Who Negotiated This Contract?

Under the weather.  Way, way under the weather.  After more than a week on the run for my kids, for my work, for my life, the germs jumped up out of nowhere and bit me in the ass.  Hard.  Do you know what happens when a Mama of two gets hit with the flu and finally succumbs to the germs ravaging her body?  The house crashes, hard. 

Here is the problem.  Just because Mama has a man size cold, the world doesn’t come to a stop.  The house still needs groceries, children must still be fed, taxied to school, to Dance and to Cheer.  Dad still gets to go to work and leave said Mama with the other sicko in the house, dear daughter two *because heaven forbid Mama even get a sick day to herself.  There is no rest for a Mom.  Like, ever.  Even if you are lucky like me and have a Hubby that will pick up some of your slack, there is the ever nagging guilt.  Lord knows he does is best, but if you could SEE how my baby girls hair looked when she tromped off to school today!  Mom’s can’t get sick, there is just no time!  If sleep is for the weak then caving to a flu must be for the truly lame. 

So here is my question, when you accept a new job, what are the first things you negotiate into the contract?  Vacation days and sick days right?  So how is it when we take on the job of Moms, without doubt one of the hardest occupations in the world, none of us were smart enough to negotiate in even one sick day a year?

No wait!   One sick day and one vacation day!!  Sigh. 

Life would be better would be just a couple of guilt free days a year.   Just saying.


  1. The problem is, you don’t get to negotiate the contract. It’s a job that has other benefits, but time off sure isn’t one of them! And I found it became doubly hard once I was divorced. So I really try hard not to ever get sick!

  2. O dear blogger friend…..how right you are! Sick days and vacation days definitely need to be part of our contracts. Or, you could just completely succumb to the ailments and find yourself admitted to the hospital for 5 days like I did a few weeks ago! LOL. Laughing now…but boy was that fun. I had just recently been having a one sided conversation in the shower to the guy upstairs telling him…dude, I need a break man! I guess he misinterpreted what I said or didn’t quite get it….5days in a hospital away from my girls and hubby was not the break I was looking for. But….somehow when I got home everyone and everything was still intact…tho definitely not in order….my OCD is totally peaking right now! LOL

  3. Can’t help you apparently I have the same contract I don’t remember signing it though. 🙂
    Get well soon take care of you when you can . B

  4. Awww! Get well soon, Stephanie! ♥

  5. It’s just not worth getting sick is it, because then you spend the next month chasing your tail playing catch up. I hope that you are feeling better x

  6. And then when they all leave home, there’s nobody to bring you water and aspirin! No, it just never ends…..get well soon!

  7. I hope you feel better soon! You ar so right about the ‘contract’. I’d like to add vacation days, a salary and a pension! LOL!!!

  8. Wellll, actually as a teacher/state employee, there is no negotiation on sick days and salary. YOu get what you get, but I do understand where you are coming from.

    Feel better soon! The flu is nothing to mess with… I had it this summer and luckily, my kids were with their dad. Yes, a teacher got the flu in the summer when she wasn’t around any children, not even her own!

  9. Feel better Stephanie!

  10. I haven’t been sick too many times over the years, but when I was it was absolute torture to keep things going from a mom perspective when feeling so horribly bad.

  11. I honestly don’t know how you do it! I’m truly amazed by all mothers! You gals really rock!

  12. So true….I never got any sick days when I was raising our children. Then when we were divorced and I worked full time guess who had to take off of work?

  13. You are so right! I’ve actually had to ask my hubby to stay home from work because I was puking so bad I couldn’t get out of bed. Thankfully, he did stay home. But, we aren’t allowed to get sick, are we?

    When I was teaching, I had to use my sick days to take care of my kids!

  14. Lol! Yes- so so true. Moms just aren’t allowed to be sick.

  15. I agree! I think any mom should be able to negotiate some vacation or sick time just like any other job, right? And since it’s a 24/7 job, shouldn’t we get a LOT of it?

  16. You said it!

    (Hope you’re all better)

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