Top Ten Christmas Gifts For Moms err ‘Me

Want something done right?  Sometimes you have to do it yourself.  This may include dropping some not so unsubtle last minute hints on fab Christmas gifts for yourself!    There is still time you procrastinators!  (Yes Hubby, I am looking at you!)

Here are a few of my fave finds making their way onto my list this year!

To get me in the festive mood, the Gingerbread house of all Gingerbread houses!


Found this little baby at and for $89.95 it may just be the thing I need to make me look like a true domestic goddess!  Cute and yummy!

The coolest idea I have seen in a long, long time.  Voice Art!


Record your voice and have it turned it art!  WOW!  Kind of love it, no not kind of, truly love!

For the foodie with a heart!


Are you in Love With Food like I am?  How about a gift where you get 8 or more NEW gourmet foods delivered to your door for about $12/month?  Items like snacks, jams, sauces, candy, tea, and more.  Not only that “Love with Food”  will donate a meal to a hungry child with each new purchase!  So fabulous. 


Michael Kors baby…


Really? No explanation required.


Feeding the addiction for all things shiny…


Just one of the many Pandora Rings that I adore!  Why do I love these, because with fun and ease you can stack a couple of your fave little beauties together to create something truly unique.  Each women can truly create their own style with class and sass at a reasonable price point!   Oh and of course the Pandora Bracelets are sweet too!


Shoe Porn…


….a la Jimmy Choo.  Sigh.  Oh I think I would wear these shoes with EVERYTHING!


Another gift that gives back!  Gifts of Impact via Me to We.  Half of Me to We’s net profit is donated to Free The Children while the other half is reinvested to grow the enterprise and its social mission. 


You have to love a gift you can feel good about both giving and receiving.


A little taste of Paris.  Le Sigh.  Fauchon Chocolate and treats straight from Paris!


Oh..and perhaps a side of Macaroon.


Of course, what I really want it a trip back to Paris, but a trip down memory lane with the man I love most, that would be a pretty close second.  Romantic and thoughtful are always a good idea. 


Some simple Holiday Kisses


…from Clinique of course!

Last but not least……a trip.  It doesn’t even have to be tickets in hand.  Just a plan, a dream, an ember of an idea.   Simply something to look forward to.  Time with my family.  A new experience, a chance to create memories to last a life time!  What will that trip look like?  If I’m dreaming, it would be something we have never done before!  The adventure of a cruise, a week at a cottage, a Disney vacation or a trip to Italy, Greece or England!  Sigh..there may be nothing more powerful then the thought of time spent with loved ones.  That is the way straight to this girls heart….and dreaming is free!


What ever your Christmas wishes are this year…I hope you get to dream them surrounded by those you love most. 

Happy Holidays!


  1. You really are in the spirit! Love the voice art idea. Did you know the graph for the buddist word ohm is exactly the same shape as the drawing for the word that the monks have been using for hundreds of years?

  2. nice hit ont he gifts with impact…the recording your voice to make art is sooo cool too….

  3. I love Clinique =)

  4. I’m going to go have a look at the Gifts of Impact site – I like the sound of that.

  5. I haven’t asked for one dern thing… I could use a few things, but I just didn’t ask for them… What is wrong with me!?!?

    ACtually I know the answer… we are flying and I didn’t want to have to figure out how to get the stuff home!

  6. Oh Michael you really know how to make a girl happy

  7. I am so in love with the voice art – I first saw it on Pinterest as the voice of a couple saying “I Do” on their wedding day ♥

    How could that NOT be more perfect?

    Merry Christmas!

  8. I’ll take the purse, please. Happy holidays, my friend.

  9. I’d love me some clinique holiday kisses too, plus the food package, and the gifts of impact!:-)

    Hope you get all of them, stephanie. Merry Christmas!

  10. I like everything you like. I may as well print the page in color and hand it over to hubs.

    I would really like a new handbag, but I feel too guilty to spend the money for the one I want. We have so many other things calling to us.

  11. Between the rings and the chocolate…I’m sold!

  12. Pandor, Michael More and that gingerbread house is tooooo cute!!!!

  13. The voice art is totally cool!
    Lolo asked for that very MK bag….my daughter has expensive taste; like you!
    I hope you get all that you deserve from the Big guy. I mean from your hubby! LOL

  14. Melinda Jana says:

    Great ideas. And wow that’s a gingerbread mansion!!! I wonder how long it would take the kiddies to eat it… 😛 and as for that MK bag, better get 2, why share when everyone can have one 🙂

  15. Branka Stefanovic says:

    Great ideas… love the voice art. Very unique 🙂

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