Introducing Villaggio And A $50 Give Away!

I make a LOT of sandwiches. 
Have you ever sat down and thought about how many lunch time creations you produce over the course of a week, a month or even a year?  With two school age girls I’m a Mama who can now easily proclaim to be a professional sandwich maker.  From tuna to turkey sandwiches, we go through a lot of bread!  Villaggio is one of the faves we always reach for when we head out to stock up and shop for the dreaded school lunches.  A soft, fresh great tasting bread really makes a huge difference not only in my daughter’s lunch, but in the balance of their school day!

Have you had the opportunity to try the deliciousness that is Villaggio?

Villaggio Bread is a thick-sliced bread inspired by traditional Italian recipes and makes the perfect choice for preparing everything from hearty sandwiches, to garlic toast to one of my all time favourites French Toast! 
Oh yes, in this house French Toast is a staple on those lazy Sunday Mornings but also the occasional treat for dinner. 
Dinner for breakfast?  Yes please!


Throw in a side of bacon, some fruit and a glass of milk and you have a recipe for success!


Villaggio bread is the perfect choice for French Toast as it is just the perfect thickness to soak in the egg and cinnamon, and get nice and crispy on the outside. 


Villaggio  has some other fabulous recipes on their Facebook Page worth taking a peek at! 
If you have yet to try Villagio, now it your chance.  It’s Family-Style Savings!

Simply join the family by “Liking” the Facebook page to SAVE $1.50 off your next purchase of ANY Villaggio® product. 

I’m so happy to announce I am offering TWO separate Villaggio Give Away’s for my Canadian readers!
One {1} Canadian reader will win 5 Free Product Coupons, to get themselves some Villaggio Italian Style bread AND a $50.00 VISA GIFT CARD! 
A second lucky winner will receive 5 Free Product Coupons! 
Good luck!

Open to Canadians only.

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  1. I buy bread once a week.


  2. I buy bread once a week ,and if it is on sale I buy more and freeze it.

  3. Oops! please delete my entries – I am not canadian. Sorry! “wild orchid”

  4. If it’s left to me, I buy bread once a week, but I buy about 4 loaves. My husband is a farm boy and grew up on bread…at every meal!! I’m Asian, so bread hasn’t been a huge part of my upbringing. If my husband buys the groceries, he gets a loaf a few times a week. LOL! He is a huge fan of the Villagio bread.

  5. One time a week

  6. Once a week, but 3 loafs at a time.

  7. i buy bread once a week, but a buy four loafs at a time. four kids, lots of sandwiches for lunch.

  8. I buy bread once a week but I wish I could have it more often. My kids & hubby love bread.

  9. i buy bread four to five loaves once a week

  10. We buy bread once a week.

  11. 2 loaves – 1x week

  12. Once a week

  13. once or twice a week

  14. Once a week.

  15. Too many! We go through a ton of bread for a family of four. It seems we need more every second day and we buy two loaves at a time.

  16. I buy bread about once per week,we go through about a loaf a day! So,I usually buy 6 or 7 loaves at a time.
    (Karla Sceviour on raffleopter)

  17. Usually once a week.

  18. once

  19. I shop once a week for bread and pick up a few loaves.

  20. We buy bread 1 – 2 times a week. Depends on the week and the weather.

    Amber Y

  21. Just once a week for us.

  22. I buy bread once a week.

  23. 1 time a week but we buy around 3 loaves.

    msdickinson28 at hotmail dot com

  24. Once a week

  25. 1 TO 2 TIMES A WEEK

  26. I buy bread once a week.

  27. I buy bread once a week but I buy two.

  28. Yum! I love French toast…….my mama used to make that often when we were children…..

    I’m guessing you can only get that bread in Canada?

  29. We buy bread 2 or 3 times a week – we like it fresh!

  30. I buy about 2 loaves of bread a week

  31. Once per week.

  32. I usually buy bread 2x a week, 3 loaves at a time. With 3 kids who take lots of sandwiches to school, we go through a lot!

  33. I buy bread at least 2 or 3 times a week. My older son LOVES bread and eats it for a snack. Villaggio is one of his favourites because it is so soft and always fresh. We eat ….8 loaves a bread a week!

  34. Usually twice a week but when I buy it I stock up because my family eats a lot of bread. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway 🙂

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  35. We usually buy bread once or twice a week.

  36. I buy bread once a week but that is because I buy three or four loaves at a time!

  37. about once a week. please email me through my rafflecopter not through google.

  38. I buy bread once a week.

  39. Usually twice!

  40. I buy lots of bread every couple weeks (freeze it to use later).

  41. Usually three times a week!

  42. I buy bread at least once a week!

  43. I buy bread once a week, sometimes two times if required!

  44. We buy 8-10 loaves of villagio when it goes on sale for $1.97. It lasts us about 3 or 4 weeks depending on how often i rely on grilled cheese or french toast for meals.

  45. Once a week


  46. paula huie says:

    i buy bread twice a week, hubby does not like bread that has been frozen he thinks it tastes funny so we buy fresh 2x a week

  47. I buy bread usually once a week sometimes 2 times a week

  48. Hi a couple times usually like to pick up buns and that on the w/e for comfort foods 🙂

  49. Oncw=e a week for us!

  50. I buy bread about once a week.

  51. 2-3 times a week!

    breej23 at hotmail dot com

  52. Three times a week – it’s crazy!

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