Passive Aggressive Letters With Linky!

Over the past four years a bit of a tradition has developed here at How To Survive Life In The Suburbs. A tradition in which I avoid screaming at my neighbours, family and friends and instead rant my dissatisfaction with the world in a gentler, kinder way. How is this possible? By sitting down with my trusty laptop and creating some Passive Aggressive Letters….with love of course. Letters that are sometimes caddy, sometimes witty, often silly, but always make me feel better. Simply a place to complain, or and maybe a place to BLAST persons or objects that have ticked me off!!

What I have learned; after getting it all off my chest, I always feel better! Writing ridiculous letters that I have no intention of sending; to confront the Garbage Man for throwing my pail down the street, to bitch about the neighbours inability to clean up after their own dogs poop, or the close talker at play group who’s breath could kill a vampire is actually a service. A service to the public because it keeps me from snapping, a service to my family because it keeps me happy, and let’s face it, it is cheaper than therapy! I also learned that I am not alone in my need to vent! So many of you have some truly horrible fabulous things you need to get off your chest. So today, I bring you a HUGE and exciting announcement!

I bring you the first ever How To Survive Life In The Suburbs Linky!
On the 15th of every month, I shall endeavour to post for all of you a linky. A linky to share your best, and worst, moments of the month! I will post my latest bitch vent to get you started and invite you to join in the fun. So the next time your dear daughter makes you so angry you can’t speak, the guy at work shows up sans deodorant…again, or the entitled Mama PARKS in the handicapped spot and teeters into the Grocery store on her four inch stilettos instead of hauling her kids from the back of the lot like the rest of us and you just want to scream…. don’t! Save it for me and come back and share! We can vent together.
Hope you will come back and join me this Thursday!
Please say you will!
Maybe? (I’m testing a linky, so feel free to send some traffic your way! Put your blog name in the “title” section and follow up with your URL after the http:// We can all pop around for a visit!) UPDATE! My first linky was not working, and I am sick as a dog so it took me this long to notice, here’s hoping this one is better!


  1. Great idea! I love love love your letters!

  2. Great idea Stephanie. I’ve never written a passive/agressive letter but this gives inspiration!

  3. Okay. Thursday works for me. And yeah, I’ve got a few letters I could write…

  4. Fun linky! I would have to skip, though, as the only person I’d like to write those letters to reads my blog. Maybe I should start a super secret blog? Then I could join in!

  5. LOL great idea! My thing would be I’d forget about the letter then my husb or kids would think they are being helpful print it and give to the person. OH yes I have that kind of luck!

  6. Good luck Stephanie I look forward to reading these letters as I love reading yours. B

  7. I’ve got some complaining to do! I’ll be back!

  8. Love this, and yes …we all need to vent once in a while! Thank you! 🙂

  9. But I’m so zen and perfect I never have anything to complain about.

    Okay, you can start with me, ha ha.

    This sounds like fun. I hate the close talkers too.

  10. I believe I will direct email alerts of each post so that I may support and add to this. Best idea ever! Fun and far better than giving guy deordorant for xmas unless secret santa 🙂

  11. This is a great idea! Usually I just bitch to my BF who completely understands that I am just venting and then we laugh and go our merry way. But I might join you!

  12. This is a brilliant and fun idea! 🙂

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