I’m On The Hunt!

Oh yes, I’m on the hunt.  A full on obsessive, all consuming, dreamer kind of a hunt. I’m a Mama on the lookout for a summer cottage rental!  What?  Too soon?

As a kid I was lucky enough to spend every weekend swimming in a crystal clear lake, driving a boat, fishing and playing in the woods.  My sister and I played for hours on end. Remember playing?  These are some of my most treasured childhood memories and I want nothing more then to be able to offer that kind of joy, peace and innocent fun for my girls.  Our major problem, Hubby’s business is very seasonal.  Summer is his busiest time of year so not only am I on “the hunt”, I have to find the perfect place, a kind of escape that once I show him the pictures, the location, and the numbers, he just won’t be able to say no!

Last year, to celebrate my Dad’s 70th Birthday, we went ALL out, and stayed here.


Yeah, we can’t be doing that again!  The location and cottage were perfect, but it is way to spendy for our family of four!

So where does the hunt begin?  My criteria.  The cottage needs to be ON a clean lake.  By itself.  In the woods and “up north”.  Up north for me is Minden, Halliburton, Muskoka, thata way! 

I’m also looking for pretty…well because that’s how I roll. (travel snob)

Hot tub?  Ohhh That would be fun. (not needed, but fun right?)

Paddle boats, canoes and the like would be a bonus, and a place near by to rent a real boat we can ski and tube behind would cinch the deal.

A week away with no internet, no social pressure for the kids, no work for the Hubby or myself, perfection.  So here is my question.  How on earth do you put a price on the perfect summer getaway?  What kind of budget do you set aside for family vacations?  I know what a good deal is to go south, but to rent a cottage in the woods and make memories like this:


How does one put an arbitrary figure on that?

If anyone has a little cabin in the woods (where there are no serial killers of course) that they want to rent me for a week, feel free to send me a message.  It may only be December, but I am on the hunt!


  1. Oh I love your kind of hunting. I am wanting to go now too.
    I do not have cabin in the woods but I do have a sap house with no windows and a couple of bears and a pond. What do you think? 🙂
    I am so glad you were able to enjoy that place with your family. B

  2. ah they are priceless, hope the hunt goes well and you find that perfect place…and if not still make those memories where ever you are…smiles.

  3. Love the photo of your girls. So cute. I guess I need to start looking for our summer house too.

  4. Irony: I grew up going to the family cottage (lake memories and Muskoka magic)

    My husband grew up going to the beach in Spain (Mediterranean Sea and paella Valenciana).

    Now we switch each summer between the 2…and I prefer the cottage over Spain and he prefers Spain over the cottage.

    I guess you love what you grew up with.


  5. Now THAT is the kind of hunting I approve of! 🙂

    Growing up, we spent every summer camping.. I am not sure how far from you in ON Blue Lake is – but that was one of my favorite places to go as a youngster!

  6. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. What a beautiful place. Love your blog!

    If you get a sec, I’d love if you’d check out my latest.


  7. I don’t know but the place you stayed at last year sure looks amazing. I have yet to book a cottage but I think I might have to this summer.

  8. Hope you find the perfect place!

  9. it is definitely not to soon!!
    have fun hunting!!

  10. My parents are making noise about the family camping trip again…already… *sigh* I was hoping they’d bring it upon themselves to stop since my dad’s anxiety is so bad. Now I have to break it to them that we are not coming. I want to go to the beach instead. The driving is just too much for me!

  11. I love that picture! I’m trying to sort out this summer too – combining family trip to the US, visiting family and friends all over the place and getting to Chicago. Not easy.

    Not cheap.

  12. I love vacation without all the interruptions we have at home. A time when you can have fun and play games! I hope the perfect place finds you.

  13. See, now I also want a summer cottage at a lake in someplace pretty. (I live in Africa, so that would make the SUMMER part within a breath or two)… *sigh* to be in USA or Canada for Christmas…

    Hi, I’m Char, by the way. I found your blog via a comment you left on Jo’s “Will the kids turn out ok?” blog.

  14. I have to say some of the best vacations we have spent have been at cottages that we have rented. I prefer to go to Lake Huron so if you need some suggestions let me know. Good luck finding one and I’ll keep an eye out for you!

  15. Personally I have never had a cottage or summer home. I prefer to go on vacations in tropical places lol!

  16. Hope you found a great place. We used to rent one in Lakefield, now we have an RV so our renting days are now over

    • Stephanie says:

      As much as I love renting in different places every year, I do love the idea of the freedom of owning an RV. Just having the freedom to pick up and move as the whim strikes!!

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