You Have The Power

To share a smile.

To do a good deed.

To pay it forward.

To be polite.

To forgive.

To let it go.

To pay a compliment.

To stop the gossip.

To walk away from the negative people, and embrace the positive.

To stand up for what you believe in.

To live a life filled with joy.Sunset


To ignore the haters.

To be a good person.

To care.

To make a difference.

To teach your children compassion.

To be inclusive.

To choose to be happy.

To make each day a little better for everyone you meet.

The choice is yours, you have the power. 



  1. LIKE !!!!!

  2. amen.

    we all need to be reminded of just how powerful we are….

  3. Wise words. THank you. ♥

  4. Very well said….very well said!

  5. Amen. B

  6. A good reminder for all of us!!

  7. This is all true!! LOVE IT!

  8. Yep and we have to put all those choices into action too. That’s the key, few will disagree with the sentiment but many won’t actually make it happen. Time to start saying good morning to other commuters again and helping people with prams etc. Thanks for the reminder x

  9. Awesome! And perfect timing doing this on a Sunday, so we can all go forth and use our powers for good on Monday.

  10. Can I reread this *after* I finish putting my house back together after the weekend…maybe I’m just not in the right frame of mind…lol!

  11. Well Said!!!

  12. Very true!

  13. We have so much control over how we operate in the world, even when it feels like so much can be out of our hands. Positive attitudes and energy are amazing tools we all have at our disposal.

  14. Powerful post on a Monday morning! Don’t wish everyone would just treat each other the way they wished to be treated? 🙂

  15. Ah, I love this! And I love you 🙂 You are a living example of everything you wrote.

  16. Thanks for the reminder of just how powerful we are. 😉

  17. Thanks for this inspiring post:-)

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