Where is Winter?

I don’t want to jinx it, but this weather is kind of freaking me out! Yesterday it was gloomy, raining and foggy, but it was 10 degrees! My Hubby even went golfing, you know, just because he could.
  It is December right? Because almost exactly two years ago, I was doing this.

My prediction. It’s going to be a green Christmas.


  1. It is very warm here too wich is unusual. 60 degrees on Monday. I just hope its not a tease as to what is to come this winter. Have a great day Stephanie. ps. Love the hat.

  2. 10 degrees? As in 10, really? Oh, my goodness! It’s in the high 70’s here in sunny Florida, I think you should visit!

  3. i want snow!!!!!! it is far too warm for winter…

  4. Definitely take the warm weather this year over that kind of stuff! Cute video!

  5. It has been warm here too. I don’t like the cold so I’m ok with it.

  6. Same in Athens, Greece : 17C or 62F !!! Rainy and Gloomy! But then again we hardly ever expect snow here in Athens! No ‘white christmas!’ Bummer!!!

  7. I remember that video!!! That was when i first asked you if you lived in my neighbourhood!!!
    Can’t believe it’s been 2 years! 🙂

  8. The weather is just goofy all over the place. Our “rainy” season (as rainy as SoCal can get) is usually February– but it has rained 4 days straight here! I’m getting behind on everything as who wants to run errands in the rain?

  9. I live in LA and it’s been chilly here (for us at least). But I was in NYC last week and it was warm there…so maybe the coasts are switching weather patterns?

  10. I’m afraid of the same thing as far as Christmas goes. Green Christmas = boooooo!!!

    I always laugh at myself for a minute when I forget your temp. is in Celsius! I WISH it was 10 degrees here, instead of the 60s and 70s we’ve been having. Well, today supposed to only be in the 50s so I guess I should stop whining, huh?

  11. Ok, I commented before watching the video. Now, I’m even more upset about this weather!! I WANT SNOW!!!

    I know you’re probably sick of me saying this (plus, I’m starting to sound like a stalker/weirdo!) but you are just totally smokin’ hot!! Why aren’t you modeling!?

  12. While we do have snow here in WPG, it is most definitely a lot warmer than normal – we actually had RAIN on Monday! I have to say this damp cold feels WAAAY worse than the -20C does!

    I have no doubt you will get your share soon enough 😉 Enjoy the nice weather while you can! hah

  13. It is weird not to have snow right now…I remember last year it was about the same.

  14. The past few days here it’s been almost 70 degrees (Fahrenheit)! It’s crazy. But I’m not arguing with it.

  15. I sure hope you don’t jinx it….and BTW: 10 sounds pretty darn cold to me. 🙂
    THAT was a butload of snow!!!!

  16. Here, too – I’ve been running in shorts and a tank top still!

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