New Years Ready!

New Years Ready!
A big fat hint for the Hubby.  A super stylin kind of Christmas List! 
Any or all would do, then we just need somewhere fabulous to go!


  1. ha. hope hubby gets the hint…its moments like this i wish my wife had a blog…i could use a hint…lol

  2. Good luck I surely do love your taste:) B

  3. Good luck hope he spoils you good and proper

  4. Love that dress and shoes.

  5. My husband is IMMUNE to hints. Even big fat ones.

  6. O that ring!…. I really should try and get my husband to read my blog, maybe then he’ll get my hints 🙂

  7. You are always stylin’. I hope you get your wishes filled!

  8. Hope you get it all!!

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