  I imagine it is a combination of all of the above, but I do see a decrease in the frequency of my monster headaches.  I will continue to support my body with Vitamin B, B12 as well as that sunshine Vitamin, Vitamin D throughout the entire winter and fight these headache monsters with every weapon I have! 

We are almost through January now.  Just two more months to keep moving, keep motivated and keep up with those kids.  Oh, and then I an start chasing them out in the sunshine .Smile

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This is a sponsored post however all opinions reflected are my own.  We have been an IronKids family for more than a year and loving it!


  1. ah my wife is the same…leading the charge on our exercise…we are getting there…smiles….

  2. There are gummies now for almost all the vitamins – I love it.

  3. Oh I know those headaches and I am happy you found something that seems to work. I told you when you get my age they will hopefully be far in between. Take care Stephanie. B

  4. That’s the exact reason I like vitamins too – to fill in the gaps!

  5. What? Are you saying that merely thinking about crunches is NOT as good as doing them? Bummer! I’ve been thinking about them (and running) a LOT!

  6. Well done on make small changes, every bit helps doesn’t it

  7. Way to go with the healthy eating! My boys are the same one will eat anything I make the other may give me a funny look but may take a bite .. lol

  8. The Superhero leads the exercise around here, pulling me out of bed to walk every morning! We don’t take a lot of supplements though, just a multi vitamin and we do take b12…..and try to eat lots of fruits and veggies.

  9. I also give my kids vitagummies as they are picky about what vegetables they’ll actually consume.

  10. I will have to give these a try!!!

  11. kathy downey says:

    I need to try those !


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