Bad News For The Angel

2012 ended with a great big bang.  Literally.  A bang that had my kids running from the back yard to the front, and me dashing from the house to the driveway in just my socks and T-shirt to see what on earth had just happened outside!

I slipped across the ice ridden steps outside, hastily throwing a coat around my shoulders and armed with my phone, preparing to call 911.  The BANG had been startling, my girls excited voices screaming for Mommy to “Hurry up” was making me start to shake.  What I found  was my Hubby cursing a blue stream and shaking his head. 

He was looking at this…


What?  Can’t you tell what that is? 

Maybe this will help.


Still can’t tell?  Well, it was an Angel.  An Angel that should have been gracing the tree top of my BROTHER IN LAWS Christmas tree.  You see, he received this little beauty as a Christmas gift, but instead of taking it home to grace his own treetop, he thought it would be super funny idea to leave it in a tree next to our driveway.  Problem is, Mother Nature had other ideas.  This particular Angel apparently wasn’t meant to be on an outside tree. It just didn’t have the “gripping power” required to hang on when we got walloped by wind and snow shortly after Christmas Day. 

I figure the course of events went something like this.

Brother in Law gets super bright man idea.

Funny guy puts Angel in tree.

Snow and wind hit tree.

Tree rejects Angel.

Angel hit ground. 

Snow Blower got good and bunged up by Angel. 

Hubby gets mad.

Good news, Hubby fixed the mower and mad doesn’t really last long with Hubby. 

Well good news for Brother In Law, there is no good news for the Angel. 


  1. Is it okay here if I say your BIL sounds like a goob?

  2. Wow you really had me worried there for a minute. Poor Angel but great story, I love happy endings well except for the angel part:) B

  3. oh no…that is one angel that will not be flying any time soon….

  4. LOL Secret Agent Women. Actually, the BIL is awesome. Just a series of unfortunate events 🙂

  5. RIP. And a hubby who is not mad long, is a good role model and example for the rest of us.

  6. Whoops! Hopefully you faired a little better than the angel in your tumble to see what happened?

  7. OMG, your husband must have had a heart attack when he ran over the angel. RIP Angel!

  8. Not a good idea from your BIL.

  9. RIP Angel.
    Good thing you have a handy hubby.

  10. Oh my, glad you were able to fix things. What was he thinking????

  11. Glad nothing but the Angel was hurt in the escapade! And yeah a hubby who doesn’t stay mad? Priceless.

  12. Glad your snow blower is ok. Too bad for the angel though.

  13. oh shoot. Better an angel than a kid.

  14. Oh goodness, mad stays on my hubs for some time … lol glad your’s doesn’t last long.

  15. O dear! Good thing you have a handy husband!

  16. Cathy Canton says:

    Poor Angel I hope it wasn’t a gift from you or the kids. Kinda not cool of Brother in Law if it was. Rule take gifts home and if you don’t like LIE and HIDE IN A CLOSET!
    Poor Hubby mine would be not pleased too.

  17. I’ll take your word for it – we’ll call it a single goober act!

  18. OH BIL I see no gift for you this year. :0

  19. LOL Oh my!

  20. LOL Oh my!

  21. LOL Oh my!

  22. Um…whoops?

  23. it really would have been funny if only…..poor angel! lol

  24. Had it worked it would have been funny…if only. But one should know better than to mess with Mother Nature in the winter! 🙂

  25. Exactly why I have a “NO BREAKABLES” philosophy with holiday decorating. I have, personally, dropped 3 whole trees with glass ornaments – proving I should only have wooden and plastic decorations.

    And nothing of sentimental value. See tree drop above. 🙂

  26. Oh, men and their ideas. LOL
    The poor angel didn’t see it coming!

  27. BIL says sorry! Still willing to pay for a new snowblower. Love you.

  28. Poor angel! What a nice brother your husband is… Anybody will have a fit with that… Your BIL’s hilarious!

  29. OMG it had such potential! 🙂

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  38. kathy downey says:

    Your hubby must have had an awful scare when he ran over the angel.

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